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Free delivery
20% off Cadac with code at Hamilton Gas Products
20% discount on Cadac barbecue stuff at Hamilton Gas Products. Free delivery on orders over £70. Not used this company before but they seem to have good reviews everywhere. Just or… Read more

Code not working


Doesn't hold true for the Carri Chef, ~£40 less using the Hamilton code


Prices are cheaper from go outdoors typically. E.g. grillo chef 2 etc.


Great thanks for posting (y)


I bought a cadac from Hamilton's last year (but through eBay), good service. This is a great discount.

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Karrimor/GoSystem Mighty Lite Camping Gas Lantern £8.00 including delivery @ Hamilton Gas Products.
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Posted 20th Feb 2020Posted 20th Feb 2020
Karrimor/GoSystem Mighty Lite Camping Gas Lantern £8.00 including delivery @ Hamilton Gas Products.£8
A gas powered small camping lantern with a 50 watt output will give you proper light when you are outdoors. I think this is a great price for camping gas powered lantern. The lamp … Read more

Agree, used to do a lot of 2-3 day hiking/climbing/camping summer trips, a head torch, and the plastic bottle-mobile phone trick for lighting, a jetboil for cooking, were good enough for me...I don't know for long term camping in colder weather...if you already carrying a compatible gas cartridge for cooking, maybe there is a use for this too, at least looks cosy when on...


I'm guessing you haven't bought LEDs for a while. In fact I bet you still have old style incandescents in all your fixtures at home because "they're a better quality light".... 5 years ago maybe - times & tech move on. As for camping solutions, let's do some maths: The gas lamp from the OP - no weight given, but I'm gonna (very) generously guess it at 150g. Coleman 440g EN417 cartridge - the cheapest per-weight you can get - 596g gross weight. So that's approx 750g total (obviously going down as you use it), giving you approx 13 hours run time (using figure from product details page), and costing £6 for each refill. Obviously you could use smaller cartridges, but runtime would reduce and cost would increase. Alternatively.... The excellent Luminoodle LED string light - can be used as a lantern in its diffuser bag, or strung along a tent pole, or whatever. 118g. Anker Powercore 10000mAh. 180g. Total weight 300g (less than half the gas option). Runtime from full charge = 30 hours++ Cost to recharge - pennies. Also can use to charge whatever else, and as an excellent charger away from the campsite. Obviously more expensive initial investment but becomes the cheaper option after no more than about 50 hours runtime (and that's with the giveaway price of the OP, and assuming the user takes the cheapest possible cartridges). Plus the LED option is far more flexible, practical and safe. I know which I'd choose. edit: just saw there is a weight for the gas lamp - 172g - told you I was generous. That means that even with the lightest 100g (approx 180g gross) cartridge it's still heavier than the electric option. And that's at £4.50 per 5 hours runtime.


Nice as a novelty then really was wondering how useful it would be on a bike tour for weeks of camping but would guess this would be very expensive and unpractical, the cooking stoves I think are what would be useful on tour when using equipment that uses fuel


Led lights are poor quality lights that have no spread at all. This is a small compact light weight item & far better than any led light & MUCH lighter in weight.


I used to have a similar thing many years ago, from what I remember more than couple of hours, 3-5h I would say depending of the brightness, but yeah, pretty much obsolete nowadays with the use of led lights...the only use I can think of, is to keep warm the inside of a small tent in extreme conditions, keeping in mind the fire and carbon monoxide risk involved...

Campingaz Party Grill 600 - Price Match at Go Outdoors £112.49 at Gas Products
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Posted 7th Apr 2019Posted 7th Apr 2019
Campingaz Party Grill 600 - Price Match at Go Outdoors £112.49 at Gas Products£112.49£124.9910% off
Go Outdoors offer a price match plus 10% discount if you find the exact same item cheaper elsewhere. Found the Campingaz Party Grill 600 for £124.99 here… Read more

How is this not superhot! Absolute bargain. The guy in my local go outdoors was amazed at the price but happy to discount/price match it for me. Perfect for camping and festivals this summer: thank you!


Thanks for your help Paul!


Yes, Some are clip on with different diameter fittings and some are screw on (always a left handed thread) once you have sourced a bottle google what regulator you need and buy one of ebay or Amazon. If you buy a Calor 7KG ,13KG or 15KG you will need a 21mm clip on like here > and also 1.5m of LPG hose > As you can see both very cheap, but stay away from Campingaz bottles as they are a rip of price per KG compared with a larger bottle from another supplier.


Thanks Paul, I already have this bbq.. No regulator or lead is included as standard.. Do these regulators come in different sizes according to the size of the gas bottle?


You can use any size or make of gas bottle as long as you have a regulator to to fit on the top. This bbq is made by Campingaz so will come with one of their regulators already attached but its simply a 1 minute job to remove it and change to whatever you need.New regulators cost about £6 on Amazon but used second hand bottles sometimes come with them already attached for free.

CADAC skottel braai (portable gas BBQ) £79.99 delivered @ Gasproducts
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Posted 13th May 2017Posted 13th May 2017
CADAC skottel braai (portable gas BBQ) £79.99 delivered @ Gasproducts£79.99
CADAC skottel braai portable gas BBQ for only £79.99

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