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Where The Trail Ends Blu-Ray £11.94 delivered from grooves-inc
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Posted 9th Aug 2013Posted 9th Aug 2013
Where The Trail Ends Blu-Ray £11.94 delivered from grooves-inc£11.94
Where The Trail Ends is a Red Bull documentary film following some nut job extreme Mountain Bikers and their quest for the ultimate ride. I saw the Youtube trailer last year but un… Read more

I've just noticed that this is the "DE" version, but I can't work out what this means.... Deluxe maybe?

Tiesto in Concert Directors Cut Blu Ray or DVD- Pre Order for £9.03 or £6.81 delivered @ Grooves-Inc
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Posted 12th Dec 2012Posted 12th Dec 2012
Tiesto in Concert Directors Cut Blu Ray or DVD- Pre Order for £9.03 or £6.81 delivered @ Grooves-Inc£9.03
In stock 14th December!!! For any trance lover this is a must for the collection!!!! Absolutely brilliant tracklist and remastered for blu ray!!!! Sainsburys - £9.99 Amazon - £10… Read more

Had mine despatched others news just got a level 3 deer! Amazon voucher complete!


Ordered! I've got it on DVD, but defo worth the upgrade, I hope!


My order from Amazon was dispatched over night. A few days before the 17 December release date! Chris


Quick update.......price now is £9.03 delivered or free delivery if you spend over £16.44. Link for DVD here.......


Likewise. Haven't bought anything like this in a long time. I still watch my Underworld 'Everything Everything' DVD every so often. Tempted to get a copy of Depeche Mode: Tour of the Universe to qualify for free shipping...

Iron man & Iron Man 2 Blu Ray Double Pack £13.23 delivered @
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Posted 10th Jul 2012Posted 10th Jul 2012
Iron man & Iron Man 2 Blu Ray Double Pack £13.23 delivered @£13.23
Not bad price for the two films, much cheaper than buying seperately. Ordered myself last week, arrived today.

grooves-inc are a german based company, so all their stock is german. its an ok price, im lucky to have copies of the steelbooks on preorder and once i have confirmation they are 2 disc editions i will be selling my uk ones, cex give very good prices.


No doubt he'll want credit!


Good price, but waiting for the Avengers boxset!


[image missing]The inlay is printed on both sides, one without the ugly FSK logo.


Are these single disc versions??

Vomitory - Opus Mortis VIII £4.87 + £1.65 P&P @ grooves-inc
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Posted 11th Jun 2012Posted 11th Jun 2012
Vomitory - Opus Mortis VIII £4.87 + £1.65 P&P @ grooves-inc£4.87
Cheapest yet. Death Metal at its finest.
Avatar deleted489131
Get deal*Get deal*

+ £1.65 for postage.

Modeselektor Monkeytown (Deluxe Tour Edition/2CD+DVD) @ Grooves Inc £21.23
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Posted 6th Apr 2012Posted 6th Apr 2012
Modeselektor Monkeytown (Deluxe Tour Edition/2CD+DVD) @ Grooves Inc £21.23£21.23
Background While the first edition of Modeselektor's third studio album "Monkeytown" was already far from standard, this new and updated deluxe package offers an even more extensi… Read more

Ah I think I remember the cameraman now! He had a big tripod kind of device - Sure I went in the way of the shot a few times! ha


No, from several angles - back and sides mainly, closeups of them etc. It's not that well filmed to be honest.


Is it just one camera from the back> I cant remember them filming the gig from the front!>


It's okay, for fans only really though, as is the whole package!


Whats the DVD like? Id only really be buying it for that

Watchmen Bluray Steelbook for £12.98 inc Free Delivery @ Grooves-Inc
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Posted 16th Mar 2012Posted 16th Mar 2012
Watchmen Bluray Steelbook for £12.98 inc Free Delivery @ Grooves-Inc£12.98
This is a great price if you are looking for decent priced steelbooks without having to incur the international shipping costs. Free Delivery till 21st March. There are a few othe… Read more
Avatar deleted438466
Get deal*Get deal*

Are these the ones with the large age rating logos printed onto the steelbook (not stickers) ?


What's the point of steel books, and is the metal used actually steel?


why not, thanking you


Hot for me, just for the babes in the movie if not for anything else!!


this edition alongwith few others are regularly on 3 for 30 euros on posted here thing and scream seem to be the decent deals

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The Thing 2011 Blu ray steelbook £12.58 delivered at Grooves-inc
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Posted 11th Feb 2012Posted 11th Feb 2012
The Thing 2011 Blu ray steelbook £12.58 delivered at Grooves-inc£12.58
I saw this and if you collect steelbooks you will know this is a bargain, it comes out on the 22nd of march so it's a pre-order. I've used them a few times with good results. This… Read more

Becoming very iffy company to deal with. Things to note include if you don't receive your order it will Not be resent. Orders not always fulfilled - emails often ignored - and credit card issues becoming more frequent -good luck with trying them - bit like Zavvi/Hut but worse really.


you clearly haven't seen enough movies


All done, thanks for the heads up


Really its worse then this?????[image missing]


Hi Orekul, thanks for the post! :) Any chance you could also post that code in the voucher section?

Gary Glitter greatest hits only £6.12 plus delivery @
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Posted 5th Oct 2011Posted 5th Oct 2011
Gary Glitter greatest hits only £6.12 plus delivery @£7.87
Don't vote cold because of his criminal record, People still buy Michael Jackson and Elvis stuff. Great album with all his hits, similar album on Amazon is £29.99 track list 01… Read more
Avatar deleted283632
Get deal*Get deal*

" -638° " actually, this is colder ;)


"Doing alright with the boys" "Do you wanna touch me? (Oh yeah)" "Hard on me" "Hands up it's a stick up" His song titles say it all really!


Dont forget song 12. The wanderer for when he **** off to china to touch up under age kids in his baldey slap head and goaty beard this just made me laugh hard at work. i dont know if the poster was serious or not about this...


Yeah, cold, but, great artist. Amazon UK £7.64


[image missing] ;)

Spirit 5 CD Box Set £11.19 + £1.79 order fee @ Grooves inc
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Posted 2nd Nov 2010Posted 2nd Nov 2010
Spirit 5 CD Box Set £11.19 + £1.79 order fee @ Grooves inc£11.19
One for the hippies out there. Spirit's 5 best albums (including the mighty Dr Sardonicus) in a nice little box. Next cheapest seems to be Amazon Marketplace, at £25.47 (or £49.99… Read more

Oh bobbins. Could a mod please move this to Deals?