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Great magazines lets you buy magazine subscriptions for print and digital publications. Browse categories such as men, women, parents, film & TV, music, car, hobbies, outdoors, sports and more. Order print or digital versions of your favourite magazines so you can enjoy reading on your iPad or iPhone. Use the online service to access the best deals and to enjoy free delivery within the UK. You can even buy magazine subscriptions for gifting and have them delivered direct to the recipient. 
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-29% Discount
-29% Discount
29% off annual magazine subscription 1 day only
INSTRUCTIONS: The website is promoting a one off 29% off annual print subscriptions. I had issues using the voucher code on line. But called and they put the code through. … Read more

Morning sailor, thanks for posting, do you know if there are any terms & conditions with using the code & what the expiry date is? Thanks again

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% off discounted subscription orders using voucher code @ Great Magazines
Enter code 'COMEBACK' at checkout and get 10% off subscriptions. I've just ordered Empire magazine for £22.50 instead of £25 ☺ Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.



wow bargain!


trail magazine came through in an email £29, less this coupon and quidco, potential 13 magazines for 21.99 delivered

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 off a magazine subscription using voucher code @ Great Magazines

hey thanks! chuffed to bits, I got 6 issues of practical photography for £24, I only went for this offer because it comes with a free camera bag, and I was going to spend £35 on one in argos, and not as good as the free one with this offer, brill, one happy dudette :)


Just ordered using this discount. Thank you OP

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Great Magazines - 12 Month Motorcycle News Subscription £60.59
74° Expired
Posted 21st Jun 2020Posted 21st Jun 2020
Great Magazines - 12 Month Motorcycle News Subscription £60.59£60.59 Free P&P Free
Just got this as a pressie for my dad for Fathers Day. 12 months Motorcycle News delivered every week for £60.59 (51 issues). They have up to 50% off Father’s Day deals plus extr… Read more

Or just read it free on the library app.


Nice deal, but don't want to tempt myself. As motorbikes priced themselves out of my market a long time ago. Have some heat though. (y)

26 issues of Grazia Magazine plus bodyshop Gift set worth £54 @ Great Magazines
-100° Expired
Posted 1st Jun 2020Posted 1st Jun 2020
26 issues of Grazia Magazine plus bodyshop Gift set worth £54 @ Great Magazines£42.03
Go via QUIDCO and receive £5 cash back aswell. 26 issues of Grazia magazine as a one off payment and receive the bodyshop drops of youth gift set worth £54.
Landscape Magazine subscription for 12 months £30.45 @ Great Magazines
71° Expired
Posted 16th Apr 2020Posted 16th Apr 2020
Landscape Magazine subscription for 12 months £30.45 @ Great Magazines£30.45£4735% off Free P&P Free
15VCODES for 15% off. £9.40 Cash back with Quidco Free Wrendale baking tins worth £35 Comes highly recommended from friends so ordered for a present. With us all in lockdown ga… Read more

Thanks for posting, cashback shouldn’t be included in the headline price though as it’s not guaranteed! Great if it pays out though, voted hot. :)


The free tins :)


Empire Magazine Subscription 3 issues for £5.00 @ Great magazines
159° Expired
Posted 9th Feb 2020Posted 9th Feb 2020
Empire Magazine Subscription 3 issues for £5.00 @ Great magazines£5
Offer closes 20 Feb 2020 Terms & Conditions info Subscriber's Automatic Renewal Program. We will continue to renew your subscription, without interruption, until you tell us… Read more

Just had a quick look on TCB and you get £1.40 for orders over £1 making this even cheaper. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Motorcycle News 12 month (52 issues) + FREE Oxford Advanced Heated Grips (worth 79.99) £79.92 @ Great magazines
204° Expired
Posted 4th Feb 2020Posted 4th Feb 2020
12 month (52 issue) subscription of one of the oldest motorcycle publications. If you are thinking of getting some heated grips this will be a good time. £88.80 minus the 10% off c… Read more

Lovely story......and true.


The pint is the mag is free if you wanted some grips....


Lovely story


I was going to work on my winter hack GS125 going through some lazy S bends at about 40 mph then this hero on a Bimota 1000 just had to get past me, trouble was he was then going too fast for the right hand bend approaching,he tried to countersteer then panic braked sending him onto the verge then dropped the bike. I did turn around and see if he was ok,he was but the fairing and levers weren't. Don't buy it if you can't ride it.


Hi what code did you use to get that price?

12 months trail magazine and free Primus Stove Worth £100! £59.80 @ Great Magazines
144° Expired
Posted 21st Mar 2019Posted 21st Mar 2019
12 months trail magazine and free Primus Stove Worth £100! £59.80 @ Great Magazines£59.80£11950% off
Trail Magazine Subscription with a free stove worth £100 plus you'll also get 50% off a 12 month subscription to OS Maps also if you want to save 10% there’s a discount code (I ha… Read more

My stove arrived today, first magazine just a few days ago. Stove seems decent.


Discount code GMSAVE15 works to give a 15% discount.


This must be a reminder to cancel last years 12mnth subscription where they offered the exact same deal! Well worth it tho!


Was planning looking at getting a subscription for this or Country Walking anyway so perfect timing for me. Option of selling the stove if I don't need it too and will easily cover the cost of a year's subscription Thanks to OP doodygirl for a good find (y)


When you add to basket, go to checkout the coupon code box is at the bottom of the page under address details hth

2 years Empire Magazine membership. £2.50 per issue £64.80 @ Great Magzines
-54° Expired
Posted 12th Mar 2019Posted 12th Mar 2019
2 years Empire Magazine membership. £2.50 per issue £64.80 @ Great Magzines£64.80£129.7450% off
Might help someone. Pretty cheap and they're delivered free of charge to UK addresses.

Try telling that to my regular CrossCountry trains route and Vodafone, a large proportion of which is 2g only! I do like to flick through a magazine as well from time to time though, hence why I'd been regretting cancelling my sub mid-last year.


for what it is i guess as a deal it should be hot - but some people think in terms of better (and free ) alternatives , because you will get far more information and in depth articles on sites like this one and this one and other sites for free, and it's a connected world where we mostly tend to consume such information on a phone , tablet , PC etc etc


Yeah, great deal. Thanks for posting.


I also don't understand why this is being voted cold? I've put my order in, thanks


GoT on the cover ... Winter is Coming.

Empire Magazine (Print Edition) - 3 Issues for £5 (then £19 every 6 months) at 	Great Magazines
91° Expired
Posted 6th Sep 2018Posted 6th Sep 2018
Empire Magazine (Print Edition) - 3 Issues for £5 (then £19 every 6 months) at Great Magazines£5
Great Magazines have an offer until 30th Sept, subscribe to Empire Magazine and get your first 3 issues for £5 then pay £19 every 6 Months thereafter. Cancel at any time. you can e… Read more

Or if your library supports it, use the RBdigital app to read then electronically for free.


use to get these all the time but these days when it comes to movie news, you already know everything before they get it to print

Bike / Ride Magazine 3 Issues for £3 - Great Magazines
172° Expired
Posted 11th Jul 2018Posted 11th Jul 2018
Bike / Ride Magazine 3 Issues for £3 - Great Magazines£3
Bike Magazine / Ride Magazine £3 for 3 issues plus £2.52 via Top Cashback if you buy both

Just stop the direct debit. Easy with online banking


Thanks. Do you have to cancel with the magazine company or just stop the DD?


Yes, pay either by direct debit or PayPal then cancel after they have taken the first payment. My TCB tracked straight away


Presume this is a subscription that then has to be cancelled?


Practical sportsbikes also 3 for £3 on same website. Voted hot

Ride magazine (digital) 12 months with free 18L Oxford F1 Tail Pack £29 (potential £6 TCB)
91° Expired
Posted 7th Jun 2018Posted 7th Jun 2018
Ride magazine (digital) 12 months with free 18L Oxford F1 Tail Pack £29 (potential £6 TCB)£29£42.9933% off
Naturally you could choose the printed copies too, but cheaper for digital. Tail bag is £42.99 cheapest I can find. Decent saving and some digital magazines to go with it, for a p… Read more

I mean, the main reason I mentioned it is if you wanted a tail bag, it's almost half price from buying one, and you have some magazines. If you don't want a tail bag, fair enough.


Do you know what. I have had enough of this !! I voted cold for many good reasons I highlighted here. At the end of the day, people can vote Hot or Cold, it is up to them. At least I tried to explain the reason for my Cold vote whilst highlighting to people that may not need the free gift, they can get the same deal for FREE and also get access to lots of other digital magazines. Enjoy....


You don't even need to go to your library ! Read this: Free Digital Magazines BTW, motorcycle parking is usually free as well ;)


cost more than £29 TO PARK over the year near my library.


I did say that you don't get the free gift from the library ^^^ Also, you don't need a 'potential' £6 cashback (on £29) if you can get it for £0. You can't diss someone for voting cold. For me, and others who don't need the tail pack, they can get all the Ride digital magazines for free / £0 / no 'potential' cashback needed. For those that want the tail pack for £23/£29, it maybe a hot deal and they can vote it up if they like.

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