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Whether you're looking for acai berry supplements, multivitamins, omega 3 supplements or natural skin care - Healthspan has it all. This is one of the country’s leading suppliers of nutritional and health supplements including minerals and vitamins. The site believes in offering buyers good quality products that are also great value for money and backed by sound customer service. Shop at the store to buy products to help live a healthier, longer life; get health tips and nutrition updates.
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-50% Discount
-50% Discount
50% off EVERYTHING at Healthspan
50% off EVERYTHING at Healthspan plus their standard free delivery on everything. Code expires 30/11/20 and I believe can be used by all.

Thank you once again, really appreciate it! (y) You actually help many more people than the heat indicates, because people browse for voucher codes and stumble on this site, and as they're non-members, can't vote. It appears this voucher is still active. I received an email from healthspan on 29th Nov, stating their black friday discount has been extended to 6th December, but unsure if it applies to this offer also.


Thanks for the appreciation. I got this code by email and same a year ago, which I also posted here. I only buy one product from them (omega 3 fish oil liquid) but only when I get the 50% off code, after which I stock up for a year. I'm guessing maybe they send me the code cos they know I ignore the 10%, 20% etc codes.......... will keep posting here as and when I get the code in future.


Thank you so much for posting this!! I know it probably won't get much heat as it appears most people aren't interested in supplements, but at least just wanted to appreciate you took time to post this! (y) I can confirm as of 1st December, that it's still active and working. Did Healthspan send this code by email / post - I wonder why some get such a huge discount, i.e. is it because you haven't ordered with them for a long time? I initially received a 10% off code by mail, and then 15% for Black Friday, and yesterday received 20% off for "Cyber Monday" (EHNOE2), which was also supposed to expire yesterday (30th Nov).


Oh fab! Thanks for posting. Need to stock up on their vegan omega 3 (y)


Fabulous! Thanks very much. I'll be stocking up for the next year :)

-50% Discount
-50% Discount
50% off code on all items at Healthspan
Just got the monthly newsletter with 50% off code. Hope it helps someone!

how could I miss it? :(


A generous discount. I must admit I was surprised it worked! Thank you.


Pretty sad that this didn't gather much heat, I guess not many people buy supplements or know of healthspan? But I wanted to thank you @foundagoodbargain nonetheless for taking time to post this, very helpful and the best voucher I've seen from healthspan thus far! (y) Any idea when it expires? Thank you!


Great thanks for posting


Hmm they sent me the monthly newsletter with a 30% off code! (mad)

-50% Discount
-50% Discount
50% off all purchases with voucher code @ Healthspan
Received a Healthspan voucher today for 50% off even though I don't have an account with them and always checkout as a guest. Voucher is valid til 31st October and I'm guessing it … Read more

good people, does anybody have a valid 50% off Healthspan at all? thank you


thank you. reduced my bill from £89 to £62. not 50% but welcomed.


Thank you worked for me saved 50% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so doubled my order,so one order was FREE I saved over £83.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love yer !


Thx OP appreciated.


Thank You it works ! Screen show's one item but i ended up buying 2 instead (y)

Best Healthspan deals from our community

High Strength CBD Oil Drops 250mg 10ml - £7.97 (£6.38 with student code) delivered @ Healthspan
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Posted 29th Dec 2020Posted 29th Dec 2020
High Strength CBD Oil Drops 250mg 10ml - £7.97 (£6.38 with student code) delivered @ Healthspan£7.97£15.9550% off Free P&P Free
Key features Filter-clear oil with added peppermint for no yucky taste Under-the-tongue formulation for rapid absorption Non-toxic and no psychoactive or addictive effects Legal, S… Read more

What is cbd good for? Does it improves the mood or a pain relief?


maybe try it,anything to see if it does a little help I'd be happy :S


Really want something like this to help with both arthritis and a slipped disk. Doctors won't give me anything strong for the pain and it's hard day to day to just carry on. See some say these oil products are good and they help, but do they in high pain situations ?. I'm not one for placebo to work on normally and need that wave of relief feeling, if my fellow chronic pain sufferers know what I mean. I had that free trial of the orange stuff from the Google freebies a while ago and felt nothing for what it's worth.


A doctor is good for that. Don't take unregulated CBD to help with medical issues that need strict control. CBD is good as a painkiller or to help with mild anxiety, it shouldn't be used for anything else. It's not studied well enough as a remedy for anything other than epilepsy and should be treated as a supplement, not a medicine.


Which one is good for blood pressure am

Night Time CBD Oil Drops 260mg - £11.47 (£9.18 with student code) delivered @ Healthspan
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Posted 29th Dec 2020Posted 29th Dec 2020
Night Time CBD Oil Drops 260mg - £11.47 (£9.18 with student code) delivered @ Healthspan£11.47£22.9750% off Free P&P Free
Key features Natural flavourings of honey and chamomile and extracts of hops and lemon balm Formulated for night-time use and ideally taken before bed Drop conveniently under the t… Read more

There's enough alcohol deals regularly posted on here... what's your point?


i prefer gummies, but again, not found anything that balances price and actual effect


Was a load of (poo) for me n used a few different brands now


tried, this was rank and made me wanna throw up. it gave me that weird shiver thing that i sometimes get when i'm having a slash in a cold toilet! actual effect, zero.


Legal drugs thats the point..LEGAL

Healthspan YoGo MultiVitality Mixed Fruits 20 sticks £4.46 at Healthspan
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Posted 23rd May 2020Posted 23rd May 2020
Healthspan YoGo MultiVitality Mixed Fruits 20 sticks £4.46 at Healthspan£4.46£5.9525% off Free P&P Free
Healthspan 25% off everything for the Bank Holiday weekend Valid until 25/5/20 Yogi MultiVitality Mixed Fruits 20 sticks was £19.95 now £5.95 with a further 25% off by using code… Read more

Thanks. Got there eventually. :)


Or How about strawberry flavour. You need to click on 20 stickS to add to basket


You have to click where it says 20 sticks


Won't let you add to basket.


Not Oos as just purchased

50% off all orders with code at Healthspan
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Posted 1st Jul 2019Posted 1st Jul 2019
50% off all orders with code at Healthspan
Code valid until 31/7/19

Hot from me - thanks for the code - just saved me £20 on tablets for dog!


Thank you.just used it to get 3 packs of krill oil.heat. :) (y) (y) (y)


Try LB-GJY 50% off has just worked for me


Code didn't work for me


Is this company any better than the generic brands? If yes, why?

Free Personalised Nutrition Pack @ Healthspan App
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Posted 19th Feb 2019Posted 19th Feb 2019
Free Personalised Nutrition Pack @ Healthspan AppFREE£0.01
Download the free app. Get a free multivitamin, protein blend & electrolyte in the post.

Thanks OP.

50% off everything @ Healthspan
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Posted 24th Nov 2018Posted 24th Nov 2018
50% off everything @ Healthspan
This is the best Black Friday deal I've seen yet - if you're into the healthy stuff.

Thanks for the code Stephen ... I used Quidco too, but doubt they will pay as I had to delete their affiliate code from the promo box to use the 50% off code ... but very pleased with that anyway! Not counting on the extra £2.50, as they often decline if you use a voucher code


Thank you @stephenburton great saving for me (y) (y) Tracked also using Quidco with their £2.50 cashback with a £5 spend (y) (y)


Ditto thx OP! Glad on checked HUKD before ordering using the 15% code in their recent email. Nice to also see the prices of items I order regularly hadn't been jacked up (y) (y) (y) :o :o :o unlike everyone else (mad)


thanks for sharing @stephenburton (highfive)

Half price Healthspan vegetarian multivitamins 120 £4.73 @ Healthspan
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Posted 30th Jan 2018Posted 30th Jan 2018
Half price Healthspan vegetarian multivitamins 120 £4.73 @ Healthspan£4.73
Normally £9.45 Our formulation brings together high levels of iron and vitamin B for cognitive functions; calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K and magnesium and teeth; zinc, selenium, f… Read more

In fairness I did say I was referring to those in good general health. I fully appreciate there are individuals who's uptake may be impaired. Myself I suffer from a chronic bowel disorder, and I have spent many years living in poverty, so I fully appreciate how life circumstances can influence ones diet. What I will say though, is that it really is a myth that eating healthy is more expensive, because when it comes to shopping its meat, dairy, alcohol, coffee and processed foods that are expensive, take these out of the equation and most people should be able to put together a balanced diet on even the most modest of budgets.


Here's a bit of info as to why I mentioned magnesium.. "the amount of magnesium your body actually uses is different than the total amount of magnesium found in a food or supplement – in fact researchers have found that the average magnesium absorption by the digestive system is only 20 to 50%. Those who are particularly vulnerable to magnesium deficiency may need to take extra steps due to the inability of their bodies to assimilate magnesium properly. They include: Those above the age of 55Those who regularly consume alcohol, caffeinated beverages or sodasThose taking certain medications such as diuretics, heart and asthma medications, birth control pills and/or estrogen replacement therapyThose undergoing significant psychological or physical stress, including surgery, burns and liver diseaseThose suffering from digestive disorders" This isn't even talking into account people who simply can't afford enough of the types of food which provide a healthy diet every day.


I understand what you are saying about the nutrient contents of foods often being less than in the past, but a balanced diet should easily cover rda's for those in good general health. Magnesium is in loads of foods, such as ; leafy greens, many wholegrains ( like wheat, oats, quinoa), seeds & nuts, bananas, legumes ( like lentils, chickpeas, peas and many beans), avocado's, dark chocolate, tofu, fortified cereals, bread, potato's, and fish, yoghurt and milk for those who eat animal products.......the list is plentiful and I could add more. The problem is so many people eat what they want and not what they need and then try and plug the gaps with supplements and digestive aids.


Actually there are a few minerals that are quite hard to get enough of, magnesium for instance. food today is far less nutritious than it used to be due to over farming and fertilisers.


If you eat a balanced diet and are in good general health, you don't need to take multivitamins.

Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCl 1,000mg for 320 tabs £14.45 - Healthspan
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Posted 23rd May 2017Posted 23rd May 2017
Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCl 1,000mg for 320 tabs £14.45 - Healthspan£14.45
Hi guys no sale but was looking at buying some Glucosamine Sulphate. checked in Holland and Barrett but its pretty expensive. They do Glucosamine Sulphate 1000mg 240 Caplets for … Read more

Mine are also 1 a day high strength. Each to their own.


good price. myprotein has 360 tabs on for £7.74 (with discount code) . but you gotto pay posting.


These are what I'm on:-


HEY got a better deal .see my new post.


Direct from Amazon, or Marketplace? If the latter, I'd be very wary indeed about the possible contents. oO

50% off all Healthspan products until end of January
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Posted 25th Jan 2017Posted 25th Jan 2017
50% off all Healthspan products until end of January
As a member of parkrun I just got an email about a new partnership between Healthspan and parkrun, and an offer of 50% off all Healthspan products until the end of January... I d… Read more

Ah, sorry everyone, I guess you do need to follow the email link to see the adjusted prices? So maybe only useful for existing parkrun members... Nothing to stop you joining though I suppose and parkrun is great fun :)


I had the same email - the 50% off applies automatically but only if you click through directly from the email


Yep Brrrrrrrr cold from me..


I've never known Healthspan to put all of their range on a 50% off sale - and your link doesn't take us to a sale page and you haven't provided a code or other details. Are you sure you were sober when you posted this (i.e. were you drinking responsibly?)


Thanks - is there a code for this? The prices seem much as normal (ie ludicrously high) on the linked pages.

MultiVitality® Gold 90 day supply, buy one get one free £5.45 delivered @ HealthSpan
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Posted 29th Jul 2016Posted 29th Jul 2016
MultiVitality® Gold 90 day supply, buy one get one free £5.45 delivered @ HealthSpan£5.45
Full 6 month supply, trusted supplier, never seen them so cheap Buy one get one free, adds to basket itself Free delivery YOU MAY HAVE TO WAIT ON THE PAGE FOR A POPUP OFFER Adv… Read more

Not working


Not working for me either


Offer did not work for me. It was a dodgy situation though, your confirmation of your success is once you've ordered!


Will this work with the 180 tablet bottle?



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