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For over 100 years, Grattan has been offering the latest looks for both fashion and home items at affordable prices. Its extensive choices include dresses, shoes, curtains, beddings and other furniture, electricals, and even garden items. Home shopping enthusiasts can get better deals with latest coupons and discount codes available on its HotUKDeals page.
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Grattan or Freemans Catalogue £ 10 off your next order

I got this code sent to me for my Look Again account


'the code H98P could not be applied to your order' may just be for individual accounts


with their extortionate highly inflated prices you'll need this £10 off. Defo cold.


Sorry wrong place can someone move to vouchers, thanks.

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George Foreman Indoor & Outdoor Grill £45 @ Grattan
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Posted 29th Nov 2020Posted 29th Nov 2020
George Foreman Indoor & Outdoor Grill £45 @ Grattan£45 Free P&P Free
George Foreman Indoor & Outdoor Grill priced at £45.00 at Grattan ,seems to be on the site twice wheres the other one is priced at £120 the normal price , bought mine 3 weeks a… Read more

Thanks just had mine delivered this morning didn't get the 25% off for opening a personal account but after a quick phone call they said they would take 15% off for black friday deal, so i got it for £38.25 bargain!!!!!


still waiting for my dispatched note (flirt)


Dispatch note received!


Great X3


This is a brilliant bbq, used this at caravan for few years now. Well worth the money. 🌭🍔🍕🍺

HP 250 G6 Intel® Core i7-7500U Laptop £169 ??? @ Grattan (Product listed wrongly/Wrong pic?)
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Posted 21st Mar 2018Posted 21st Mar 2018
HP 250 G6 Intel® Core i7-7500U Laptop £169 ??? @ Grattan (Product listed wrongly/Wrong pic?)£169
Just looking through random links, the product picture is somesort of Alex's device but the description is a i7 laptop??? Unfortunately don't have the funds to buy so thought I'd … Read more

Not true :- "Your order will be accepted by us, and a contract formed, when we dispatch the goods to you." If you don’t have a contract and someone realises they’ve told you the wrong price, they can cancel your order.


It depends where you are in the UK You will have to Google trading standards in your home town


Can you post an email address? If more of us do this..they need to do something


Contact Trading standards they have to honour the price and item


Got my refund already as well. Worth a shot and fair enough from them with the apology.

Sony Xperia z3 GCM10 Game Control Mount £18 @
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Posted 2nd Jan 2015Posted 2nd Jan 2015
Sony Xperia z3 GCM10 Game Control Mount £18 @£18
Currently sold out on Amazon and a lot of other places but next cheapest is £25 if you can find anywhere with stock. Also around £35 on ebay. Free delivery. Also a 'new cust… Read more

Mine has just arrived. Better late than never eh? :p


I requested a cancellation & refund which was received within 14 days. Ended up getting mine from Amazon in the end. Cancel if you can


BTW this is 19.98 and instock on amazon now, wish I had waited and ordered from them...


anyone had theirs delivered or a refund. 5 emails and 2 phone calls and still no refund!! really annoyed with them!


Just cancelled mine. Won't be delivered until mid Feb. Rubbish

Sony Game Control Mount GCM10 £18  £16.20 using code (H2PP) new customer 10% off code @ Grattan
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Posted 18th Dec 2014Posted 18th Dec 2014
Sony Game Control Mount GCM10 £18 £16.20 using code (H2PP) new customer 10% off code @ Grattan£16.20
Cheapest i can find currently £42.95 on amazon. Compatible The Game Control Mount GCM10 is designed to accommodate DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller by Sony and a smartphone or tabl… Read more

Nice been looking for something like that ;) Recently got this working on my Samsung Note 3, do you think this mount will work to hold that phone? I did buy an official mount on Amazon when they had them for 12 quid then sold it on ebay for 38! That was before I found the ported version to use on my Samsung.


Just want to check anyone else that ordered this, is your order still processing? It looks like Grattan took orders for this without actually having the stock.


A little more expensive, but currently in stock at Expansys if anyone needs one for Xmas


Ive cancelled order.


Fyi...Dear Mr Kirk Thank you for your email Description: SONY GCM10 CONTROL I am sorry that your order for this item has been delayed. The order is being sent directly from the manufacturer, who are having problems meeting normal delivery times. They should be in a position to start despatching from 2nd January 2015. Please allow an extra 7 days from this date for delivery.

Big Bang Theory Complete Series 1 - 5 (12) - £60 Grattan
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Posted 5th May 2013Posted 5th May 2013
Big Bang Theory Complete Series 1 - 5 (12) - £60 Grattan£60
This show is Deece Jets as im sure all who have seen it will agree, worth the full price, but seen Grattan are selling there with £10 off making it only £12 a series, well i have… Read more



If this could be as cold as the space in the universe then I would vote for that! Oh hang on that's -273deg. This has surpassed all efforts. A new universe record :p


just can't believe people don;t search online or even on HUKD to find if the deal is good or not. Thos is probably the mostb expensive i have seen this set on "offer" for.


Right , lets be totally honest This site should be about helping out our fellow deal hunter Don't get cross just use Google before you post and the search bubble before you post My goodness I have he enough posts shot down for the same thing Keep at it


Lets not jump to conclusions... this guy is an Arsenal fan... he probably is that stupid.

House Series 1 - 8  £120 - Grattan
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Posted 25th Mar 2013Posted 25th Mar 2013
House Series 1 - 8 £120 - Grattan£120
Please be gentle, my very first deal, Grattan have a 25% off House on DVD, I reckon it's a rate bargain so thought I'd share. Only £120 reduced from £160! You can also spread the… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Sorry mate but this is shocker. You don't need a time machine to beat this price. In fact, it is hard to find anybody charging so much.


Wow don't I feel like a fool, I could have saved myself so much money. No wonder I'm always broke!


70 quid at Blockbuster. You can save yourself a lot of money by using Google Shopping.


I bought this in October last year for £38 so I don't think this is a good deal. I haven't looked to see what price it is at the moment but I can't imagine it would go up in value by over 200%.

Samsung 17.3 ins Notebook - £18.00 @ Grattan
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Posted 2nd Jul 2012Posted 2nd Jul 2012
Samsung 17.3 ins Notebook - £18.00 @ Grattan£18
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo i3-330m (2.13GHz) Operating System Windows 7 Premium Screen Size 17.3 ins LED HD 16:9 3Gb Memory 320Gb Hard Drive Intel GMA X4500 DVMT Graphics Webcam P… Read more

From what I can tell in ur mails did you ever actually mention a laptop? I see Tey have admitted you ordered one but sent ear muffs!?!???


yes mate you have a binding lucky


take a look here


Not responding to any of my emails, costs £30 to take em to court so may well consider it


Online petition here:

Huge 25% OFF On Certain Electrical Items @ Grattans Online
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Posted 10th Apr 2012Posted 10th Apr 2012
Huge 25% OFF On Certain Electrical Items @ Grattans Online
Just going through a few sites and found that Grattans have got a sale on for certain electrical items such as hoovers, grills and other electrical items. No harm having a look!
Get deal*Get deal*

There prices are a joke they want £70 for mw3 good luck with that


They still going though they closed down


err.....there is a comment box for people to...well.....COMMENT! I wouldn't say I was a negative person, but rather than simply vote cold I took the time to explain my rationale. I think it's YOU that needs to get a grip, ranting on about people debating a deal that has been posted on a public forum!


COLD ... Whats the point of these disconts on OVERPRICED items. Can anybody find an item before discount,which is cheaper than in high street shops???(don`t talking about online shops)


garyhiltonApr 10, 2012 so your "hot deal" is that there is up to 25% off certan things? Grattans (and other "catalogue" shops) are always over-priced anyway! Take the very first item on your link; a Dyson Multifloor DC40 for £420 so 25% off takes it down to £315, but the same model is only £299 at Debenhams anyway!.......GET A GRIP negative person !!!! If the deal isn't for you Politley move on !!! ....rant over

Jack Daniels Tumbler & Miniature Gift Set £3.50 del @ Grattan
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Posted 13th May 2010Posted 13th May 2010
Jack Daniels Tumbler & Miniature Gift Set £3.50 del @ Grattan£3.50
Gift boxed tumbler and 5cl miniature gift set. FREE Standard Delivery

Not in stock - Just tried to order



Up to 75% off SALE Online @ Grattan
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Posted 5th Apr 2010Posted 5th Apr 2010
Up to 75% off SALE Online @ Grattan
Some excellent prices. Too many to mention including Womens, Lingerie, Mens, Kids, Sports & leisure, Electricals and House & garden.

Too many to mention but you could give us at least one example! lazy post:whistling:


Massively over priced in the first place

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