Half-Price Frescato at Costa

Half-Price Frescato at Costa



Thanks for the voucher kudos1uk
Thanks for the voucher, I dont get a bogof one, simply a half price one
oops sorry I did not read it right it is half price.
No worries, sort of bogod if you're buying two anyway
excellent voted :thumbsup:
Wohoo!!!!! thank you! Voted & added to reputation.

(How do you see someone's reputation score BTW)

(How do you see someone's reputation score BTW)

You can't see their score, but the green boxes under a persons username give an indication of their reputation.
Really? Now I always thought those green boxes represented how much you have posted.

Thanks for clearing that one up for me Emma
Just bought 5 for the guys at work...obviously they paid. 5 per voucher. Roughly £1.50 each with the voucher.
just bought 5 also for people at work, tx for the post, much appreciated. Summery Berry flavour is superb!!
Just bought and enjoyed a very tasty one on this sunny day - yum! Thanks bargain peeps!:thumbsup:
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