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£5 off £15 when you use Amazon pickup (Account Specific) @ Amazon

£5 off
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  • Amazon customers who (i) have been personally invited by onsite marketing banner, by email, or by push notification from Amazon to click on the “Apply promotion” button and (ii) can see the ‘you are eligible for this offer’ banner on top of the landing page…031 (“Eligible Customers”) will benefit from a £5 promotional reward against Qualifying Items of at least £15 and shipped for the first time to an Amazon pickup location (see all pickup locations available on this page: on or before 11:59pm on 30 June 2023 on (the "Offer").
  • The Offer is valid only between 16 February 2023 and 11:59pm on 30 June 2023 (the “Offer Period”).
  • This Offer is open to the first 50,000 Eligible Customers that satisfy these terms and conditions.
(Valid until June 30, 2023 for the first 50,000 customers, on eligible products shipped together to the same delivery address.)
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Thanks op, eligible

  • Each Eligible Customer can claim up to a maximum of one Offer during the Offer Period. The maximum benefit that Eligible Customers may receive from this Offer is a single £5 reward (the “Promotional Reward”) to redeem against Qualifying Items of at least £15 (the “Minimum Purchase Requirement”).
  • Qualifying Items: The promotional reward may only be redeemed against items sold by Amazon UK at the website ( and shipped to an Amazon pickup location (see all pickup locations available on this page:, excluding gift cards, items sold by third party sellers (even if "fulfilled by Amazon" or "Prime Eligible"), or from Amazon sellers other than "Amazon UK" (e.g. the offer does not apply where the seller is "Amazon DE", "Amazon FR", etc.)” or on products and services sold on any other website, Warehouse Deals, digital products, Amazon devices and accessories, e-books, alcohol, baby and infant formula, e-cigarettes (including e-liquids, refills and accessories), delivery costs, or against gift wrapping costs.
  • Once you have claimed the Offer by clicking on the button “Apply promotion”, your promotional reward will automatically be applied to your account and will appear in the checkout page when purchasing your Qualifying Items before 11:59pm on 30 June 2023.
  • Postage and packing will be applied to each item in accordance with Amazon's standard delivery rates and policies.
  • The promotional reward is only redeemable if the same delivery speed is selected for all Qualifying Items. Please check the "Delivery Details" section during checkout to confirm that all Qualifying Items have the same delivery speed. Delivery to a Pickup Location is subject to capacity and availability restrictions. Item also restrictions apply. See the item eligibility help page for more detail:…SR7
  • Unless otherwise specified on the landing page of the relevant promotion or by Amazon, the Promotional Reward may not be used on pre-existing orders or in conjunction with any other offer or promotional reward.
  • Minimum Purchase Requirement: The Offer is subject to the Minimum Purchase Requirement for Qualifying Items, so:
  • If you remove Qualifying Items from your Basket, so that the combined purchase value of the remaining Qualifying Items at checkout falls below the Minimum Purchase Requirement, the Offer will cease to apply.
  • If you cancel your order for a Qualifying Item (so that the combined purchase value of the remaining Qualifying Items falls below the Minimum Purchase Requirement), the Offer will cease to apply.
  • If you return a Qualifying Item (so that the combined purchase value of the Qualifying Items you retain falls below the Minimum Purchase Requirement), Amazon will deduct the value of the Promotional Reward from the refund.
  • If you use our 1-Click ordering method, the Promotional Reward will not apply to your order.
  • You must for pay the balance of the value of the Qualifying Items, after the Promotion Reward has been applied, either by credit or debit card, or by using ( Gift Cards. Unlike ( Gift Cards, you will not be able to view any unused promotional rewards in the Your Account section of (
  • The Promotional Reward has no cash redemption value and is not transferable or assignable.
  • If you place an order for Qualifying Items using the Promotional Reward and then return or cancel that order, the Promotional Reward cannot be refunded or re-used.
  • The Offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn, modified, extended or amended without notice. The Offer has no cash alternative.
  • The Offer is non-transferable and may not be resold.
  • ( Promotional Code and Promotional Credit Terms & Conditions (…970) and Amazon’s Conditions of Use (…616) apply
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  1. Avatar
    Thank you! I’m eligible for once and I’ve used this offer previously about 12 months ago

  2. Avatar
    Where do you find this offer in the app or amazon browser please ? (Not the link )
    On the top bar of website, with desktop Chrome browser
  3. Avatar

    It does not apply for items from Amazon EU
  4. Avatar
    Not eligible
  5. Avatar
    It's available for those who have never used Amazon Pick up in past.
    not true, used this before but accepted again
  6. Avatar
    "You are not eligible for the offer. See below terms and conditions."
    Me too!
  7. Avatar
    Eligible for once. Thanks OP.
  8. Avatar
  9. Avatar
    Actually eligible for once. Now I'll have to spend about 5 hours trying to find something for £15 sold by Amazon!
  10. Avatar
    Thanks works for me
    49606926-8diCK.jpg (edited)
  11. Avatar
    Thanks, OP
    Both my and my OH accounts were eligible for the promo
  12. Avatar
    Excellent, eligible for me also 49607027-PQkcT.jpg
  13. Avatar
    Good timing. Wanted two items at £15 and my prime expires this week 😁

    Valid on other account too, so got 12 king Bombay bad boys and 12 curry pot noodles £12 (edited)
    Yeahhhh boiiii
  14. Avatar
    Good voucher, but the problem is almost NOTHING is sold by Amazon these days, just third world cheap tat, rendering this voucher pretty much useless unless you want a fairly expensive product which is well over your desired budget to buy something. (edited)
    That's why I bought pot noodles. If it's food, I dont feel like I'm just spending for the sake. Have to eat. (edited)
  15. Avatar
    Eligible - not a single thing on my wish list is sold by amazon…..
  16. Avatar
    Blooming Eck actually eligible
  17. Avatar
    Works for me!!
  18. Avatar
    cheers OP, eligible for me again
  19. Avatar
    I'm surprised anyone who has used this before is eligible again. I'm wondering why and how they work out who is eligible. Anyone care to help?

    For those that have used before and says they're getting it again, how long ago did you use it before? More or less than 12/24 months? and I hate to be pedantic, but are you certain you used it before (not just clicked the promotion button, but successfully got the £5 off a purchase) ....just trying to figure out if a timescale is involved
    I did an offer similar to this within the last 6 months. I wonder if that’s it?
  20. Avatar
    Got it, but sadly not available on alcohol.
  21. Avatar
    Don't think I've ever been eligible for a single Amazon offer ever.
  22. Avatar
    Thanks op
  23. Avatar
    Nice find. Unfortunately not available on my account
  24. Avatar
    Not this time But have some heat anyway
  25. Avatar
    Thanks heat added
  26. Avatar
    "You are not eligible for the offer. See below terms and conditions."

    Same as always.
  27. Avatar
    not eligible
  28. Avatar
    Despite buying hundreds of items yearly I never qualify as I piggyback onto my lads account. This time I did. Wow. So 500gm Tin of Nescafe Gold for £10 is not bad. Many thanks for posting.
  29. Avatar
    Thanks OP.

    Used before when it was £7 but eligible again.
  30. Avatar
  31. Avatar
    Thanks eligible for this one, thanks op
  32. Avatar
    Thanks op
  33. Avatar
    not eligible on both accounts, feels like there Ai bot detected I bought persil of them for 4.88 quid
  34. Avatar
    Not eligible
  35. Avatar
    Thanks worked for me
  36. Avatar
    Finally eligible for one of these deals
  37. Avatar
    Not eligible. Can't win 'em all.
  38. Avatar
    No luck for me.
  39. Avatar
    Used.. thanks 🏽
  40. Avatar
    Put a few reviews in on Amazon and you get the discounts. You scratch my back. No idea if this is true but seems to work for me.
    I put a few reviews, after being pestered by Amazon to do so, and they banned me from reviewing.

    Reason given, the seller AMAZON , must have paid me to do it