Get £40 Cashback when you purchase any of the Nespresso machines-£40

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Thanks for the pointer and noted the offer ends 15th January

which items will this discount work on please im a bit confused thanks

look at this thread might help.....

I have bought two of these machines since the offer has been on (one was a present! :thumbsup: ) and both of them through Comet. Both have been eligible for the £40 cashback. looking at the cashback voucher from Nespresso i cannot see any of the models that are not eligible (even though it says 'classic' it lists them all and you just tick one).
And for you cynics out there Nespresso accepted the 20% discount that comet were doing with their £40 cashback so the machines were a right bargain! Nespresso are very helpful and if you are unsure if the machine you fancy will be eligible just ask them! i did!
I can't recommend these machines highly enough - they're FAB!!!:-D

ps it's maybe worth mentioning that the £40 cashback is available on Nespresso machines from any retailer - Comet, john Lewis, Nespresso, Amazon etc etc and not exclusive to Amazon :thumbsup:
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