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Get £10 Google Play credit with code and Android Pay
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Get £10 Google Play credit with code and Android Pay

Posted 16th Dec 2017Edited by:"techaddict"

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Just got this in my inbox - if you enter the code "GET10" into android pay, and then use android pay anywhere before 31/012018 you will get £10 Google Play credit.

This includes using Android Pay with TfL etc.

Apologies if this is in the wrong area - it's my first post!

Edit: It looks like it's account specific, which it doesn't say in the email, and what they also don't tell you until you enter the code is that you have to use android pay 3 times - so sorry everyone!
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I think its selected users only.
I think its selected users only.

Yeah..has been posted before and is account specific
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Didn't work
didn't work for me "Invalid Code"
Not working for me
Got this yesterday, used 3 times, now £10 credit on play account. Check your emails.
What's TfL ?
jco831 m ago

What's TfL ?

Transport for London - if you're in London they run the tubes, overground, buses, etc
jco836 m ago

What's TfL ?

Transport for London.
Not working for me either. God dam you Google!
The offer is for those who haven't used android pay in a while . I use mine everyday and it didn't work on mine but my sister hasn't used hers in a while and she got a notification from androidpay for the offer.
Also worth noting that once you've used it 3 times you need to open the android pay app and save your £10 credit by the 6th of Jan. I didn't get a notification or anything to go save it, it was this post that made me go check so thanks for the reminder.
Yep just came up invalid, aw well
Not working, must be account specific.
Not working . Big disappointment.
Worked for me. Got a code today.
Might be worth adding a new gmail.account to android pay, I added my 2nd email.accoubtvthe other day and got an enail.earlier about this iffere.

Used android pay once, so it takes use over multiple account I to account,t and got the £10 play credit instabtky that you can add to your main account
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Just got a notification, but the code was GOPLAY
Didn't work sadly. I use android pay frequently, maybe only given to those who haven't used it in a while.

Thanks though.
Thanks op, got £10 added to my Google play account yesterday.

Only had to use android pay once, and didn't need any code.

Only bought a small bottle of water!!
Came up as a notification on my phone over Christmas.

Says it will give £10 after three shops. It gave it after one purchase today, but I did my next two purchases using it just in case!
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It's for new android pay users
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