Get a £40 and £20 discount on Expedia refer a friend promo ( You can refer your self as many times as you like with other email addresses )-£20

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Refer a Friend Terms and Conditions - £20 Voucher

This Promotion is conducted by Expedia, Inc. c/o Expedia.com Limited, 42 Earlham Street, London WC2H 9LA (the “Promoter”).

You have received this email from your friend (whose name appears in the header of this email) via Expedia's referral scheme.

If you are a new Expedia customer and make a qualifying booking on ]expedia.co.uk using this email account before 31.12.09 you are eligible to use the £20 off voucher in this email as a result of your referral ( “Promotion”). As a thank you for the referral your friend (named in the email header) will also receive a voucher when you make a booking in accordance with the terms of the Promotion. Vouchers are subject to certain restrictions (see ‘Voucher Terms and Conditions' below).

Promotion period

The Promotion will run from 28.04.09 to 31.12.09.

Promotion Terms and Conditions

1. By participating in this Promotion, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and that the decision of Expedia is final and binding in all matters relating to this Promotion.
2. You may not take part in the Promotion with more than one email address.
3. Expedia standard booking terms and conditions apply to all bookings.
4. By taking part in the Promotion, you agree to receive booking confirmation emails and emails containing offers relating to your trip from Expedia.
5. You must be 18 years of age to make a booking on ]expedia.co.uk and to participate in the Promotion.
6. Expedia reserves the right to cancel or amend the terms of this Refer a Friend promotion without notice in the unlikely event of major catastrophe, war, earthquake, or any actual, anticipated or alleged breach of any applicable law or regulation or any other similar event
7. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, and with the exception of liability arising either from fraud, or from death or personal injury caused by the negligence of Expedia or its employees, Expedia excludes all liability howsoever arising connected with the Refer a Friend promotion and all warranties, conditions, undertakings, terms and obligations implied by law (whether by statue, common law or otherwise).
8. Any personal data collected for the purposes of the Promotion will be processed in accordance with the provisions of Expedia's Privacy Policy
9. This Promotion is governed by the laws of England and Wales.

Refer a Friend Promotion £20 off thank-you voucher terms and conditions

1. You are entitled to a £20 off voucher off the total reservation cost exclusive of any taxes or fees when you make your first booking on ]expedia.co.uk in accordance with the terms of the Promotion.
2. The £20 off voucher discount applies to bookings you make on ]expedia.co.uk before 31 December 2009 for Expedia Special Rate hotel only or tailor make and save packages ( Expedia Special Rate hotel plus flight or car) for travel between 28 April 2009 and 31 March 2010.
[COLOR=red]3. The voucher cannot be redeemed against hotel only bookings for any Harrahs, MGM, Starwood, Novotel, Sol Melia, Rezidor, Hilton Hotels, Intercontinental Hotel Group or Marriott hotel.[/COLOR]
4. Voucher cannot be redeemed against pre-existing bookings or taxes or fees.
5. Only one voucher can be used per booking.
6. The discount will not apply again if the booking dates for the hotel or package holiday are subsequently changed or if another booking is made after cancelling the first reservation.
7. The voucher may be redeemed only once.
8. You will be asked to sign in as a registered user of the Expedia web site.
9. Usual booking terms and conditions apply and all bookings are subject to availability.
10. All taxes, fees, charges, and surcharges are applicable to reservations made using the discount code or voucher. These charges must be paid at the time of the reservation and are the responsibility of the customer.
11. Voucher has no commercial value and cannot be redeemed for cash
12. Voucher may not be used for any previously purchased reservation.
13. Voucher cannot be used by employees of Hotels.com or Expedia.
14. Expedia reserves the right to vary these conditions of use or to withdraw the discount code or voucher at any time

I was sent this email and have a saved £100 recommending my husband and sister £20 on husbands booking and then 2 x £40 vouchers recieved when they used the codes they were sent. This was really useful as we are travelling round california in the summer. it was a bit tricky entering the codes it kept telling me they had already been used when I first tried and I had to keep logging off deleting my cookies and trying the booking again I got there in the end.
If anyone wants referring PM me and I will do it you will get £20 voucher and I get £40 voucher when you have booked.

how long does it take for £40 voucher to come through once £20 has been used? my friend used 20 this morning and i havent received 40 yet?


I think mine was 4 or 5 days I just thought it hadn't worked when I got an email with the £40 code.

Is the 40 off also not available for flights only?


When your friend makes the booking using the £20 discount code do they have to use their email address or your email address. this may seem a silly question but I have queried why I have not received the £40 discount code and Expedia are saying its because my friend have used their own email address and not mine but that does not make sense to me. After reading the above notes it maybe because they only made the booking a few days ago and it just takes time to come through

Just received my £40 discount code and I have already used it to book a hotel - so this offer is fantastic could save a fortune:-:-D

how is this not burning through the roof. but at least I saw it, thanks so much. planning a trip to miami and have used the £20, hoping to receive the £40 to use in medellin, colombia and another £20's vouchers for other hotels and receiving 40 for those too.

its a never ending saving. absolutely Great.

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how is this not burning through the roof. but at least I saw it, thanks … how is this not burning through the roof. but at least I saw it, thanks so much. planning a trip to miami and have used the £20, hoping to receive the £40 to use in medellin, colombia and another £20's vouchers for other hotels and receiving 40 for those too.its a never ending saving. absolutely Great.

Thanks,glad it's been useful for some :thumbsup:

just to update someone who has just seen this. this deal can be worked around to an incredible sense. have around 8 nights booked for a range of hotels in south america, america. Only thing its 1 £20 & £40 per account.

plus ONE credit/debit card per account booking. So basically lots of plastic. Lots of accounts and lots of plastic =lots of savings.

People are saying they have used this for hotel bookings, but the T&C's seem to indicate this isn't possible..... ??

You can use the vouchers on just hotels, I just think it is some you are not allowed to use it on. Just put the code in and see what happens. My partner used a £20.00 voucher. I then used my £40 voucher for recommending and I was not expecting this but my partner then received another £40 voucher (I think because I used my £40) I am not complaining though. I have not used my other voucher yet because I have not found accommodation cheap enough yet but I will do as I need to book another 5 hotels. One of my bookings was for 1 night which was about £67 and we paid £47 bargain cannot go wrong.

might give this a try thank you

great deal. can save a lot on holidays for hotels. heat and rep added. also expedia have increased quidco from 7.25% to 10% for hotel bookings.


Thanks, :thumbsup:

What exactly do you have to do then? I've just sent myself a £20 voucher.. now what do I do? I don't wanna muck up and have to pay full price xD

use the 20£ voucher with that email address and then a £40 voucher will be sent to your own (other) email within a weekish..

will give this a try.. thanks Hotscot

I am going to canada in a few weeks and my other half has referred me so he can get the 40 off, only thing is if i make the first booking in my name , (to get the 20 off) i have a problem i haven't got a credit card and i am not sure if its because the hotel is in canada or what, could i use one of his credit cards to book the hotel, he is going with me on the trip so will be there if they need to use the card when we are checking out? Then we would use another credit card to book the second hotel(to get the 40 off) in his name.Confusing i know!!

I can't see anywhere online to put in the voucher, can anyone who has done it help? ta

EDIT: found it...

Wow, this is excellent - wish I knew about this when I was travelling the USA last month.


sounds like a top deal!

i have a couple of questions though. does the voucher apply to activities as well? (ie booking theme park tickets) and if so, if you have been referred by a friend (£20) and then in turn refer a friend (£40) can you combine both codes to make a discount of £60. hope that makes sense!

voted hot

"Better than that,it works if you refer yourself as friend,ie any email address
you can use the £20,then the £40 also"

So you're basically being dishonest to get the extra discount?

Go Jets;5720727

"Better than that,it works if you refer yourself as friend,ie any email … "Better than that,it works if you refer yourself as friend,ie any email address :)you can use the £20,then the £40 also"So you're basically being dishonest to get the extra discount?

If anyone prefer to be honest I'll be happy to refer you to get the voucher.

£40 voucher arrived this morning. It does work.

Or you can shop around and save more than £40!!

I always look at expedia then find other sites like lastminute.com offering savings in excess of £40........

works a treat. referred myself, mother and friend. we used the £20 each to book rooms in sydney. i have since received 3 x £40 vouchers which i've used for a hotel in Wellington.

this is an awesome deal accompanied with the cheap flights from Singapore air (another hukd thread)

My holiday to Auz-NZ is getting cheaper by the day. Serious heat and rep added to both OP's.



we're looking to pop over to spain.. how would these vouchers work in these case, and how much would/could I use?

Brilliant ! Brilliant ! Brilliant !
Excellent deal, particularly when combined with QuidCo, and one of Expedia's special offers.

Just booked 3 nights in a £89-a-night hotel, which has an Expedia 3-nights-for-the-price-of-2 offer
on it. Chalk up a further £20 discount using this "refer-a-friend" scheme, plus 7.25% quidco, and it's
costing about £150. That's £50-a-night for a Deluxe room in a city centre hotel. Fab !

Am i being thick - where do you enter the code? - trying to book a hotel room.

when you select your booking and get to the rate details screen it says I have a voucher under the nectar sign just above review hotel details.

If you are clever enough and know what you are doing you can select a friend and they get the £20 voucher you then receive the £40 voucher but you dont use it you use it on another account which you have recommend you then get the £40 off and they send you another £40 because you recommend them. So if you play your cards right you can use 1 x £20 voucher code then for every other booking you can use £40 codes.

It great I have saved £140 on 4 bookings 1 x £20 and 3 X £40

Just beware before you book expedia you should do your research on other sites as you may get better deals on others e.g last minute.com (a hotel I booked was £400+ on expedia and only £209 on last minute.com

Ok, it doesnt seem to work on Devere hotels! - was trying to book the Cheadle one as it's close to Manchester airport for the night before i head out to Vegas. Shall look at alternatives.

Are you sure I have looked at the T&C's and it says the following:-

3. The voucher cannot be redeemed against hotel only bookings for any Harrahs, MGM, Starwood, Novotel, Sol Melia, Rezidor, Hilton Hotels, Intercontinental Hotel Group or Marriott hotel.

Not sure whether Devere hotel is one of the above companies but if it is not then I would have thought it would work, what message are you getting when you enter the code?

By the way I have just notice there are alot of other offers on this website for expedia I have not looked at them properley yet, I think they have just been added.

Nice one guys planning a trip soon.

now a minimum booking of £200....expired

They have obviously realised that if they carry on they will go bankrupt. Glad I got my cheaper hotels booked earlier. If using the £20 voucher you have to spend a min of £200 and if using the £40 voucher you have to spend a min of £300. Anyone know when they changed the rules?

Still looks to work for my £20 off any spend. New rules must apply to new emails i guess.
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