Posted 24 January 2023

Get £5 Off A £40 Spend By Signing Up To Marketing Emails @ Argos

£5 off
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About this voucher

Looks like they quietly resurrected this offer, as above, get £5 off £40 spend via the Get voucher link, if you have done this before, worth using a separate email address, just worked for me, says it ends on the 1st Feb

Your unique discount code will be delivered straight to your inbox
Offer open to new email addresses only. The Promotion starts at 00:00 on 26/10/2022. Any email address that has registered as signed up to marketing up to 48 hours prior to the Promotion start date will not qualify. Qualifying customers will receive a unique voucher code via email. The code will be delivered via email within 15 mins of signing up.
Argos More details at Argos

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    Sorry, your email is not valid for this promotion

    fakemail.net already banned
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    You can get a voucher even if you've signed up before, just add a '+' to your email address.
    e.g. if your email is 'testing@hotmail.com', try something like 'testing+argos@hotmail.com'.
    Just received my voucher!
    This is also a helpful strategy to find out who's selling your email off to spammers
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    Codes not working for gift cards
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    can you stack these with Argos?
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    Many thanks, I’ve gone for another Microsoft365 family subscription. Back to the sweet spot of £39.99 and eligible for the bonus 3 months. I’m happy paying £2.66 a month
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    Well done OP for not posting a load of deals with £5 off 👏 (edited)
    Now is my time to shine!
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    Worked for me thanks @MrSwitch
    Brilliant stuff
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    The last batch didn’t stack, so I doubt these will either
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    Got it thanks.
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    Perfect timing! Thanks @MrSwitch !!!
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    Code didn`t work on a Nintendo switch bundle but did on just the console so there are conditions. (edited)
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    Thanks, was just about to spend £42 there
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    Nice. They don't like my Gmail though
    I used yahoo, I mean who else doesn't use yahoo?!
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    Can you stack?
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    I signed up with my secondary email. Let’s hope the email with the code arrives
    It’s usually instant signup email comes straight away with voucher
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    Ssssh I’ve been doing this for quite a while with new email addresses don’t want Argos to stop it
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    I have an old X@googlemail.com address I use regularly and all I needed to get the voucher was use X@gmail.com. I don't know if it works the other way around.
    It does
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    When does the £5 voucher expire please?
    "Offer ends 01/02/2023 23:59:59" is what it says on my email
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    They're closing in Ireland so I suppose this won't work over here
    I didn’t know about that?, what’s the reason and what will you do without Argos where will you buy things? (edited)
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    Thanks Op, worked for me
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    I wonder if this works with iCloud hide my email?

    “Instantly generate unique, random email addresses that forward to your personal inbox — and even let you reply — so you don’t have to share your real email address when filling in a form on the web or signing up for a newsletter. You can create as many addresses as you need and disable them at any time, so you stay in control of your inbox.“
    Yes it does, used it two times yesterday
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    Thanks OP got the code instantly and just used it. heat added
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    Ironvest (used to be Blur) can supply you limitless addresses, but it all depends if Argos servers are set up to chuck them out
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    Happy to exchange mine for a Nero voucher for example (if codes can be stacked).
    You just put a fake email and you get the code
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    Got a code - didnt work for toys though?
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    I’ve tried multiple email addresses and it won’t accept any
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    i received 6 off 60 voucher. thanks.
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    For anyone who wants

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    Seems they have closed the " fake email generator sites" and use on YouChoose gift cards. Shame, had great fun doing this in November.
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    Get deal link takes me to a blank page
    Just worked for me with a gmail address. (Bought the t128 steering wheel deal).
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    has anyone managed to buy gift cards using these codes?
    All gift cards can't use the codes