half price personalised cards @ funkypigeon from 89p delivered-£0.89

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half price personalised cards with offer code




go away funkypigeon, moonpigs got it covered

Original Poster

oink oink lol


Not ready yet

oink oink lol

89p is cheaper than moonpig so it's a hot deal but i still think funkypigeon should sod off


Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog ]Playpennies!


Simply amazing... 89p !!! Free delivery!!!

Wouldnt work for me but for 1.79 delivered cant really loose

Anyone else had a problem with these. I orderded a card for my husband for his birthday.
I wrote a lovely verse inside and preapproved everything to see what it would look like. When it arrived this week my husband opened it and just thought i went to no effort as it just said 'To my husband,
Happy' That was none of the other things i had put not even that it was from me (but he would of guessed seeing as it said Husband unless he is a bigamist) Think I am going to stick to shop bought!

Nice little deal

Cheers for that!

not working - waste of time


Well I think its a con. I have tried a few times to enter the code in and it doesnt work. It still wants to charge full price. I think this pigeon needs its wings clipping, what a pile of poo

Doesnt work for me

Doesn't work for me. Has anyone actually verified this?
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