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The Guardian Weekly magazine 1-year for £99
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Posted 28th Nov 2019Posted 28th Nov 2019
The Guardian Weekly magazine 1-year for £99£99£15034% off
Saves £50 over a year, great price for quality journalism! Ends Monday.

Thanks, yes I figured out that a Daily Mail deal would have gone much hotter ;-)


You just see the bigger picture. Amazing. Stay woke with the Grauniad


OP - I didn't expect you to get heat for this (especially on this platform) - but I for one appreciate the deal. GW is a superb publication (for those who want the bigger picture). Iread it cover-to-cover every week, and thanks to you, I'll save £50. Cheers!


Perhaps if you read the guardian finance section you would find something better to do with your money


Paying to be brainwashed by the Grauniad - be better off setting fire to my money

Gents Moleskin jackets by Samuel Windsor reduced from £250 with the guardian, £49 + £3.95 P+P. limited sizes left but great quailty.
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Posted 27th Mar 2014Posted 27th Mar 2014
Gents Moleskin jackets by Samuel Windsor reduced from £250 with the guardian, £49 + £3.95 P+P. limited sizes left but great quailty.£52.95
These Jackets are a steel at this price, reduced from £250 to £49. The reviews are very good and must admit other items from the guardian have been fine. Only limited sizes left bu… Read more

Also Tweed jackets here And of course how could we forget the velvet Grrrrowl :{

Guardian/Observer - Two weeks' worth of discount vouchers worth £9
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Posted 19th Apr 2013Posted 19th Apr 2013
Guardian/Observer - Two weeks' worth of discount vouchers worth £9
Sign up before 12 May to receive two weeks' worth of discount vouchers. Simply fill in the form below to receive two weeks worth of vouchers for the Guardian Monday to Friday, the… Read more

Don't think that the vouchers will get you free Guardians and Observers. A week's supply will still cost you £7.30! The vouchers are only worth 50p off the £1.40 cost of a Mon-Fri, and £1 off the £2.30 Sat edition, and £1 off the £2.50 Observer. Better to pay 20p daily for the Independent's 'I' newspaper Mon-Fri, and a little bit more for the Sat edition.


Vouchers for what?


I made an error when adding the deal expiry so it automatically expired itself. I have reposted. The form is at the bottom of the linked page.


Me too, many thanks OP. :)


....and me, I've just registered. Cheers OP.

Click-Clack Sofa Bed - £79.99 (with -20% code) @ Guardian Homewares
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Posted 12th Mar 2013Posted 12th Mar 2013
Click-Clack Sofa Bed - £79.99 (with -20% code) @ Guardian Homewares£79.99
Sofa, converts into a bed. Not the largest bed. Not the most comfortable bed. But a bed nonetheless. As far as I know there is no delivery charge for either next-day or named-day… Read more


Child's bed, why not edit the title? only good for kids sleep overs or a handful of midgets.


I have one but unfortuantly one leg snapped off so it just sits directly on the floor now and i threw the legs away.At a guess i would say it would just be high enough but it will be close.


90cm wide, 2 people if they were thinner than Kate Moss on a diet perhaps!!!!!


Does anyone have one of these already, and could confirm the height between the base of the bed and the floor? I just wondered whether it would be able to accommodate some under bed storage boxes I already have, that are about 18cm high?

The Sunday Observer with free Laura Marling CD £2.20
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Posted 1st Dec 2011Posted 1st Dec 2011
The Sunday Observer with free Laura Marling CD £2.20£2.20
Free Laura Marling CD with The Sunday Observer 4/12/11.
Get deal*Get deal*

Thought Observer cost £2.10 nowadays, stopped buying few months, didn't like new writers and style


Cool. I mean your comment, not the deal. oO


Crimes against music. Specifically article 24 of the music decency act: "Artists must provide a credible contribution to music and not further the cause of blandness within the art".


What is she in prison for?

Get 6 issues of the Guardian Weekly for just £1 delivered
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Posted 5th Nov 2011Posted 5th Nov 2011
Get 6 issues of the Guardian Weekly for just £1 delivered£1
This is an excellent read with many great articles and only ONE pound for 6 issues delivered to your door. Just cancel the direct debit with your bank when the £1 is taken out. sim… Read more



How do you work that out? They take the Direct debit them sent you the paper. No money no paper. You have not took out credit.


doesn't need the bank name as the sort code tells them that


Thanks, filled it out and didn't realize until after it didn't ask the name of the bank in the Direct Debit info, we'll see if it goes through ok.


it doesnt work like that, its not an unpaid bill as its been cancelled

The Killing series 1 (original) DVD - £32.99 delivered @ Guardian Reader Offers
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Posted 11th Sep 2011Posted 11th Sep 2011
The Killing series 1 (original) DVD - £32.99 delivered @ Guardian Reader Offers£32.99
Via MovieMail. Next cheapest £38.99 (Amazon, HMV, and Asda). Buy the hit BBC4 mystery series on DVD and save £27 on the RRP Acclaimed as one of the finest murder invest… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

If you don't mind waiting, it's much better value to buy the Season 1 & 2 boxset from Amazon for £38.99.


Thanks OP :)


Yep, English subtitles confirmed on the MovieMail website.


Some time in the Autumn, apparently. Don't think a specific date's been set, but there can't be long to wait I'd imagine.


is this subtitled?

Free Downlaod of 'The Jungle Book' (starring Eartha Kitt)
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Posted 23rd Oct 2010Posted 23rd Oct 2010
Free Downlaod of 'The Jungle Book' (starring Eartha Kitt)
Free Downlaod of 'The Jungle Book' (starring Eartha Kitt) To download a free copy of this Children's Classic "The Jungle Book", simply click the redeem voucher button below. This… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Anyone able to offer any clues as when I get to "Download" in the "My Account" section it gives a link to "" but that doesn't do anything?? The help tab just gives a "Page not Found" file.... Could anyone who managed to get the 124MB file onto their drive let me know what format the download link is in please. Thanks! Update: Zip file downloaded today. For some reason it just started to work!


Nice, thanks :)


thank you!


Great - thanks!


Thanks.. Downloaded free copy.

Mini freeview recorder - also plays DivX via USB and SD card £39.95 @ Guardian Reader Offers
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Posted 3rd Aug 2010Posted 3rd Aug 2010
Mini freeview recorder - also plays DivX via USB and SD card £39.95 @ Guardian Reader Offers£39.95
Hi all, I saw this in an advert on the Guardian website. My interest piqued by the brief description coupled with the £12.95 price tag (it later transpired that it was only the ac… Read more

Where do you think all the Freeview boxes are made?


Also, would the Chinese one be able to receive Freeview?


Ah, that's a much better offer. I would have looked on eBay myself but I didn't know what to search for, since there's no make or model number given. Has anyone had any experience with the unit? Is it worth buying (off eBay)?


Less than £22 delivered UK seller or £16 delivered China seller on Ebay.

Eckman 3-in-1 Grande Smoker BBQ - Party Size:
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Posted 7th Jul 2010Posted 7th Jul 2010
Eckman 3-in-1 Grande Smoker BBQ - Party Size:£99.95
Massive 4.8 sq.ft cooking area for smoking, grilling and roasting food SAVE £300 ON THE RRP (CHEAPEST IVE FOUND ELSEWHERE WAS £180) This impressive heavy duty steel Grande Smok… Read more

Looks good


Same price here: with free delivery

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