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Greggs is a bakery chain operating across the UK. In operation for over 75 years, Greggs is a popular destination for delicious sandwiches, bakes and drinks. Greggs gives out a number of discounts to its customers and these are listed on the HotUKDeals pages.
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£3.20 Discount
£3.20 Discount
FREE Greggs Balanced Choice Bake and Soup in Take a Break Magazine
Free Greggs balances choice bake and soup in Take a break voucher valid from 22-3-18 to 18-4-18. Valid at all Greggs apart from MOTO Services, Euro Garages, Spar, Applegreen, Gregg… Read more

so does this expire tomorrow? Just been a got one and they expire on 18 April. Might grab a few more.


Good Find (y)


This one


Which issue is this As they Change every Tuesday


Heat added. I need to go and pick up a copy (y)

Sausage Roll bogof using printable voucher @ Greggs The Bakers
01/01/1970 buy one sausage roll get one free coupon using above link

It cost me £0.90 for BOGOF. Managed to use the voucher at a Gregg's Cafe, even though the T&Cs on the voucher clearly state that it can't be redeemed there. Lady at the till didn't know what to make of it, and after a quick word with a not too concerned manager, she put it through. Not sure if that's the eat in (+20% VAT to use their tables) or take away price. I'm assuming it was for take away since she didn't give me napkins. The sausage rolls were nice and warm, pretty average, a bit on the dry side but really can't complain at 45 pence a piece in central London. Hope that helps. :3


How much is the ONE sausage cost to get the other free? Remember seeing a 5 pack for like £2


How much?


lol :p


Ah.... the famous Greggs dummies.... Little Chantelle always gets a new one when its Mums benefits day.

£0.70 Discount
£0.70 Discount
Printable Voucher for BOGOF on Sausage Roll @ Greggs
Here’s a Buy One Get One FREE voucher - so you can get two Sausage Rolls for the price of one.

Nom, nom worked for me twice!


I like the sausage rolls -_- but you are right, every time I see some parent sneaking in a sausage roll to their child who still is not out of their pushchair it just makes me feel oh so uncomfortable.


There is no tracking link on the end of the voucher and the code changes each time you refresh the page.


Yuck... I can almost feel my arteries clogging up just thinking about this muck! Even worse is seeing a toddler sitting in a buggy having one of these for lunch!! :(



Buy 1 Festive Bake and get 1 free using printable voucher @ Greggs The Bakers
This voucher entitles you to buy one Festive Bake AND get a second absolutely FREE! Here's how to use this voucher: 1.Print this voucher and take to you local Greggs shop 2.Ask fo… Read more

link says offer now ended


i'm not sure about this festive bake but i certainly will be getting festively baked ;)

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Greggs Student Exclusive Deal
Refreshed 3rd Oct 2018Refreshed 3rd Oct 2018
Greggs Student Exclusive Deal
Student Exclusive Deal When students with a valid ID buy a sandwich deal, you can get a free extra: - Sausage Roll - Cheese & Onion Bake - Sweet Treat - Snack Pack - Apple - … Read more

Can only be a good thing.


Anyone know if you can use unidays app as proof?


Greggs moved out of our town and was replaced by Seasalt Cornwall. They don’t even sell Cornish pasties (skeptical)


Yes please (y)


I would please? :D

Greggs Vouchercodes Thread
Posted 23rd Jun 2015Posted 23rd Jun 2015
Greggs Vouchercodes Thread
Via the voucher codes app

Download voucher codes app , verify you are a student by signing in and confirming your student email address and enjoy! FREE Greggs Sausage Roll or Vegan Sausage Roll for Students at Vouchercodes


Oh yeah I know that and editing old threads is also not allowed. Also, I don’t agree with mass threads either. (annoyed)


Mods won't let that deal be posted. Instead moving things to a 5 year old thread. (confused) Ridiculous.


VoucherCodes are giving a free Greggs sausage roll or vegan sausage roll to VC Students members if you download the VoucherCodes app. All you have to do is verify your email address or log into your existing VC Students account. Offer must be claimed by 15th December. There are 10,000 codes available. Code will be sent immediately to the gift card section on your account, it can then be claimed by 14th June 2021. If you do not wish to download the app, I have found the URL. You can access the offer from here:…oll


Hey Guys; Just checked my VoucherCodes app and found them giving away free sausage rolls at Greggs to anyone with a VoucherCodes app and is registered as a student (need a email). NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!

Free Breakfast Roll (Bacon, Sausage or Omelette) & Hot Drink or Orange Juice (New App Users) @ Greggs
2585° Expired
Posted 17th Dec 2020Posted 17th Dec 2020
Free Breakfast Roll (Bacon, Sausage or Omelette) & Hot Drink or Orange Juice (New App Users) @ GreggsFREE£0.01
Greggs are offering a free breakfast roll and a hot drink for the first 50,000 people who download their app. You must register, from where the offer will be loaded into the app as… Read more


Anyone? :)


...and still the ‘roll’ won’t deduct! Am I doing something wrong? Does a particular roll need to bought with or without particular items to be successfully redeemed from the app? No issues with the coffee or free Birthday Treat


Does it still work for new customers now


Given up! Has anyone been successful in getting their ‘roll’ reward deducted

Greggs & Airtime Rewards 5% + £1 @ Greggs (App)
158° Expired
Posted 1st Dec 2020Posted 1st Dec 2020LocalLocal
Greggs & Airtime Rewards 5% + £1 @ Greggs (App)
Just announced on the Airtime Rewards app 01 Dec 17:12hrs. Baseline return is 1%, but until Thursday, any spend over £5 will receive 5% cashback, plus £1. Assume the £1 is a one ti… Read more

ok here's a few other links it was the first hit on google. Enjoy your steak bake while reading them. son-of-greggs-founder-jailed-for-more-than-13-years-for-child-sex-abuse


When do you get the cashback? Is it account specific?


So you would advise against going to a shop whose overall heir (one person) is a kiddie fiddler, while quoting from a source who was responsible for employing many paedophiles and sex offenders.


Never forget.


Heat added. They announced it earlier today but didn't have time to post.

Greggs free sausage roll, vegan sausage roll or sweet treat when you buy a meal deal when showing your student ID
770° Expired
Posted 2nd Nov 2020Posted 2nd Nov 2020LocalLocal
Greggs free sausage roll, vegan sausage roll or sweet treat when you buy a meal deal when showing your student ID
Greggs instore offer. Simply show your StudentBeans ID and get a free sausage roll or vegan sausage roll or sweet treat when you purchase a meal deal.

It's a bit of a complicated answer, students also get much more credit and such offered to them than people in say low income jobs and far less responsibilites and also have more opportunities to top up their income. I always remember when I was studying students complaining they only had £30-£50 for a night out, and even up till this year students saying you need a bare minimum of £1000 saved to enjoy freshers and £2000 ideally (though that was at the bigger unis) They were same students that expected loads of freebies and discounts. When I was working or out of work there was times when my income was so low even as a single person in grotty accomidation that I may of been scrimping to afford something like a big mac and fries on the £1,99 deal but told I can't get it, and/or to work harder to afford it.


This has been going on for years so, how is this not in the discussions section rather than the deal section?


One of the dudes I live with work for Greggs and he's told me they are staying open but maybe at reduced hours (depending on individual locations).


Students don't go out no more


Only loser adults

Greggs App - New Rewards Scheme (+ Free Bonus Hot Drink) - Collect 9 Stamps, get one free item.
772° Expired
Posted 30th Oct 2020Posted 30th Oct 2020
Greggs App - New Rewards Scheme (+ Free Bonus Hot Drink) - Collect 9 Stamps, get one free item.
Similar to the Collect 7 stamps to get a free dot drink etc currently using the app. They are changing it and updating the app from 3rd November. says it is available now, but not… Read more

You can get any drink as a reward now so might be worth saving them for say a coke zero rather than using them on a hot drink that can often be had for 60p extra with a pasty


I got a free hot drink reward today. I have not bought any hot drinks this year though and have not collected any stamps. They sometimes randomly send free rewards to certain accounts. Just have a quick check.




Is this any size or just regular? Thanks


Can someone explain this slowly? So the free hot drink that appeared...not technically free until I have bought 7???

Free Hot Drink with Updated App - Buy 9 Coffees and Get the 10th Free @ Greggs
877° Expired
Posted 17th Oct 2020Posted 17th Oct 2020
Free Hot Drink with Updated App - Buy 9 Coffees and Get the 10th Free @ Greggs
With the new updated app rewards was honoured with this. worth checking We’ve got a shiny, brand-spanking new version of Greggs Rewards, and it should now be live on your device. S… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Checked with Greggs why my android phone has the new version of the app and my wife has the old (coffee only on the Home screen) version. Advised that new version of the app has been rolled out to iPhones and will be rolled out to android phones in the next few weeks. I asked why my android phone had the new version and was advised that I must have had the app installed in an iPhone when it was updated (which I did) so the update was applied to my account and this rolled over to my android phone when I changed handsets. Makes sense, I suppose.


The update could be server side.


Weird. Wife and I have exact same Samsung phones. Mine has the new style home screen and she still has the old style "free coffee" homscreen. App versions are the same - 3.0.3 (65).


While trying to live a normal life


While wondering where their money goes (lol)

Greggs Free Treat For Birthdays During LockDown Via App
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Posted 7th Sep 2020Posted 7th Sep 2020
Greggs Free Treat For Birthdays During LockDown Via AppFREE£0.01
Might not be a biggie, but still something, as if you had a birthday during lockdown, Greggs is making that a nice moment to celebrate still by offering a free treat. Greggs usual… Read more

1 per SIM cards you have.


I don't have one just the welcome free coffee and my bday was 18th June. Booooo


Great closest Greg's is almost 50 miles away.😞


It should come with cream


Ooh err

Free Pizza slice is back for select Greggs accounts (Mobile App)
655° Expired
Posted 22nd Jul 2020Posted 22nd Jul 2020LocalLocal
Free Pizza slice is back for select Greggs accounts (Mobile App)FREE£0.01
Either check your current Greggs account to see if your reward is there or download the app and see. 2 out of 3 people I know with the app got the freebie (y)

thank you


Nothing here


Nothing for me


Appreciate it, nice one (y)


Computer says NOOOOOOO!

All NHS workers get a free hot drinks on presentation of appropriate ID @ Greggs
2007° Expired
Refreshed 17th Jun 2020Refreshed 17th Jun 2020
Email to confirm that Greggs will be offering all NHS workers free hot drinks on presentation of appropriate ID.

This has now finished


I was just told in a London store that this promotion finished on Friday 31st July. Just to add, this Greggs store opened for the first time today since the lockdown!


I take it there's still no public mention of this on social media? Can't see it being ongoing forever...


Some NHS workers just work at reception and not even anywhere near covid patients...


Cheeky??? Tight sods??? U obviously never worked 12 hr night shifts tirelessly in a major trauma centre saving lives!!! A free coffee seems like a nice litl thank you to me!!

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£3.20FREE Greggs Balanced Choice Bake and Soup in Take a Break Magazine25/03/2018
% offSausage Roll bogof using printable voucher @ Greggs The Bakers3/12/2020
% offPrintable Voucher for BOGOF on Sausage Roll @ Greggs18/05/2013
% offPrintable Voucher for BOGOF on Sausage Rolls @ Greggs11/04/2013
% offPrintable Voucher for BOGOF on Sausage Rolls @ Greggs15/09/2020