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Football Manager 2020 - £10 instore or £14.95 delivered @ Kidderminster Harriers
68° Expired
Posted 4th Jan 2020Posted 4th Jan 2020
Football Manager 2020 - £10 instore or £14.95 delivered @ Kidderminster Harriers£10
This deal was listed earlier but now shows as expired because it went out of stock. Kidderminster Harriers seem to only list 10 at a time, if it goes out of stock and you check w… Read more

The one I received from Slough FC had the code and disc for the game.




I'm guessing its disc, maybe with code too within the case etc. When I ordered I was not given a code anyway and I don't think anyone mentioned it on the other post about it.


Any one know if this is the code or the disc version?


yes, when I posted this there were 5 in stock. as said check back on their site later and I'm sure it will be there. they have restocked it around 3 - 4 times, I think they just list 10 at a time for some reason.

Football manager 2020 reduced down to £10 (C&C) or £14.95 Delivered @ Kidderminster Harriers Shop
229° Expired
Posted 2nd Jan 2020Posted 2nd Jan 2020
Football manager 2020 reduced down to £10 (C&C) or £14.95 Delivered @ Kidderminster Harriers Shop£10
Kidderminster Harriers online shopping has got the latest version of football manager currently dropped down to £10 before postage.

was oos this morning but its back in again! great price. Wish this post was not showing as expired so I could throw some heat


Just ordered mine (y) Should take 2-5 working days to arrive (according to the website). There's still 7 left - surprised people aren't ordering it at this price!


Showing 10 in stock again


I once went to Kidderminster clubbing... They had a nightclub with hundreds of fresh condoms hanging off the ceiling... It was part of the decoration


Oos (horror)

Football Manager 2020 - Pre-Order £24.95 @ Kidderminster Harriers FC
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Posted 21st Nov 2019Posted 21st Nov 2019
Football Manager 2020 - Pre-Order £24.95 @ Kidderminster Harriers FC£24.95£26.998% off
The first of these that I have found in football league club shops, Kidderminster Harriers currently as of this post has 34 copies availble to pre-order. Postage of your copy of th… Read more

Ye I spotted it after buying this one just thought would put deal on here got email today saying they have shipped so hopefully mine shows up tomorrow


Just received my copy today.. Just seen a few other slightly cheaper posts if anyone else is still looking.. Think it was one of yours @Kid_Culley1922


Got email from them today saying they are still waiting for the game which could come in anyday now and they will email when it is sent out


Not yet, i had an email at the end of last week to say it would be despatched at the beginning of this week.. might email them Thursday if it doesnt turn up


Anyone received there copy yet

FM2019 £18 free collection or + £1 for delivery - Kidderminster Harriers FC
307° Expired
Posted 25th Nov 2018Posted 25th Nov 2018
FM2019 £18 free collection or + £1 for delivery - Kidderminster Harriers FC£18
Seems the best current price now lower league stores are running out. Still some issues with the game but minor improvements (apart from the horrendous new interface)

Cheers. Aye it'll pass some time alright! Make sure you get some sleep in between and get well soon pal :)


Postman knocked with mine but there was another parcel if was on own should fit through letterbox I’m off work for a bit as I ve broke me ankle so should help pass time


By the way, did it fit through the letterbox? No sign of mine but I'm assuming it doesn't need a signature.


Something to look forward to when I get home then!


It arrived in the post today

Football Manager 2018 Limited Edition - £15 (C&C) £18.95 Delivered @ Kidderminster Harriers
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Posted 4th Dec 2017Posted 4th Dec 2017
Football Manager 2018 Limited Edition - £15 (C&C) £18.95 Delivered @ Kidderminster Harriers£15
Kidderminster Harriers are selling Football Manager 2018 Limited Edition for £15 on their online store. Free click and collect. Delivery raises total price to £18.95 (Cheapest I … Read more

Football manager is one of the only reasons I wish I still had a pc. I can remember staying up well past my bed time just because I was near the end of the season and wanted to see what free transfers I could get and my budget for the next season loved this game. Has much changed since 2016 that was the last time I played


Already out of stock. = [


Thanks OP, best price for this time a year!

Football Manager 2017 @ kidderminster harriers £22.95 delivery or £19 for collection
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Posted 11th Nov 2016Posted 11th Nov 2016
Football Manager 2017 @ kidderminster harriers £22.95 delivery or £19 for collection£22.95
kidderminster harriers FC £19 for collection in store or £22.95 for delivery only have about 70 in stock

Must be sold out now, I am getting page not found from that link


This is a really good price.


Still 27 in stock!


Awesome deal, im so far into a 16 game atm that I'm reluctant to update, might skip this year, hot price though


Nice one OP

Football Manager 2016 - £15 (Collect), £18.95 (Delivered) @ Kidderminster Harriers Football Club
324° Expired
Posted 18th Nov 2015Posted 18th Nov 2015
Football Manager 2016 - £15 (Collect), £18.95 (Delivered) @ Kidderminster Harriers Football Club£15
Collect in the club shop for £15 or have it delivered for £18.95. Cheapest yet I believe.

Mine arrived today. Unfortunately, though, I ordered two copies but only one was dispatched. Just got off the phone to the club shop who have checked my order details and made an error! Bit of a shame, but they're are going to send that 2nd copy out to me. Can't fault their service on the phone- helpful and friendly.


mines arrived postage was £1,12 on envelope so postage overated


same, I've just received my game too and it was posted straight through the letter box :-)


Haven't a clue. I get most stuff delivered to my parents address in case anything does need signed for when I'm at work.


Was it sign for or anything? Just I won't be home til this evening. Hope mine comes! Is it the version which comes with the Footy Manager documentary too?

Football Manager 2015 only £15.00 at Kidderminster Harriers Club Shop
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Posted 16th Nov 2014Posted 16th Nov 2014
Football Manager 2015 only £15.00 at Kidderminster Harriers Club Shop£15
Of limited appeal maybe but good for anyone local, and the club could sure do with your support!! Pretty simple really, the new Football Manager 2015 game is £15 in the Kiddy Harri… Read more

Got it for last few years from Crawley town FC club so usually available from local clubs


They're doing this for £18 at Basingstoke Town FC too. It may be worth checking with your local non-league club if they want this.


I love it when they start doing these - get HUKD on the case and let's crash the websites of every lower league club in the country!


If it helps anyone, I've just picked one up from the Kiddy club shop and they had 9 copies left on display. Don't know if any more over and above that. As for the pies, expensive yes, but it's not your pukka nonsense, they're a full blown meal in themselves :)


Is this the same club with the most expensive pies in the country?