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Free Sample Of Paco Rabanne One Million Parfum For Men (Fill In Details) @ GQ Magazine
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Posted 7th Oct 2020Posted 7th Oct 2020
Free Sample Of Paco Rabanne One Million Parfum For Men (Fill In Details) @ GQ MagazineFREE£0.01
Free sample of 1 Million, just fill in the form. From the description it's the Parfum version. The saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” works for a lot of things, but sometim… Read more

Rather hilariously, I've received two unwanted samples of this with full bottle purchases of other fragrances that arrived today. I already have a full bottle of Paco Rabanne Parfum so I used these ones to make my pillows smell nice. I can neither confirm nor deny that one was marked "For Mohammed".


Oh Mo! Mo! Mo! (Shakes head) Where have you been, fella? Gone are the days when they used to simply post them. You do know these are flammable? So due to new health and safety regulations, they need to make sure item is being handed over to an adult. Delivery personnel wear blue jumpsuit. I think its fire protective or what not. Since these are free items, they like to know whether you're genuinely interested in their product or they're just wasting valuable on one time free user. As for extra 100ml bottle of EDP on top, more you moan about @louiselouise the better. Something to do with her preferring D&G over Paco Rabanne .. I don't know.. fashion house politics or something... Do let us know when you get it. Someome mentioned they got 125ml.. fibs! If you ask me.


What are you talking about dont the samples come through your door by royal mail


Probably you weren't home when they tried to deliver. They will only deliver if you're at home and you must mention you've been up all night waiting for it. If you blame loulou, they will give you one 100ml bottle as well. Tried and tested (y)


I don't think posting angrily is going to make it appear any faster! GQ Magazine are reliable for their samples, in my experience. And we are in the middle of a pandemic.

Free £25 credit for with GQ Magazine (£3.99)
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Posted 8th Apr 2019Posted 8th Apr 2019LocalLocal
Free £25 credit for with GQ Magazine (£3.99)£3.99
As title says ,get £25 to spend on digital purchases on with the latest edition of GQ magazine

Not the greatest selection sadly


It is only for rentals


Just to clarify is the £25 credit only for rentals or can you purchase films from the selection too?


Thanks for this OP. Picked up GQ on the weekend and redeemed the gift card OK. Watched First Man last night and look forward to the next (although the streaming quality, which is normally fine, was not good with loss of detail in the dark scenes)


They've added First Man! Probably worth it just for that... maybe

Free Dior Homme Eau for Men Fragrance (Sample)
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Posted 17th Oct 2017Posted 17th Oct 2017
Free Dior Homme Eau for Men Fragrance (Sample)
Click link torequest a free sample of Homme Eau for Men, a flanker EDT for men from the Dior fashion house and part of the Dior Homme line of fragrances. Request at GQ, the popular… Read more

thomasleepif you have any evidence of any wrong doing by any member can you please send a report with a link and evidence? Thank you. I haven't seen anything posted by Nuri.Silayto suggest there is any wrong doing and only see an eager member contributing.


The post was not removed, but the samples have expired so I changed the status to expired. Also do you need to stop as I’m reporting you for your harassment and false accusations. im allowed to post freebies and just because I post a lot doesn’t mean I’m up to something. im just someone who searches for freebies a lot and likes to share my finds with others. i have reported you as you keep commenting on all my posts with spam and accusations.


another post removed .... CON JOB AVOID NURI>SILAY


Haha I’m just a ordinary guy who loves freebies that’s all. There is always a few people out of the bunch just like you who always have to find something to moan about. Rather than moaning about how much FREEBIES I post, maybe use the time to find some freebies and help people yourself.


There's a lot of javascript errors on the page, which is why it's not working.

free versace dylan blue perfume sample @ GQ magazine
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Posted 6th Jun 2017Posted 6th Jun 2017
free versace dylan blue perfume sample @ GQ magazine
free versace dylan blue perfume
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Ended Last Year ! 5. FREE SAMPLE OFFER DETAILS DETAILS:5.1 There are up to 7,000 1ml Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue available as free samples.5.2 The applicants will be drawn at random after the Closing Date: 11:59pm 15th September 2016 5.3 Successful applicants will be notified by post that they have been selected no later than 14 days after the Closing Date.

Free dior homme eau for men sample from GQ Magazine
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Posted 16th Oct 2016Posted 16th Oct 2016
Free dior homme eau for men sample from GQ Magazine
Free sample of dior homme eau aftershave from GQ. Fill in details and they will send it through the post

Thanks Op


Thanks op, heat added. I love Eau Sauvage. Wonder how this compares :)

Thanks OP.


heat, these bad boys come in the sample atomisers.. no wiping pieces of card on your neck here! lol


Thanks bud

GQ Grooming Power Pack + 12 months free GQ magazine £34.99
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Posted 20th May 2016Posted 20th May 2016
GQ Grooming Power Pack + 12 months free GQ magazine £34.99£34.99
Discover the very best of men's grooming with the GQ Grooming Power Pack. Featuring top brands such as MALIN+GOETZ, NEVILLE and PENHALIGON’S, this box has a huge total value of £13… Read more

Still works, just got my box in this morning after ordering last week. The link doesn't even mention a March expiry date now; as far as I could see anyway. Got the Penhaligon's cologne in mine, excellent and well worth it!


The T&Cs state the voucher expires in March 2016, which of course has passed, however, everyone is still saying the code is activating. What I wondered was, what is the "real" expiry date of the code?


Bought it last week, activated the magazine subscription today can confirm it works despite saying valid only till March 2016 :)


I don't really understand your question or concern? Once you activate the code you'll get an email confirming your subscription. Mine said: Your subscription will expire with the Jul 2017 issue. Start Issue: GQ - Aug 2016 Last Issue: GQ - Jul 2017


Got mine too, it's great but the expiry says March 2016 on the subscription. Cool that you've managed to activate it. I wonder what the "real" expiry is on it?

Free Dior Homme Sample
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Posted 18th Nov 2015Posted 18th Nov 2015
Free Dior Homme Sample
Last posted on here in May, samples still available :)
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nope, its a 4ml spray bottle if its the same as what i got. i ordered 4 samples earlier this year and absolutely loved it that i bought the scent (which is a massively priced £60 ish or so...) and i adore the smell :-) Great freebie this, one of the best aftershave ones ever IMO. Dave







GQ July Issue for iPad or iPhone totally free
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Posted 3rd Jul 2015Posted 3rd Jul 2015
GQ July Issue for iPad or iPhone totally free
I got this offer on my iPhone today and it looks like it's open to anyone i.e. not targeted. If you want a free copy of GQ on your iPad or iPhone (or both? Why not!) then it's dea… Read more

Chuffed if I can see the coupon box






Worked for me. Thanks for sharing

Dior Homme Eau for Men sample from GQ
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Posted 23rd Jun 2015Posted 23rd Jun 2015
Dior Homme Eau for Men sample from GQ
I did search but nothing came up so I am sorry if its a duplicate. YOUR COMPLIMENTARY SAMPLE As a GQ reader, you are invited to discover Dior Homme Eau for Men with a complimentar… Read more
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Got my sample the other week fromthe last time it was posted. Haven't iused it yet but i can already smellit and its nice


This was on around 6wks ago(probally last GQ issue and doing it again) but i have not recieved any sample yet and neither has my daughter at her home address we sat and applied for the sample's together when she moved in for a week while re-wiring was done and thats how i know it was around 6wks ago....Although it felt like 30yrs the week she stayed with us!!! Very messy her and the son-inlaw and very lazy to go with it!!!! Ahh feel better now...sometimes i forget this isnt twitter!!





free sample of Dior Homme
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Posted 13th May 2015Posted 13th May 2015
free sample of Dior Homme
free sample Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

I got this sample in the end took about a week it's alright got asked once what it is and I forgot so couldn't tell them.


Thank you


Thanks OP! it's how it's designed via CSS - it doesn't matter as Reooow said they aren't case sensitive :)