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£400 Discount
£400 Discount
£400 off 2018 Bikes over £3490
Looks like it can be used with 1p helmet promo

just because you have no interest in bikes, doesn’t mean others aren’t Just back from a mtb event this weekend I have never seen so many Santa Cruz and yetis in one place (circa £4K-7k) bikes, must have counted 100.. do people who can afford to pay £30k for a car not come on hukd by your logic


Why would any use hduk if they can afford to splash 3500 grand on a BIKE


Why does he need to prove it? Enjoy your £3.5 grand "car".


Proof ?



£300 Discount
£300 Discount
£300 off 2018 Giant Bikes over £2490 @ H2Gear
Seems pretty straightforward, also free UK shipping. Code from mailing list, haven't tried it but presume it works

It's always worth keeping an eye open with these guys; from time to time they have some amazing deals.... as an example earlier 50pc off a range of Specialized bikes...was to be had


Spring4NewBike? I feel Winter is coming at this price


Do they also have normal sized ones? :D

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Giant TCR Advanced 2 2019 Carbon Road Bike Black £1075 @ H2Gear
215° Expired
Posted 28th Sep 2019Posted 28th Sep 2019
Giant TCR Advanced 2 2019 Carbon Road Bike Black £1075 @ H2Gear£1,075£1,49928% off
The advanced-grade composite of the TCR advanced frame manages to shave every gram possiblewithout sacrificing its pedal-stomping stiffness. The overdrive steerer system and megadr… Read more

This deal was originally Rutland cycles but as WindyWillow pointed out, all sold out ;(


Was also posted at around £900 until the cheaky sods at Rutland Cycles bumped the price up! Was this deal and if you made the total spend up to £1000 there was a voucher for £100 off!! https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/giant-tcr-advanced-2-at-rutland-cycling-please-read-description-3297447 Apologies the retailer was Rutland Cycles so this deal is over £170 dearer than the Rutland Cycles deal


That went well lol, thanks (:I Completely changed retailer and price for this deal to next cheapest with stock


It's out of stock in all sizes.

Giant Contend SL 1 Mens Road bike £700 @ H2Gear
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Posted 23rd Sep 2019Posted 23rd Sep 2019
Giant Contend SL 1 Mens Road bike £700 @ H2Gear£700£79912% off
Managed to find this bike at the same price elsewhere. Unfortunately not in my size, but they still have medium and medium/large in stock.

Decent starter/winter road bike. Original Price was £999 so this is actually a better deal than it first appears.


that is a good price, I got last years model for £770 and I don’t regret it for a second, excellent entry level road bike with Shimano 105. Still working like new after a year of use

43% off 2017 ex demo Giant Trance Advanced 0 Full Suspension MTB - £3419 @ H2Gear
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Posted 16th May 2018Posted 16th May 2018
43% off 2017 ex demo Giant Trance Advanced 0 Full Suspension MTB - £3419 @ H2Gear£3,419£5,99943% off
Check accompanying photos as it is ex demo and looks to have been ridden. Awesome bike though.
Get deal*Get deal*

My trance 2 was brought in the end if year sale .. it had about 50% off.. this isn't a good deal.. .. wait till the about November/ December.. that's when you will get the best deals on a bike...

Free £170 road/aero/tt helmet with bike - 2018 Giant Defy Advanced 1 Shimano 105 - Carbon Endurance Road Bike £1849 @ H2gear
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Posted 30th Apr 2018Posted 30th Apr 2018
Free £170 road/aero/tt helmet with bike - 2018 Giant Defy Advanced 1 Shimano 105 - Carbon Endurance Road Bike £1849 @ H2gear£1,849
Black road helmet w/mips, black aero helmet or white TT helmet (not really for this bike). Nice if you need one anyway and the matte black looks the business
Get deal*Get deal*

Ironically, a TT helmet is actually more aero lol!


I can't get more aero than a bald head😁


<sigh>, I'm sure you'd do just fine with a bobble hat


The marketing teams did good job on you:-)


Of course. Aero TT helmets are less well ventilated & so not great for long rides. MTB helmets have huge visors to keep branches out of your face but not very aero for a Time Trial. Use the right tools for the job in hand. :)

Giant Fastroad Comax 2 (2017) M/L at H2GEAR.CO.UK - £779
394° Expired
Posted 4th Apr 2018Posted 4th Apr 2018
Giant Fastroad Comax 2 (2017) M/L at H2GEAR.CO.UK - £779£779£1,29940% off
The 2018 version which is the same components is £1399. This agile and smooth-riding flat-bar bike offers an exhilarating blend of road bike speed and versatility. Engineered with … Read more

I’d say far more comfortable than trainers Get recessed cleats in shoes, flat sole no problem walking It’s not ‘glue’, it’s a clip. 7 years of riding in traffic and I have yet to experience any issues of clipless pedals You’re right. All those WorldTour and track cyclists have no idea. Flat pedals must be more ‘efficient’ /s Flat pedals ruddy-well do slip, else they have studs on them to stop them from slipping and they gouge your ‘sneakers’ It is what it is.


I’m 5ft 9 and feel the size works well for me as a ML


Thinking of getting this. I'm 5'9 do you think the m/l will fit? I know it says j should get m, but j hate feeling too small on bikes. Also..would you guys go for the fast road slr1 2017 for 700 instead? I don't know much about bikes so any advice appreciated.


Errr. Have you ever ridden them yourself? I only ask the question as someone who had wouldn't have written as you had... Anyway, to cover your points: 1. Proper cycling shoes are about 10x more comfy than trainers when on the bike. After all, people wear them for many hours a day when doing long rides. They also hold your foot in the perfect position on the pedal, something that even experienced riders find hard to do when riding for extended periods and, again, this reduces fatigue. Good cycling shoes are also well ventilated (for summer use) or waterproof (for winter use) and, again, superior to casual shoes in nearly every way. 2. If you're talking about road cleats, then yes, they are not designed to walk around in, but most SPDs (FYI, SPDs describe a specific type of Shimano clipless pedal and use a recessed cleat on the sole of the shoe) are perfectly usable and some are specifically designed for you to get off and walk or run. 3. The accident thing is, frankly, a pile of rubbish. I've not heard of a single statistic that picks up on clipless pedals as being in any way more dangerous than other pedals. In fact, compared to their predecessor - the clip and strap - they are hugely more safe as you can extract your feet from them without needing to unbuckle with your hands. Personally, I've been using them for 25 years and am yet to have an accident directly attributable to them. I question your use of "often" here - [citation needed] 4. A good cyclist wouldn't even put their feet down at the lights. You *can* trackstand, can't you? Either way, a competent cyclist can be up and running just as quickly in clipless pedals as with flat pedals, and far more quickly than with clips and straps. 5. Good, flat pedals are indeed very grippy, although I would never really recommend them for road use unless only very casual riding due to the above reasons. 6. Look good? WAT. They are pedals. They serve a purpose.


Giant doesn't publish bike weights, as it's apparently too complicated given sizes etc. Yeah, must be very hard to weight each size of each bike. From what I have read, the weight is the about same between a Trek FX 3 and a Giant Fastroad 2. I guess the Giant's carbon frame is lighter, but then such weight is lost on the heavier disc brakes. Not sure what's the point then to pay a premium price for a lightweight frame, but then add back the weight elsewhere. I personally don't think disc brakes are essential and they have drawbacks too, hence my choice of a Trek FX without disc brakes, which is perfectly fine. The Giant is a good deal if you compare to the original retail price. If you want a good and light hybrid bike, the Trek is a better deal at £200 cheaper than discounted price of Giant, for a bike of the same weight and similar performance.

Specialized 50% off various bikes @ H2Gear.co.uk
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Posted 16th Mar 2018Posted 16th Mar 2018
Specialized 50% off various bikes @ H2Gear.co.uk
50% off

My bike just arrived today built it up and then realized they have sent me the 56 instead of 54 not sure if I should keep it, size guide does say both sizes are for 5ft9. Hmm


Thank god the Enduro Elite has gone. Nearly spent £2099 more than I have on one.


Very poor show. Order refunded as someone else bought the bike apparently. Not sure why their website does not have live stock update. Meant I missed out on the eBay bike I was going to get for my daughter's birthday. Not happy at all!


Got a Hotrock 24 for £175. Bargain! That's what they go for in good condition second hand


Thankyou. Just hope this is the right bike now as struggle with the full race bike due to bad back and sore neck which is why i bought the 29er compared to the road bike though its so much more effort over distance.

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2017 Specialized Tarmac Comp Road Bike Ultegra  - Red/Black £1350 @ h2gear.co.uk
356° Expired
Posted 16th Mar 2018Posted 16th Mar 2018
2017 Specialized Tarmac Comp Road Bike Ultegra - Red/Black £1350 @ h2gear.co.uk£1,350
Cracking bike at half price. few other Specialized bikes with 50% off also like the disc version below https://www.h2gear.co.uk/125782/products/specialized-2017-tarmac-comp-disc.… Read more

52cm size in stock only


It's a short cage....so it might be a better to go with a med rear mech, if you want to run a 32 cassette.... I have read that a short cage will take a 32 cassette..though probably wouldn't chance it myself.... Lots of infor on the usual bike forums....


Itseems specialized spec their slightly lower spec models with a compact chainset (50/34) but their higher end ones from the Comp spec up come with the semi-compact (50/36) and are obviously aimed at those who want to spend a little more or are more into their road racing


You tend to get a semi-compact on an 11-speed. It's one of the reasons I wanted a new bike - looking forward to going faster downhill! You might be better off keeping the chainrings and changing the cassette to an 11-32 if you need an easier gear (if the derailleur cage length will take it).


That's because this bike is aimed at more at racing and not endurance as such, the Roubaix comes with a 50-34. I guess they expect you to go faster :)

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