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Free gluten free taster box
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Posted 29th Dec 2019Posted 29th Dec 2019
Free gluten free taster boxFREE£1.99
Register here to join YOUR GLUTAFIN CLUB, you will have access to exclusive competitions and prescription support as well as receiving fortnightly newsletters and our free gluten f… Read more
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Still works fine for me.


Link doesn't work


Did all of the advertising for them a decade back. Had samples of all their food and it was awful. Still have a loaf of bread from 2009 in the custom packaging I made and it still hasn’t gone off. Free is always good but there are much better gluten free options these days.


Nice find OP! I've been coeliac since the 70s. I can remember gluten free bread in tins! Also, just want to second a previous post about Dexa scans, I only found about my low bone density through a university trial. So if you are a Coeliac, ask for a Dexa scan. (y)


Yeah, thank you, I shall check this out. I had a quick look and in Scotland, Wales and N Ireland prescriptions still exist. But I england each county has different allowances. So in Cornwall it may be different for me. But I shall double check. And yes I try to make meals from scratch and make my own products, it really helps the pennies. Thank you for your reply

Free Gluten-Free Taster Box
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Posted 16th Dec 2017Posted 16th Dec 2017
Free Gluten-Free Taster Box
By joining GLUTAFIN CLUB, you will have access to exclusive competitions and prescription support as well as receiving fortnightly newsletters and free gluten free Taster Box.

Finally found a decent freebie thats not an ebook thanks


Very good thanks


I got this a few years ago. Massive hamper. Was very tasty


applied for this last time, never got anything.


Just makes you sign up to the account. I can't find an option for free taster

Gluten allergy? Register at Glutafin and get a FREE box of goodies!
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Posted 16th May 2016Posted 16th May 2016
Gluten allergy? Register at Glutafin and get a FREE box of goodies!
Join for a new account at Glutafin and get a free starter box with loads of samples.

Have a son with a gluten intolerance would like to try your products


Expired :(


Husband was diagnosed with coeliac disease a few years ago, so would be great to try your products.


offer expired


I have just been advised to go on a gluten free I am very new to concept.would love to receive your free box Thank you Cindy Hayers

FREE Gluten free Hamper pack
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Posted 17th Nov 2014Posted 17th Nov 2014
FREE Gluten free Hamper pack
Follow the link & register your details to receive your pack
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Please note: Glutafin is a specialist healthcare brand available on prescription. The contents of this hamper are suitable only for those people medically diagnosed with coeliac disease. Please do not claim if you have not received this diagnosis as the offer is limited - invalid claimants may cause those who need the hamper to miss out. For further information please visit the Glutafin website. Many thanks, The Glutafin Team


I ordered one for my sister as she has recently been diagnosed - the hamper came within a week and included full size samples of pizza bases, a loaf of bread, pasta, cake mix, crackers And other bits. She then recieved a £4 voucher a few days later aswel.


ordered for a friend


Hi OP thanks for posting might be worth adding "GLUTAFIN" to your title :). My daughter is gluten intolerant, she is 17 and has been her whole life, she cant have wheat, oats. barley rye or anything with gluten in it without it causing her problems but she is not coeliac, she is of course on a gluten free diet. Glutafin were one of the companies that were recommended to us many years ago, I contacted them then explained her diagnosis and samples were sent, they have over the years sent other samples - she is on some sort of mailing list. Over the years gluten free foods have improved - and being able to have a sample to try is fantastic as the cost of the items is expensive compared to standard items so saves waste if not liked. Have not requested this but thanks for posting I am sure there are a lot of people who will benefit - heat added :)


Way to twist my words. I haven't been nasty, seems you just can't handle a differing opinion (another right people have!) People have the right to choose what they want to eat. But, hypothetically, two people who don't eat gluten are starving. One chooses not to because its trendy, and the other has celiac disease. There's some gluten free food and some regular gluten food. Not enough to share. Who gets the gluten free food? The person on the fad diet who won't get ill from the regular food, or the person with celiac disease who'll get ill from the regular food?

free glutafin pizza bases - PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THIS OFFER
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Posted 27th Sep 2014Posted 27th Sep 2014
free glutafin pizza bases - PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THIS OFFER
Complete the claim form below to claim your free pizza bases which we will send to you in the post.
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Just arrived - THANKS OP!!!!!


Excellent freebie, received this on Monday and passed it on to a grateful friend who has not long been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance. Many thanks.


I'm back at the docs to go through everything, thanks though x


you will need to be careful with GF foods then, some contain wheat that has had the gluten removed so may not be suitable for you.


when I posted this I wasn't diagnosed, but just had the diagnosis from the doctor, wheat intolerant, explains all the pains and discomfort I'd been having, a complete change of diet, I've never been so aware of ingredients

Free Food Samples From Glutafin
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Posted 23rd Jul 2013Posted 23rd Jul 2013
Free Food Samples From Glutafin
Glutafin are giving away samples of gluten free food on their website. They have great range of gluten free food for coeliacs and people with wheat allergies. Fill in the form to j… Read more

My customers are asking more & more about gluten-free products. Could you send me a product list/catalogue please. I am particularly interested in flour for pizza.


Received my free hamper today... Amazing has loads of free products in ( about 10) bread, crackers, pasta bases, flower to cook cakes etc and receipy book !!!


please dont take advantage of it and leave it for people who need GF products i am allergic to gluten and wheat


very good! :)


Misread then, though you said 'HAVE SOME WHEAT'

Free gluten-free food hamper for new Coeliac patients
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Posted 23rd Aug 2012Posted 23rd Aug 2012
Free gluten-free food hamper for new Coeliac patients

never sent me stuff I ordered a month ago, lost a customer, now I get juvella


will i still get my hamper i registered about 7 days ago because I'm not allowed wheat or gluten can't believe people just signing up for free food some people need it!


Sadly this site has made me realise that not everyone is as thoughtful as id like to have thought. People are out to get whatever they can if they need it or not. Such a shame.


You've been a member for a whole 2 hours. Give it 6 months and then ask me that again.


Why is it naive? The OP clearly stated it was for those who had coeliac disease and (hopefully) the actual website would've noted on the registration page that their offer was aimed towards those with a gluten intolerance.

Free Hamper full of Gluten free Products for Coeliacs
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Posted 16th Nov 2010Posted 16th Nov 2010
Free Hamper full of Gluten free Products for Coeliacs
If you have a gluten intollerance or have been diagnosed with Coeliac disease, register your details with Glutafin and they will send you one of their hampers packed full of sample… Read more
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I registered today and they said they will be sending it in the post asap. So there is always luck! No sign of technical difficulties at the moment :)


same here :(


Same here


Every time I try to register it says they are experiencing technical difficulties. Has been the same for the past week.



Free Glutafin Mini crackers-1st 300 (ideal for gluten free dieters and coeliacs)
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Posted 3rd Apr 2010Posted 3rd Apr 2010
Free Glutafin Mini crackers-1st 300 (ideal for gluten free dieters and coeliacs)
Great straight out of the pack, or smothered in your favourite toppings, new Glutafin Mini Crackers are perfect any time. With their crunchy texture, they are sure to satisfy any s… Read more



Thanks ordered :thumbsup:






Thanks a lot

Register to Get 4 FREE Glutafin Fibre Rolls
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Posted 21st Feb 2010Posted 21st Feb 2010
Register to Get 4 FREE Glutafin Fibre Rolls
Have you tried our Fibre Rolls? Our Glutafin Gluten Free Wheat Free 4 Fibre Rolls are perfect straight from the pack or warmed in the oven for a few minutes for that 'just baked' t… Read more
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expired :(


I had the email about these the other day as my daughter has coeliacs disease.....please only request these if you know someone who cannot tolerate wheat and gluten