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Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Bagless Vacuum Cleaner £283.99 at Go-Electrical
-151° Expired
Posted 11th May 2020Posted 11th May 2020
Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Bagless Vacuum Cleaner £283.99 at Go-Electrical£283.99£2995% off Free P&P Free
Specification: Weight – 2.61kg Suction Power – 115AW Bin Volume – 0.54 litre Dimensions (HxLxW) – 250 x 1244 x 224mm Cyclone Technology - 2 Tier Radial™ cyclone Cleaner Head - Dir… Read more

Because then you'd be spending over £300. On a vacuum cleaner.


I stand corrected, it's still available here


V8 was available for £208 from Dyson Outlet eBay (says refurbished) But pretty much everyone are receiving brand new retail units and successfuly registering for 2 year warranty.


Sorry bud but literally given the close price point, why shouldn’t u go v10

Sony Wireless Headphones WH-CH700NLCE7 Blue £69.99 @ Go Electrical
304° Expired
Posted 28th Dec 2019Posted 28th Dec 2019
Sony Wireless Headphones WH-CH700NLCE7 Blue £69.99 @ Go Electrical£69.99
Features - Noise cancellation adjusts to your environment with One Push AINC. Wireless Bluetooth streaming with NFC One-Touch. Long lasting listening with up to 35 hours of bat… Read more

Cheers XL, shall expire


Price increased OP


They have good codec support (aptX HD, though incredibly not Sony's own LDAC), lag shouldn't be that annoying - have you tried tweaking phone settings? (eg if you watching YouTube, selecting AAC in developer options? - Android handles that codec badly anyway, that could explain it) https://helpguide.sony.net/mdr/whch700n/v1/en/contents/TP0001613526.html


I think you'll be happy


I’ve ordered the XB900’s for £126

Tassimo My Way Coffee Machine £57.99 @ Go-Electrical
61° Expired
Posted 28th Dec 2019Posted 28th Dec 2019
Tassimo My Way Coffee Machine £57.99 @ Go-Electrical£57.99
Product Description Prepare a variety of delicious hot drinks effortlessly. The advanced design of the TAS6002GB allows for incredible variety and personalisation, meaning you can… Read more

Quidco do 4% (possible (skeptical) ) cashback too.


best price ive seen on this model

Dyson V11 Absolute Extra Cordless Vacuum £475.99 @ Go-Electrical
-135° Expired
Posted 30th Nov 2019Posted 30th Nov 2019
Dyson V11 Absolute Extra Cordless Vacuum £475.99 @ Go-Electrical£475.99
Cheapest Dyson V11 Absolute I`ve seen on the internet ( eBay included ) First post here, I hope it helps. Only 22 left in stock Trusted website ( over 24k rating on trustpilot )

Not valid anymore


This website needs a massive overhaul. You should only be able to vote cold if you can provide a cheaper price for the same item... This was a great deal on this item and it should be Hot! *EDIT: Price has gone up to £499 on website making it no cheaper than Curry's Black Friday event price.


No you won't 😁


Deal. Honestly I will contact you...


Remember me when none of that happens.

Dyson v8 animal - £294.90 @ Go-Electrical
86° Expired
Posted 28th Jan 2018Posted 28th Jan 2018
Dyson v8 animal - £294.90 @ Go-Electrical£294.90
Latest dyson..a good £50 cheaper than anywhere else

You snooze you lose!


My refurbished V8 looked like new.


That one is out of stock :(


Yes I I know it's been cheaper around £380 for the total clean and £350 for the absolute But it's the best price at the moment for the v8 total clean or nearest offer Refurbs on dyson are hit & miss


It was £319 inc previous customer discount. Seems someone had it for £309, so maybe dropped a little since I ordered.

Dyson DC75 Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum £259.90 @ Go Electrical
-51° Expired
Posted 26th Dec 2017Posted 26th Dec 2017
Dyson DC75 Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum £259.90 @ Go Electrical£259.90
Dyson DC75 Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum - seems a good price, £520 in a lot of places

Specification: Attachments - Tangle-Free Turbine Tool, Combination Tool, Stair Tool Weight - 8.7kg Suction Power - 120AW Bin Volume - 2.18L Cord length - 10.8m Maximum reach - 15.25m Dimensions (HxLxW) - 1100mm x 438mm x 340mm Cyclone Technology - Dyson Cinetic™ science Filtration - Non-washable Lifetime Filter Cleaner Head - Self-adjusting cleaner head Now £20 more expensive than posted.


What’s the suction or watts on this please


Had mine for 18months and it doesn't chuck dust around. Maybe yours is faulty?


This dyson is utter crap , had one over six months and it’s the worst dyson I’ve ever owned, it doesn’t have a filter... correct! It means you have dust every day, coz it chucks out so much into the house... avoid .....


Hot! Love this vacuum and excellent value for money at this price!

ROBERTS RADIO STREAM 107 £78 Del at Go-Electrical
90° Expired
Posted 26th Dec 2017Posted 26th Dec 2017
ROBERTS RADIO STREAM 107 £78 Del at Go-Electrical£78£10828% off
The Roberts Stream 107 DAB/DAB+/FM/WiFi Internet Radio allows you to tune into internet radio stations from around the world. You can even play your music to this internet radio… Read more

You could always take it with you and use Mac Donald’s free WiFi - sirte


I don't think people legitimately care about that situation. They'll likely ensure they have Wi-Fi prior to purchase. And this is the danger for radio set manufacturers, particularly at a time where typically radio sets increase in price and smart speakers decrease in price. We're reaching a point now where radio sets are approaching the price range of smart speakers with a hundredth of the functionality and the assumption that everyone has access to the Internet. The radio industry are promoting smart speakers and the Internet as the upcoming de-facto delivery method for radio, which is a concern for free-to-air terrestrial radio, particularly DAB as those who don't have the Internet and are less tech savvy are more likely to stick to FM.


But you can't use it when you have no wifi (skeptical)


Google Home can do the same...

Sage Kitchen Wizz Pro Food Processor 3.7L (BFP800UK) £228 @ Go-Electrical or £230 @ Iwoot
51° Expired
Posted 24th Nov 2017Posted 24th Nov 2017
Sage Kitchen Wizz Pro Food Processor 3.7L (BFP800UK) £228 @ Go-Electrical or £230 @ Iwoot£228
Not for everyone, but the cheapest I have seen this in a long time and hopefully of help to those who are after this particular product. Over £320 at John Lewis, Lakeland and AO.Co… Read more

Great bit of kit if you want a proper food processor. I burnt out 2 others before I came across this. Blades are super sharp

Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Bagless Vacuum Cleaner BRAND NEW, Not a refurb £345 @ Go Electrical
-117° Expired
Posted 18th Aug 2017Posted 18th Aug 2017
Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Bagless Vacuum Cleaner BRAND NEW, Not a refurb £345 @ Go Electrical£345.50
Looking around for a deal on a V8. Its £330 from Dyson on eBay Refurb so pretty good deal for a brand new unit. Cheapest around. RRP £469 Happy Sucking....

It has a collar that pushes out the dust and fluff so you don't have to.


Not sure what's wrong with the bin emptying on the V6 I was just gifted one and its literally press a button and it opens and empties itself into the bin.


Another £5.50 off the price, its now £340. YEEEOOOO


Thanks OP, I too bought a v8 absolute for £379.


A good find! I went for the v8 absolute for £379 :)

Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Bagless Vacuum Cleaner RRP £469.99 - £348.90 @ Go Electrical
-204° Expired
Posted 12th Aug 2017Posted 12th Aug 2017
Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Bagless Vacuum Cleaner RRP £469.99 - £348.90 @ Go Electrical£348.90
Most reputable retailers now selling this at £469.99. Go Electrical have reduced it to £348.90. Go Electrical get 9.6/10 from 23k reviews on UK Trust pilot.

I voted hot but the v8 absolute model was recently on sale for 289 at dyson outlet albeit a refurbished model with only 1 year guarantee


I want one of these. Obviously this isn't the cheapest about, so can one of the cold voters share their knowledge of where this is cheaper? Thanks.