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Heals.co.uk is the online store for furniture, home decor, kitchen equipment, bathroom products, soft furnishings, lighting solutions and more. Heal's started out over two hundred years ago as a bed maker and now collaborates with prominent designers to bring the most outstanding contemporary designs to buyers. The store follows the Arts and Crafts movement. Buyers can browse original, iconic designs and quality craftsmanship made in Britain using luxury materials.
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£4.95 Discount
£4.95 Discount
Free Delivery using promotion code @ Heals

hot deal i used to make the opera sofa and i'm still in touch with friends at the factory so i know how well made they are ......


Got an expired message when I tried it


Just used it and it worked - taking £4.95 off the priority delivery cost of £5.95. Goods will be here in 1-2 days for a delivery charge of £1 - good one, thanks!


I have just tried to use the XMSDL12 code and they say that the promotion hasn't started yet. Does anyone know when it actually starts?

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65” Samsung QLED QE65Q70TA - £899 @ Heal's
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Posted 25th Nov 2020Posted 25th Nov 2020
65” Samsung QLED QE65Q70TA - £899 @ Heal's£899£1,19925% off Free P&P Free
Good mid-range Samsung QLED TV. Only 1 year warranty but great value for QLED. Price match available from AO.

Tempted by this but Samsung’s website have these for £999 with the free S60 sound bar. Sound Bar hasn’t got great new views but details for £350, so should get at least £150 for it. Plus 5.5% cash back through Quidco, and £200 refer (£100) each refer a friend.


JL wouldn't price match us either ! Said because it was a 'made to order' item it's not the same. Basically said as Heals don't have this in stock it doesn't meet the price match criteria!


Keep a copy of all the responses you have got and send it to customer services, it doesn't look like any of the representatives have a clue what they are doing. If they deny the price match on something like warranty then it may be understandable but it sounds like the team are not giving the request due consideration and are just trying to fob you off.


Well, that must be all of them, coz I've been refused a price match by three different people now.


JL won’t price match for me either :/

Samsung QE65Q70TA 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD QLED TV £999 at Heals
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Posted 24th Nov 2020Posted 24th Nov 2020
Samsung QE65Q70TA 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD QLED TV £999 at Heals£999£1,11911% off Free P&P Free
Good mid-range 65” Samsung QLED TV. 2 weeks delivery time, but AO and John Lewis should price match for quick delivery.

Thanks for sharing @Abharv - nice find :)


Agreed, it's £1123 at RS at the moment and I reckon it'll go under £1100 by Friday.


This is a nice TV it I would have gone to RS and paid a little more for the additional guarantee. Probably the most attractive looking tv I’ve seen with a lovely stand


They No Pricematch as only 12 month warranty


Might hold on a little longer, hopefully JL or Richer Sounds will drop their online so I can take advantage of quidco or any other offers

Samsung 2020 75" Q80T QLED 4K HDR Smart TV £1899.99 @ Heal's
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Posted 22nd Nov 2020Posted 22nd Nov 2020
Samsung 2020 75" Q80T QLED 4K HDR Smart TV £1899.99 @ Heal's£1,799.99£2,799.9936% off Free P&P Free
£200 cheaper than anywhere else I can find it, comes with 5 year guarantee. Question is buy or hold for black Friday? The story behind this product This 75-inch Smart TV from Sam… Read more

Amazing price I have this and its simply glorious! BUT I dont think ive heard of this retailer and Trust Pilot seems to show this retailer up just a little (skeptical)


Only 1 Yr. Warranty...


2020 75" Q80T QLED 4K HDR 1500 [1000] Smart TV with Tizen OS £1799 directly via Samsung if you know someone with myunidays


i would not risk this company if you can get john lewis or richer sounds to price match otherwise no way hosei


Maybe RS will price match...

Samsung 2020 75" Q950TS Flagship QLED 8K HDR 4000 Smart TV £6479 at Heals
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Posted 8th Oct 2020Posted 8th Oct 2020
Samsung 2020 75" Q950TS Flagship QLED 8K HDR 4000 Smart TV £6479 at Heals£6,479£7,49914% off Free P&P Free
Not for everyone, but great price £1000 less than other retailers.

Why would you want native Dolby Atmos on a TV with stereo speakers? It outputs Atmos via eArc. And this TV is HDR4000 so doesn't require tone mapping such as Dolby Vision for content graded at 1000 Nits as it can reproduce it accurately out of the box. This is commonly considered the best standard TV money can buy right now.


I think there's another thread that I mentions you get a free galaxy z flip with any 8K TV (not sure if true though). Worth about 800ish I think if sold.


Edit, not aimed at you, Endless, thanks for your input on the spec. The TS at the end of the model number denotes that this has the separate 'One Connect Box' which takes all the inputs and then feeds the picture through a very thin cable which is near invisible when the TV is hanging. This model and the size is what I have been looking for, but Samsung have really dropped the ball with the 2020 version by implementing a new anti glare screen which has really screwed up the TV picture quality. I think Samsung are going to drop the 2020 prices further, much further come Black Friday. I think we could see this under £5K for the 75". Anyhoo, there will always be muppets who complain this is a stupid price for a TV and 8K is not available yet. That's all relative, why do people buy Ferraris and Aston Martins, rather than a £500 run about, it's a TV after all, if you can afford and want it, then get it, this is a good find OP. I am waiting a couple of months ;-)


I see. Perhaps should wait on the 8k then. Thanks for breaking it down!


This is the top of the range model, with all of the latest developments like the most capable HDR hardware (colour filters/backlight/local dimming system). The Q700T you mention will have the display capabilities found in the top of the range model from a few years ago. I haven't looked into it, but I'd imagine it's generally comparable to something like a KS9500 from 2016. The £2000 Q700T you mention is also a fair bit smaller at 55". The 75" version if it would likely be closer to £3,500 (if they did that size in that model).

50% Off Vi-Spring Tiara Double Mattress ex display Soft - Heal’s Kingston store
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Posted 30th Dec 2017Posted 30th Dec 2017LocalLocal
50% Off Vi-Spring Tiara Double Mattress ex display Soft - Heal’s Kingston store£3,263
Niche deal, 1 mattress available, if you were going to buy one it is a huge saving, never seen them reduced. Reduced from £6525 50% Off
View Deal

You can lay on a £95,000 mattress in Harrods for free


Spot on! Probably wouldn’t spend this much unless I was rolling in money, but a decent mattress is a must! (y)


Let's not forget many people sleep for 7-8 hours which means they spend a third of their life on a mattress. Have a decent mattress and wouldn't want to be without it....


Who spends this much money on a mattress? And this is at 50% off (horror)


If you are looking for quality, equivalent mattress then you could also consider these guys who copy the vispring configuration, but at a much reduced price: https://johnryanbydesign.co.uk/product/artisan-luxury-outlet/

Heal's Luxury Egyptian 400TC Bed Linen 80% OFF from £12
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Posted 1st Feb 2015Posted 1st Feb 2015
Heal's Luxury Egyptian 400TC Bed Linen 80% OFF from £12£12
Very limited stock but still worth a post as phenomenal reduction Luxury Egyptian Ivory Single Duvet Cover - 135 x 200cm Was £80 Now £16 Availability Only 10 left Luxury Egyp… Read more

Only the pillow cases left


Ah but to be honest, youth is probably more worthwhile than both isn't it......


I didn't say I passed any of them :P


Ah, "O" levels are more valuable than GCSE. Roughly C grade then is worth A grade now in knowledge and application of knowledge learnt. As to common sense roughly D grade then is worth A grade now. Metal and wood work and domestic science had more useful skills than some of the courses at colleges of FE now.


Ah I did 'O' levels so that explains it

Vi-Spring Heaven Luxury Supreme Double Mattress Topper £985.00 @ Heals
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Posted 21st Dec 2014Posted 21st Dec 2014
Vi-Spring Heaven Luxury Supreme Double Mattress Topper £985.00 @ Heals£985
Vi-Spring Heaven Luxury Supreme Double Mattress Topper. A hand-filled luxury mattress topper that will provide even greater comfort and a feeling of enveloping softness. Filled wit… Read more

most people here don't look for the value but just at the price. many a times, deals are voted cold because the item is expensive although the deal itself may be good. if you cannot afford something, just don't vote. this product is obviously for the rich and therefore will be voted cold in the world of commoners (hotukdeals)


will look cool with my real tiger skinned rug X)


i think he forgot to post that it comes with a free ivory backscratcher


May be very very good deal but u posted on place mate.


Deal of the year X)

Wusthof knife block set half price -  was £169 now £84 from Heal's
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Posted 21st Jul 2014Posted 21st Jul 2014
Wusthof knife block set half price - was £169 now £84 from Heal's£84
Having decided to invest in some good quality knives, I have been hunting around for some Wusthof's and came across this deal. The cooks knife sells for around £75 on it's own and… Read more

**** i missed it.


Didn't last long.OOS. Damn good price though.


Image added :)

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Posted 17th Jun 2013Posted 17th Jun 2013

Would amplification be recommended for these?

Le Creuset products at 50% off @ heals
84° Expired
Posted 13th Jun 2013Posted 13th Jun 2013
Le Creuset products at 50% off @ heals
Le Creuset products at 50% off. The most discount I have seen in a long time,. In store and and On-Line. I was at the Heal's Store in Kingston and there was keen interest. Heal's s… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

All gone.


Good reductions, if you can find anything.


best money I've ever spent on cookware. Bought our ten years ago and still going strong.


All but SOLD OUT...be fast!!

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