Get 10% Off All Car Hire When Booking Online From Economy Car Hire-10%

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Great post - we used these last year and they were really good. This has made a significant saving - Many thanks:)

Thanks for the post,im just about to book my car hire so this really helps!

Great it worked for me thanks

Good post! This company include Full insurance cover. ie, NO insurance excess, which nearly all other hire companies charge £5-£8 a day for!

leer is banned?
cool for me, you only get the 10% discount off the original price-not the online price.
I would save about 8 quid.

Have been looking ALL NIGHT at car hire in Portugal - Really frustrating to find that as we are flying into Lisbon (staying in Albufeira), the cost seems to be much dearer (almost twice) than hiring same car at Faro airport.

Economy Car Hire were one of the cheapest at £340, but, using the code, bought it down to £303!

Voted HOT!!

Also, I always read the small print re Excess/Insurance and we actually used this company when we went to Madeira last year - my OH had an accident & there was some damage done to the wing of the car - When we returned the car, I was expecting loads of hassle, however, all we had to do was complete a simple form to explain what happened, and that was it! Never heard anything else, and didn't ever get charged extra on our credit card.

Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.


Anyone know where to input this code as doesnt appear to be anywhere even though I went all the way through to the SUBMIT payment page?

Auto Europe are usually the cheapest for me. They offer optional refundable excess for about 10 pounds per booking and there's 8.5% Quidco cashback.
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