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GT Mobile PAYG £15 Per Month... Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts and 6 GB Data (4G)
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Posted 9th May 2015Posted 9th May 2015
GT Mobile PAYG £15 Per Month... Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts and 6 GB Data (4G)£15
Posted this deal a few weeks ago... Have been using the sim for a few week now and its been fantastic. No issues and easy to setup and buy top up voucher from Paypoint at Newsagent… Read more

doesn't work in my o2 locked phone


I went to GT Mobile from GiffGaff for that very reason... I would say GT Mobile is better, but it's very much dependant what time of day I run speedtests. Right now I have 11 meg which is great, but if I check later on at work I'd be lucky to get 1 meg. A colleague who sits near me is on o2 and has no speed issues, understandably.


If you go by the reviews than tesco and gt mobile data speed are much better than giffgaff(they all use o2 network).


Can anyone confirm that the 4G will be any worse than giffgaff? My giffgaff 4G is lovely, (I live in central London). Also you tried to tether? I know it's against their policy but wondering what happens.


I moved from Giffgaff to GT Mobile (which is actually owned by Lycamobile). Can confirm it runs on the o2 network. It's great value for money, although when it comes to data speeds expect to get around half a meg download speed at busy periods of the day. In other words, you're not going to have a good time watching Youtube videos on your lunch break :)

GT Mobile - PAYG Unlimited Mins, Unlimited Texts and 6GB of 4G Data £15... They use the O2 network MVNO
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Posted 14th Apr 2015Posted 14th Apr 2015
GT Mobile - PAYG Unlimited Mins, Unlimited Texts and 6GB of 4G Data £15... They use the O2 network MVNO£15
Nice PAYG sim only deal for those who don't want a contract sim only. Unlimited Mins Unlimited Texts 6GB Data - 4G (Using O2 Network) £15 top up +++++ Extra £7 free credit +++++… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

we don't need any more virtual mobile operator we have enough of them and offers are almost similar


never heard of these but many thanks for bringing to my attention.


and 0500, 0800, 0808 is not free unfortunately.


A lot of people been having problems with Vodafone lately.. Service just isn't the same as before anymore...


This one is better deal if you like cashback.

GT Mobile Smart 15 - Sim Only £15p/m - Unlimited mins & texts + 6GB 4G data & Free calls to 0800, 0808 & 0500 - 30 Day contract
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Posted 28th Feb 2015Posted 28th Feb 2015
GT Mobile Smart 15 - Sim Only £15p/m - Unlimited mins & texts + 6GB 4G data & Free calls to 0800, 0808 & 0500 - 30 Day contract£15
Smart 15 With 4G (BEST SELLER) £15 30 day contract Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts 6 GB 4G data Free GT to GT calls and texts (me: pointless comment if unlimited mins/text… Read more

Yes ......:D


is tethering basically a mobile hotspot?


They also charge on some 07 numbers I called Vodafone helpline mobile number and they charged me 29p a minute in total that was 12 quid never saw that money back switched off my account after few months someone started calling my overseas friends from the number I closed


Cold Had two previous sims from Lyca for an offer and had to fight to get the extra minutes on one (with Mr Unhelpful of India). In month two both sims stopped working while still having credit. Later tried using Toggle Mobile (from same company it turned out) for cheap roaming. Cheap calls only came after the sim registered (bought for £15 with £10 credit), but never registered or worked. Mr Unhelpful entirely lived up to his name. Lyca don't even pay UK tax some years, but in some of these years managed to donate to the Tories. Don't fund the sim, you'll be ripped off and fund the Tories from it.


I pay same for unlimited everything with Virgin on a 30 day contract. I'm happy, may be that I am a Virgin customer. Heat as is excellent deal for others.

GT Mobile by Lycamobile £15 bundle
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Posted 7th Nov 2014Posted 7th Nov 2014
GT Mobile by Lycamobile £15 bundle£15
The best deal so far I found for unlimited calls, text and data (4G) 5GB then it goes to 3G £15 bundle only until end of December then it may stay at £15 or go back to £20. This… Read more

Lyca is crap. Period.


Haha 4g eh? Just Google lycamobile 4g speed test. I don't call 256kbit-1.5mbit 4g....


Lyca use O2 network for 4G which is slow because it's full of mvno's such as Giff Naff and Tesco. You also have to transfer your existing number otherwise companies like EE treat the number Lyca give you as International (Channel Isles) and nobody will call you.


squadonline I don't work for Lycamobile at all how can they be crap they are the second world largest mvno.


Lycamobile is crap. And we know you work for them.

cheap national and international calls @ gtmobile
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Posted 4th Aug 2011Posted 4th Aug 2011
cheap national and international calls @ gtmobile
You can make phone calls for incredible 1p/min (first 15 min after that 3p/min) + 15p connection charge (landlines, mobiles, international landlines and mobiles). National & in… Read more

vectonemobile free sim 3g + free minutes cheap rates..


this is pretty decent...only one thing stopping me from ditching my current PAYG rates and going for this, is that there seems to be no data capability at all, never mind 3G !!?? what a let down...cant fault the call rates much though...heat from me


would be very good deal if not 15p connection charge...

deleted219040 here is the link how to save on international calls.


part of lycamobile/ lycatalk.