Grocery Code £5.00 Off - Worked on Feb 07, 2008! Good Luck-£5

Get code & visit site-VQ


Sorry, the 'XXXGVQ' voucher has been used the maximum number of times.

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Just done my order about 30 mins ago and worked. Sorry - thought it would work xx

Working here.Thanks Gemma.:thumbsup: Voted Hot.
When entered,it appears as XGVQH2YZJKMF - £5 off your groceries.
Edit:Welcome to the forums BTW Gemma and congrats on your first deal post.

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yep, Just tried it again and it definately works:


or just put it in all together

good luck

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Oh good..No problem. xxx

Tried all the above and none working for me

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Hmmmmm....strange happenings. Hit & Miss I guess. Sorry.

No go for me either :-).

Wonder if Tesco will wise up to the fact that their online service is being used less. No-one I know will go near them without a code to at least cover the cost of delivery!

All you guys that are having no success,are you ensuring that you have over £50 in your basket?

Working here, thanks!!

Your eCoupon / Clubcard Voucher / Tesco Gift Card has been added to your basket. Please check your order summary below for the details.

Not working for me

Not working for me either, telling me voucher has been used maximum number of times. Maybe Tesco have wised up to people using these vouchers.......... shame cos that's what mainly kept me using the website. Otherwise their delivery is expensive, especially at the weekend!:roll:

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I know, madness. Hit the 6 pound mark now!!! The five pound vouchers doesnt even cover it anymore. Unjustified!!!

what's going on with tesco codes these days - hardly any work

Not working.

Error message: Sorry, the 'xxxgvq' voucher is not usable for Grocery shopping.

Off to shop at Asda.com now!

Thanks GemmaLong. Now worked for me (on my 2nd/least used Tesco email address/account). Heat'd and rep'd
Do you happen to know the expiry date? Thanks

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Oh fab. Thanks. Sorry no idea about the expiry. Found through another website. xxx

Oh fab. Thanks. Sorry no idea about the expiry. Found through another … Oh fab. Thanks. Sorry no idea about the expiry. Found through another website. xxx

No worries. Thanks anyway

hi i used this voucher yesterday and it still works as went through fine for me make sure you use lowercase lettering when you put it in :-D
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