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Gaynors is a popular UK store that sells comfortable, stylish winter and outdoor clothing items and accessories. At Gaynors, customers can purchase a wide variety of outdoor fashion apparel, such as designer T-Shirts and waterproof jackets, as well as rugged footwear and accessories like backpacks. All the available Gaynors offers and discounts are listed on the hotukdeals page. How to redeem Gaynor Sports vouchers
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Anatom Mens V2 Vorlich Walking/Hiking Boots (Euro Size 46/UK Size 11 only) £45.98 Delivered (Next Day Courier Service) @ Gaynor Sports
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Posted 22nd FebPosted 22nd Feb
Anatom Mens V2 Vorlich Walking/Hiking Boots (Euro Size 46/UK Size 11 only) £45.98 Delivered (Next Day Courier Service) @ Gaynor Sports£39.99 £5.99
Seems to be comfortably the cheapest price out there for these walking/hiking boots from the respected Scottish brand. Anatom offer a Lifetime Warranty against faulty manufacture … Read more



Arrived today. Great boots and even had a bottle of Nikwax Fabric & Leather Proof with it.

winchman £70...




Cracking price, really wish it was 47 though and not 46 (:I

Men's Berghaus Mavora Down Jacket £75.98 at Gaynor Sports
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Posted 4th FebPosted 4th Feb
Men's Berghaus Mavora Down Jacket £75.98 at Gaynor Sports£75.98
Men's Mavora Down Jacket - all sizes in stocket the moment. Quite a bit cheaper than anywhere else I've seen it. Available also in navy blue for the same price. Weight: 684g S… Read more



Small only

Haglofs Mens Essens Mimic Hooded Jacket Small only £79.99 @ Gaynor Sports
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Posted 4th Sep 2020Posted 4th Sep 2020
Haglofs Mens Essens Mimic Hooded Jacket Small only £79.99 @ Gaynor Sports£79.99 Free P&P Free
Weight: 485g Insulated with a unique, synthetic blown-in material for great warmth and minimal moisture absorption Lightweight 30D tear- and wind-resistant fluorocarbon free DWR-t… Read more
Mountain Equipment Womens Rampart Hooded Jacket £55.98 Delivered @ Gaynor Sports
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Posted 4th Jun 2020Posted 4th Jun 2020
Mountain Equipment Womens Rampart Hooded Jacket £55.98 Delivered @ Gaynor Sports£55.98
Great bargain at this price
Get deal*Get deal*

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it wear a top jacket with one of the best warmth to weight ratios. (lol)


No idea why the idiots are voting cold, probably cos they can get a trespass one for £20 from mountain warehouse. Hot from me

The North Face Mens ThermoBall Traction Mule V - £43.79 / £46.78 delivered @ Gaynor Sports
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Posted 2nd Oct 2019Posted 2nd Oct 2019
The North Face Mens ThermoBall Traction Mule V - £43.79 / £46.78 delivered @ Gaynor Sports£43.79£5012% off
Can't find these cheaper elsewhere it seems. Great thermal slipper, amazing for the colder months.

Bought the Nuptse 700 fill down boots to wear in-tent for some sub zero camping & they were great, but got them on sale for less than the cost of these slippers. Also, if its cold enough for down slippers, they seem fairly pointless if its just the same pair of socks to keep your ankles warm. The boots were comfortable enough to sleep in, but breathed enough to prevent overheating.


Being honest given I only wear them in my house/garden I'm not too bothered about how they look and more about how they perform, which is great. A hard wearing and grippy sole and warm thermal insulation. As I said, people will moan about the price but they are actually a good product.


They look absolutely ridiculous. But because they have the North Face logo on them it makes it ok (to the minds of the people who wear them).


I've bought these at the start of the year for a similar price, really comfy and warm, people will no doubt balk at paying £44 for 'slippers' but they are hard wearing and good for outdoors too.

The North Face Mens Resolve 2 Jacket  - £53.95 @ Gaynor Sports (+£2.99 P&P)
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Posted 11th Mar 2019Posted 11th Mar 2019
The North Face Mens Resolve 2 Jacket - £53.95 @ Gaynor Sports (+£2.99 P&P)£53.95£65.7018% off
46% discount on this great jacket. All sizes curently in stock Add £2.99 carriage

Yes I think I’m getting grumpy in my old age(nerd)


Assuming the op has read that post. Just be nice, and think happy thoughts, sunshine!


black only yak


Good price. Well spotted.


This link was posted in the other north face post a few hours ago and you’ve gone and claimed it as your own. Oh my days.

Coleman Cxs+ 300 Li-Ion Rechargeable Headlamp £19.99 (+£2.99 P&P) RRP £49.99 @ Gaynors
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Posted 28th Feb 2019Posted 28th Feb 2019
Coleman Cxs+ 300 Li-Ion Rechargeable Headlamp £19.99 (+£2.99 P&P) RRP £49.99 @ Gaynors£22.98£33.9932% off
Got one of these to stick on my slap after nearly creaming myself and my ankle running in the dark the other night. Some bloke on Amazon reckons these are ace so I bought one beli… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Spotted them OOS at £14.99. Gutted. Still, £19.99 is a whopper price. These bad boys are MEGA bright. This German bloke has a YouTube video up on them and he's in his garden and stuff and everything and other things and then he turns it on to the thing that is really super bright and it goes like mega bright and stuff and his whole back garden is lit up like a f**king solar flare and stuff. But yes, this headband thing is mega. Apparently that wavy-turny-offy-next-setting gimmick can get on your tits though if you go to mop your brow or something.I dunno. Anyway. It looks ace. Can't wait to glue this on my slap for a night run!


Picked up a couple of these at £14.99 each from 7dayshop, before they went out of stock. Haven’t tested it extensively yet but seems cracking at this sort of price point, particularly considering the tech that it’s got packed in with reactive lighting level and motion control. I also like that you can isolate the battery for long-term storage. It’s pretty bright but not the smallest or lightest headtorch I own.


I didn't add that. Moderator has. (popcorn) EDIT:...and I've now corrected it. :)


So what is your working out for 19.99+2.99=21.98?


No it isn't.

The north face men’s McMurdo parka - £199.99 @ Gaynors
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Posted 9th Feb 2019Posted 9th Feb 2019
The north face men’s McMurdo parka - £199.99 @ Gaynors£199.99£38047% off
This has been posted before at £220 oddpounds and has now with a new low price for a decent branded winter jackets. Has all sizes available at time of posting.

Is this a good coat? I saw some bad reviews of the McMurdo 2


Yep I guess I’d be more blue or black as a preference but don’t mind the look of the braken brown either.....worth mentioning also use Quidco and get 3% cash back on sale items at Gaynors so six quid saving


For 13 quid I think it’s worth paying for the blue although I do like khaki.


Cheaper here if you don’t mind the clover or braken brown colour.


Wish this was the Mountain Murdo, heat for the price though

The North Face Mcmurdo Parka £223 @ Gaynors
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Posted 28th Jan 2019Posted 28th Jan 2019
The North Face Mcmurdo Parka £223 @ Gaynors£223
Gaynor’s of Ambleside have the North Face Mcmurdo Parka for £223. (Was £380) (Online only), p&p £2.99 for 3 day delivery. Other delivery options available. Sizes S-XXL availabl… Read more

Great cheers!


Supposed to be on the right. I have another North Face jacket (Thermobol) & that’s on the right too.


For those with the coat, is the zip meant to be on the right or have I got a duff one 😁


Cheers, the one I got on Amazon is the same then, a bit more money but more sizes available


Dryvent mine says

GAYNOR SPORTS  Craghoppers SALE - cheaper  than Craghopper sale on plenty of items ! e.g Mens Selby Half Zip Fleece  £11.17 delivered
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Posted 2nd Jan 2019Posted 2nd Jan 2019
GAYNOR SPORTS Craghoppers SALE - cheaper than Craghopper sale on plenty of items ! e.g Mens Selby Half Zip Fleece £11.17 delivered£9.98
I was checking on craghopper prices and stumbled on to this site i have not used before and there also running a sale and most prices seem to be between £1 - £20+ cheaper than cra… Read more

I Had the chance to test out my regatta softshell trousers on a 1 hour & half walk in poring rain and strong winds and they kept my legs warm and dry.A bargin for £24 as it was like water off a ducks back and they have a nice snug fit and flexable enough to ride a bike or climb stile/fence.


I just found another reason to buy from them,i put my order in on the 3rd and it arrived on the 5th.On the two seperate ocasions i ordered from craghopper it took them about 10 days to deliver during there sales.


Well i hope i helped save some money as i find craghopper overpriced normally but good gear on the whole.Last november i ended up buying 5x jackets from them for only £110 in one of there sales as well having some fleece's & trousers previously.I have not had any problems using there clothing while wild camping.


Top service from Gaynors guaranteed. The best place to buy outdoor kit in the lakes


Don’t forget that you could take the offer to go outdoors and they will either match or beat the price by 10% has to be exactly the same colour/size