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CANNONDALE Quick 2 (MEDIUM) *Clearance Product 2017 £549 @ Hargreaves Cycles
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Posted 19th Apr 2020Posted 19th Apr 2020
CANNONDALE Quick 2 (MEDIUM) *Clearance Product 2017 £549 @ Hargreaves Cycles£549 Free P&P Free
Did quite a bit of research into Hybrid Bikes recently but decided on a road bike. This one seemed like the best deal and there aren't many deals to be found at the moment. They ha… Read more

Not bad but mechanical disks and not hydraulic. Sora mech and only 28mm tyres which I think is better for road bikes whereas you might want mech a bit more rugged and wider tyres on a hybrid.


Well it’s miraculously disappeared now after 5 days of begging for a pic so they’ve shafted next nicely. I couldn’t have tried anymore. I phoned them twice, emailed 4 times


To be fair it could be direct from a shop and ex demo you expect not ridiculous damage. Just the odd gouge


Think you could consider the Decathlon Triban RC500 as an alternative: https://www.decathlon.co.uk/rc500-flat-bar-disc-road-bike-sora-id_8554412.html They even offer it in a similar blue!


This was over £100 less at Start Fitness last year. It's a 3 year old spec at least. Still Iiked the single ring.

Cannondale Synapse Carbon Disc 105 2018 Road Bike £1500 @ Hargreaves cycles
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Posted 27th Aug 2018Posted 27th Aug 2018
Cannondale Synapse Carbon Disc 105 2018 Road Bike £1500 @ Hargreaves cycles£1,500£2,19932% off
I realise this isn't for everyone as you can get a less well known brand for sub £1,000. That said some love the Cannondale frame geometry (me for one). So I'm posting as an owner … Read more

Hi just noticed this, I would look at the Giant series of bikes. The Roam is an excellent bike and with lockable forks makes a decent road bike also. It all depends on what you mainly want to do on the bike.


Yes I can give you more of a review, if you say please ;) Most people (including myself) post the ad blurb since they aren't attempting to run a sales pitch - it's just a good deal. Anyway it's a great bike, I can say that much. The hoods are bigger than say, the Ultegra equivalents, but I like how big they are because I find they are very comfortable to rest on. The frame finish is gorgeous although beware it's a metallic finish (ie somewhat sparkly in the sunshine). No issues there. As for the micro-suspension, I can't comment since this is my first road bike and my others bikes are MTBs (with suspension forks!). However, I have no regrets and I would buy it again.


As an owner, can you give more of a review of the bike? You posted some ad blurb that isn't too helpful. Are the hydro hoods comfortable - that's where my hands spend most of their time. I'm particularly interested in comfort (in road bike terms), and whether the micro-suspension makes an appreciable difference. It's hard to see how it can be really effective without removing the power efficiency and stiffness designed into the carbon overlay and geometry. Also, how is the finish on the frame? It seems that some brands are leaving a more basic finish to save weight, but I think good paint/varnish is important to protect carbon from delaminating and deep scratches.


This is only true for the person who is so non-practically-minded that they haven't the ability to check for all these faults before purchase. Anybody in this situation (and without an experienced friend they can drag along to view) should not be buying any expensive bike secondhand. For me, the main problem of buying secondhand is the danger of buying a stolen bike - bike paperwork is very rare, and bike thieves are increasingly knowledgeable about bikes nowadays, so it's getting very hard to detect them; but I object strongly to buying from them. I'll never be poor enough to buy from those cancers on society, and if justify it to yourself or you close your eyes to it while thinking of the money you're saving then you're just as bad as a thief, you just lack the guts to go out and steal yourself. I'm not a paragon of morality, just a bod fed up with bike theft, the situation is now out of control in most urban areas.


I should say that I used this for a price match for a brand new one from Cycle Surgery 😁

CANNONDALE Synapse Tiagra Disc *Clearance Product 2015 £499 hargreaves cycles
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Posted 26th Sep 2016Posted 26th Sep 2016
CANNONDALE Synapse Tiagra Disc *Clearance Product 2015 £499 hargreaves cycles£499
CANNONDALE Synapse Tiagra Disc *Clearance Product 2015 Tiagra, Disc Brakes, Carbon Fork lots of sizes in stock
Get deal*Get deal*

Thats really rubbish, they shouldve been honest and said in the description. I'd give them the hairdryer down the phone and ask for an extra discount.


I got mine yesterday, happy enough but please be aware that these are ex demo bikes. Mine has a large scratch on the top tube which has been touched up (badly) with paint and another bigger chip from the head tube. The box also had a sticker on it to say that it was ex demo and noted the scratches. I emailed them to ask if it was an ex demo bike right enough and they agreed it was but pointed out the saving from list. They did say it could be returned for a refund but to be honest I can't quite be arsed as the bike is fit for what I intend to use it for. I'm just a bit annoyed as this wasn't stated anywhere when I bought it, yes it's a decent saving form list but I'm technically not buying a new bike (it's resale will suffer from the scratches) and I never pay list anyway. I'm going to keep it as I bought it as a winter bike so I will no doubt add to the scratches but I feel they have been quite misleading in their advert. Mine also has the black forks btw.


Thanks for that, I was sceptical about what I was being told but now I know that they've been telling stories I think I'd rather take my business elsewhere. When I asked why there was no mention of the issue on the website, they said it was a problem with their web designer! I'll call them tomorrow and see what they have to say.


Just to let you know, i ordered one and the forks were white, not black. I presume they were just trying to palm you off thinking that you wouldnt know anyone else who ordered them online. My bike came without reflectors and pedals as well, with the part box beat up. Id suggest if you arent fully happy with it, then to send it back. Its a great deal, but bang out of order that they did this without informing previously and telling you an outright lie.


Definitely not a fashion statement for me! just a bit concerned that if I don't take to road cycling, it may affect the price if I sell it. I take your point about having to pay more for a similar specified bike though.

GT GTR CX Tourer - £499 @ Hargreaves Cycles
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Posted 6th Aug 2012Posted 6th Aug 2012
GT GTR CX Tourer - £499 @ Hargreaves Cycles£499
Seem like a good deal? anyone know some good alternatives if this isn't? Just looking for a good hybrid bike (yes i know that this is a cyclocross but they seem pretty similar to … Read more

Well the 2013 Sport has a new frame and it's 5 pounds lighter. It has different gears, tyres and a fork, it also comes with hydraulic brakes. From my viewpoint I think it looks better than the standard 2012 Crosstrail but that's personal opinion. Not to mention it's just newer.


If you're not used to using drop handlebars they can take some getting used to- the difference in your hand position and the different grip riding on the hoods means you might initially suffer from cramps in your hands. I know I did initially when coming from riding mountain bikes. I couldn't go back to using flat handle bars now though- couldn't give up using dual integrated levers ( the brake lever also changes the gears.) They are so much smoother than mountain bike shifters.


found the standard Specialized Crosstrail for £350: http://www.hargrovescycles.co.uk/products.asp?partno=45648 what's better about the sports version?


well a bit of mountain bike characteristics would be useful for the occasional route through the bumpy paths in a park. The specialized does look pretty good also. Is there older models that sell for cheaper?


I just bought the 2013 Specialized Crosstrail Sport and I have to say it's a brilliant bike. It's fast on the road and can also handle trails and a bit of mud, I used it along a very muddy canal path the other day. The only thing I changed on it were the tyres, I swapped them for Specialized Crossroads Armadillo Elite tyres to avoid punctures. However this hybrid seems more 'mountain bikeish' than what you're looking for so who knows.