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CatEye Volt 500 Xc/Rapid X2 Set RRP £84.99 NOW £40.99 at Hargroves
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Posted 14th Apr 2019Posted 14th Apr 2019
CatEye Volt 500 Xc/Rapid X2 Set RRP £84.99 NOW £40.99 at Hargroves£40.99
The CatEye Volt 500 XC/Rapid X2 Light Set is perfectly suited to commuters and road cyclists. Cateye's top of the range light set, the Volt 500 XC and Rapid X2 combination offers u… Read more
Specialized Align Helmet 2018 White £21 (+£2.95 delivery) @ Hargroves Cycles
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Posted 28th Feb 2019Posted 28th Feb 2019
Specialized Align Helmet 2018 White £21 (+£2.95 delivery) @ Hargroves Cycles£23.95£3532% off
This helmet has a one-size system. If you spend over £30, delivery is free. Only white in stock, black currently not available.

I got this helmet after reading positive reviews online. Thankfully it fit my noggin.


These are a seriously awful fit. Spend the extra and go a model up.

 Castelli Velocissimo 3 bib tights £40 at Hargrove Cycles
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Posted 25th Dec 2018Posted 25th Dec 2018
 Castelli Velocissimo 3 bib tights £40 at Hargrove Cycles£40£6337% off
This seems like a steal for the very well reviewed Castelli Velocissimo 3 bib tights,various colours and sizes in stock and the cheapest I've seen by some margin.

Bet you look well gay in them!


Nope not me reporting, more than happy for others to see your loopy thoughts. You did post something earlier that quoted the same post three times and a response that didn't fit the quote. Perhaps it was just being tidied up. To be fair to the mods they informed me when my use of "@r$e" was deemed inappropriate and changed it to "bottom" to keep things clean. They did however delete the text I was replying to so it made no sense.


This isn't fair. I think some cry baby is (possibly) inaccurately reporting my innocent retorts as offensive, thus having them deleted. It has been noticed, many of my valid comments have been removed, whilst your nonsensical ones remain. Total cowardice. Big shame on you, and whoever is allowing you to hide from rational conversation. (poo)


What do the two stars represent? Assuming they are meant to be censored letters I can have a stab at 'A' and 'T'. Prat. Am I correct? Do I win!?


Rant? I was agreeing with you on somethings! (lol) Ah well, if you can't link my comments to your points, I don't think I can use any fewer syllables. Have a nice life and let's hope I don't get squashed by an inattentive driver and your sky high blood pressure doesn't finish you off. (y)

Camelbak Lobo Bag 2018 £39.99 delivered @ Hargrove cycles
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Posted 18th Nov 2018Posted 18th Nov 2018
Camelbak Lobo Bag 2018 £39.99 delivered @ Hargrove cycles£39.99£89.9956% off
The Lobo is ideal for days when the weather is clear and the trail is calling—days when you want to ditch most of your gear to travel fast and light. With 3 liters of hydration cap… Read more

Available for £39.94 on Amazon in colour Pitch Blue/Racing Red. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B074CKTM2V/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_C2v8BbAVC1N3E


It seems that the price has changed. Worked for me few hours ago.


am I missing a code? It says £54 in basket


4% Quidco might track too.

CatEye Volt 500 Xc/Rapid X2 set £38.24  @ Hargrove Cycles
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Posted 13th Nov 2018Posted 13th Nov 2018
CatEye Volt 500 Xc/Rapid X2 set £38.24 @ Hargrove Cycles£38.24
Looking for a new front light did not want to pay a fortune, and was going to get just the front light for £29.99 from chain reaction cycles. However came across this, so for £8.25… Read more
Thule 598 ProRide Locking Upright Cycle Carrier - £71.99 with free delivery @ Hargrove Cycles
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Posted 30th Aug 2018Posted 30th Aug 2018
Thule 598 ProRide Locking Upright Cycle Carrier - £71.99 with free delivery @ Hargrove Cycles
Great price for the black version now that the silver is out of stock. Free delivery.

Agreed clasps for the bike frame better designed on the 598 / 298 591 is the old design from 5 years ago. Although 591 you can grab for 60 quid from sandicliffe ford dealer.


Not to be confused with the 591!


That is a good price! Wonder why it says clearance though...

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Thule 598 ProRide Locking Upright Cycle Carrier - £65.99 with free delivery @ Hargrove Cycles
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Posted 29th Aug 2018Posted 29th Aug 2018
Thule 598 ProRide Locking Upright Cycle Carrier - £65.99 with free delivery @ Hargrove Cycles£65.99£84.9922% off
A pretty good price for this with free delivery!

Thule 591s and the updated 598 version are both absolutely excellent bike carriers. I've been using them to shift bikes around over many thousands of miles for years now and they've never let me down. A few thoughts from my experience:- Use them with proper slotted bars, ideally Thule. This makes them much easier to install and position accurately. Installing on square-section bars are, by comparison, a royal pain and, for the newer carriers, you'll need a separate fitting pack to even use them.- The 591 and, perhaps less so, 598 have security that is no better than window putty. My standing rule is that the bikes are *never* left unattended on them, but on the very rare occasions that they have, they've always been chained with a 15mm motorcycle chain and watched carefully. It's inconvenient, but I'm yet to lose a bike :-)- Keying them alike is a good idea, but here's a nice trick to save a few quid: if you have Thule bars and feet, they will have come keyed-alike with four identical lock barrels. If you leave the rack on the car most of the time (as I do), simply swap the lock barrels over, so the 4 identical barrels from the feet are on the bike carrier locks that are used most often, and the mismatched locks are on the feet. If you ever want to remove the whole rack it will mean needing 4 different keys (perhaps no bad thing!) but when putting bikes on and off, you'll only need one- If you have carbon bikes, it's well worth investing in some Thule Frame Protectors. They help distribute the point load from the clamps to avoid cracking lightweight frames.- Alternatively, look at the Thule 599 UpRide. It's significantly more expensive (£150), but does't touch the frame at all, only securing the wheels using a clever crossover clamp at the front, and a regular strap at the back. Highly recommended if you can justify it:


Their website says "coming soon" so potentially could be coming back in stock soon. Keep checking back (y)


I'm always hesitant to do things like this in case the thieving scumbags decide to just mess up my car in order to get the roof bars off. I'd rather just lose something than lose something and have to deal with fixing whatever they broke to get to it. You're definitely right about not leaving these things unattended, too many immoral opportunistic people out there.


You're going to be able to rip a bike out of any of them truth be told- they are only Aluminium & plastic. I ran a chain through all the bike frames and under/around the actual roof bar when I left it in the car park at the services for half an hour. If they have an allen key on them they can take the bars off, but it's more about making it difficult than making it impossible, as with most crime prevention. This is where not leaving them on the roof for ages unattended is also a wise strategy.


I have two 598s and two 591s on my car - had to get this combination to fit four bikes. The 591s are decent but the 598s are great - really easy to use and very secure. Just completed a 1500 mile road trip with 4 bikes using them - no issues! Highly recommended at that price. If you have multiple carriers and / or Thule roof bars, I’d recommend getting the same barrel for all locks so you only have one key for everything. Also, Halfords price matched from the web when I bought mine about a year or two ago and they fitted everything for me (for a small additional charge).

Scott Plasma Premium - 2016 TT Bike £6788.60 @ hargrovescycles Was £9,698.00
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Posted 26th Nov 2016Posted 26th Nov 2016
Scott Plasma Premium - 2016 TT Bike £6788.60 @ hargrovescycles Was £9,698.00£6,788.60
No idea what it is but a ££2909.40 saving seems good :) Subtotal£7,758.00 Discount (BLACK30)-£969.40 <<CODE Grand Total Excl. VAT£5,657.17 VAT£1,131.43 Grand Total Incl. VAT… Read more

In this case you can actually buy one that has an engine too :)


I need a more aerodynamic bike ... definitely #1 priority ...[image missing]


No pedals! (_;)


Thinking of getting this as a cheap winter commuter bike. Just need to find some decent mudguards for it.


Er, if there's no rider on the bike it's going 0mph.

34% off Genesis Day 1 Disc Road Bike - £429.99 @ Hargroves Cycles
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Posted 15th May 2016Posted 15th May 2016
34% off Genesis Day 1 Disc Road Bike - £429.99 @ Hargroves Cycles£429.99
Amazing road bike at a huge discount (34%!) - cheapest on the market by some margin. Singlespeed riding with it’s single, ultra-efficient optimised chainline and adds the practica… Read more
Avatar deleted1405081
Get deal*Get deal*

My thinking is based on my personal experience. I bought a Triban 500 in '14 which is now purely used for commuting (since getting a carbon bike for training/sportives). A triple Sora is complete overkill for Cambridge. And disc brakes would've made me feel a lot more comfortable in the wet in my interactions with traffic/pedestrians on a number of occasions. I guess my circumstances are quite niche but hey, a bike is out there for everyone!


But it's quite expensive for a single speed and disc brakes are not what I'd call cheap to run compared to a £2 set of brake pads. Apart from the lack of gears which admittedly will need a bit of maintenance I can't see any reason to get this when you can get an excellent hybrid for this price, with disc brakes if you so desire. Or a proper road bike without discs...


If you have a flat commute then this is actually a very good option. Lower running costs, easier to maintain yourself etc


hipsters do not do brakes specially disk ones![image missing]



Park tools AK-40 bike tool kit £180 with code @ Hargove Cycles
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Posted 26th Mar 2016Posted 26th Mar 2016
Park tools AK-40 bike tool kit £180 with code @ Hargove Cycles£180
Top deal for the best bike tools. Already cheap at £199.99, add code EASTER10 to get it at £180. Next nearest price I can find is Chain reaction cycles @ £236.99

Totally agree with mcrobbj here, why buy this kit without a torque wrench, pretty much the most important tool


There are plenty of decent toolsets that are a fraction of this that don't damage the bolts otherwise I wouldn't use, should you not be using a torque wrench (not included) so you dont damage the bolts.


If only this was a box of **** tools reduced from £30 to £18 on Amazon, I could have got 1000 degrees of heat. If only....


​£45 for the same Parktool tools separately? Go on then, show me. Parktool are renowned for super high quality products and these last for a long long time. Also tend not to damage bolts etc


It's alot of money but you certainly get what you pay for with parktool so it's not a cold deal at all. Probably overkill for anyone who isn't a bike mechanic but I've got a couple of park tool tools and they're great quality and a nice bit of engineering porn!

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