Half price offer@Dominos Pizza (Order £30 minimum of pizzas, drinks, sides, etc.)

Half price [email protected] Pizza (Order £30 minimum of pizzas, drinks, sides, etc.)


Expired a few weeks ago.

Original Poster

:oops: Sorry it's OOD.:-(

I've tried to get 'EXPIRED' to come up in the title without success.

how could no one here caught it when it was still valid?

They did, it was used for ages and there was literally 100's of replies to the topic but it's just not on the main pages anymore because it expired.

It's unfortunate but i only got the chance to take advantage of the offer twice, would of been a lot more if i wasn't going on holiday..... didn't want to have a pizza belly

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Well, I did a search but the original deal didn't come up until I used the voucher code.:?
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