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£10 Discount
£10 Discount
Purchase a .com domain name for £2.99 and/or a .co.uk for £1.99 via Heart Internet
If you're looking to purchase a domain name, maybe for your own website, there's a sale on at heart internet. Normally these are over a tenner for a year. I use heart internet for … Read more

Awesome write up cheers man clears some things up for me


Thanks for taking the time to post @RomeoAlphaKilo (angel)


As others have said, lots of these cheap domain companies lure you in with cheap first year and then sting you at renewal time, especially as they often register in such a way that they own the domain rather than you. Have a look at https://www.netcetera.co.uk/domains/ - they charge a reasonable £4.68 per year for .co.uk and .uk domains, with the first year currently reduced to £2.78. But, you can register the domain for up to max 10 years up front (which costs £46.80) and avoid the hassle of renewing for a long time!


Its all very complicated, but I'll try to explain it as simply as i can. go to https://whois.domaintools.com/ and see when the domain name expires. when you go to WHOIS you can probably see who the domain is registered to. I wouldn't click on the buy this domain now. a domain company may see this as a sign of interest and make a note to keep the price up if its owned by them. go daddy was notorious for buying up domains when peopled searched for names and then purchasing it and then selling it at a jacked up price. domains are either owned by individuals or companies like GoDaddy. When a domain expires is can be renewed by the owner for up to 79 days. Day 79 its put on Pending delete and you can backorder the domain for under a hundred quid. ( lets say it's a hot name that a couple of people have their eye on) if more than one person bids on it then you get stuck in a bidding war with the other buyer. otherwise, if no one expresses interest you'll end up owning it. The backorder process is kinda like try to snipe it on eBay. It's a little period of time to get it before it get put back into general release. After 82 days if no one has expressed internet it goes to pending delete and i think void, so then you can purchase it at any site like heart internet or GoDaddy to 123 reg for the usual price. Some additional information most of the back order companies are owned by domain name companies. So if the domain name is hosted by GoDaddy. its probably better to get the backorder service from go daddy. But as i;ve alluded to before I don't trust them as they've done a bunch of shady things in the past to jack up prices. backorder companies www.snapnames.com www.dropcatch.com www.namejet.com hope this helps


Depending on what extension you're looking for depends on where to go. I buy most of my domains through godaddy. However porkbun are great for things like .photos and .design and things like that. They also give you a .design free for one year. And they give free who is privacy on most and I believe SSL included as well. Tld-list is a great website for comparing domain prices and features across websites. Look at it like compare the market for domain names

-75% Discount
-75% Discount
75% off Simple SSL Certificates @ Heart Internet
Just received an email from Heart on money off their entry-level SSL certs. With a little homework I suppose they can be found cheaper (?) but a reduction from £49.99 pa to £12.49 … Read more

You get SSL with my host now - free with easyhosting.co.uk


Sure, i've used StartCom in the past for example but I think they were only valid for a limited period (60/90 days) before needing frequent renewal. Maybe other pros/cons too but each to their own requirements i suppose.


i thought you can get these free nowadays ? https://letsencrypt.org

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1 Year VPS Hosting Offer For 99p Heart Internet
-9° Expired
Posted 10th Nov 2019Posted 10th Nov 2019
1 Year VPS Hosting Offer For 99p Heart Internet£0.99
Checkout to make the deal function is a little awkward however for this price you cannot complain - can also purchase multiple servers all taking advantage of this deal.

Correct awful price


Only need 1 person to forget n they made there cost back


Renews at £477!!

.CO.UK Domains for 99p with Heart Internet
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Posted 24th May 2017Posted 24th May 2017
.CO.UK Domains for 99p with Heart Internet£0.99
Heart Internet are offering .CO.UK for 99p when using the code "99UK". I've got 1 website hosted with Heart and the service that they offer has been quite decent.

Thank you for the info. I'll be moving all our domains away from Heart Internet immediately.


Thanks for the info. I'll stay well clear off those companies.


not only .co.uk, I picked up a .uk address for 99p for future use using the code. Also applies to .org.uk if you prefer that. personally, used Heart internet for my domains for many years and can't say a bad word about them. they don't pressure you into getting anything else from them, I bought the .uk domain and within an hour I chucked a quick website onto some free hosting and had the name servers updated and some email forwarding setup without a hitch.


Many thanks!


I use similar services elsewhere but intend to move some services to InfinityFree on expiry. "Free" hosting typically has no or forum-only support, limited server resources and limited email services. Some providers insist that you login every xx days to show the account is still active. Most of these requirements are reasonable considering the cost being charged. Some free hosting providers place ads on your site; Infinity states it does not.

.com Domains only £4.99 with Heart Internet
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Posted 5th Jan 2010Posted 5th Jan 2010
.com Domains only £4.99 with Heart Internet£4.99
Wow heart internet do it again! There prices where pretty much the cheapest any way at £7.99 but £4.99 for a .com domain is a steal! Grab one for this year at a grate price!

Nope. .co.uk domains are £2.79 per year, and can only be registered for a minimum of two years. Therefore, the .com and .co.uk domains from heart internet would be: £4.99 + (2 x £2.79) = £10.57 So the UK2.net deal is better for both the original purchase AND the renewal, although I admit that this is a better deal if you ONLY want the .com domain. :)


£10 not a bad price, heart would be cheaper though with .com at £4.99 and .co.uk at £2.79 + there are 10% discount codes at the bottom of my post (not sure where they came from?) so that would be around £7. Not a bad price. Yes it will go back up to £7.99 on renew (not £10) but hey you are not forced to renew ;)


Get that up as a voucher code if it isn't already. :)


.com for £4.74 with go daddy using code OYH7


Sorry, it was actually UK2.net. I've ]posted this as a deal now.

99p .eu domains @ Heart Internet
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Posted 8th Oct 2009Posted 8th Oct 2009
99p .eu domains @ Heart Internet£0.99
"For a limited time only, we are selling all .EU domain names for only 99p (First Year Only). No catches, no gimmicks, just a great price. This offer will come to an end soon, so m… Read more

Thanks Twiggy9999, that's very kind of you to answer that, rep being added. I bought a domain name from them, now just need to look for hosting. I may be able to host it on my own pc though, but need to research more. Edit- just seen this service, which seems as if it could be of use, as I have a dynamic addresses from my ISP, newnet - http://www.dyndns.com


Been with heart for almot 2 years now, very happy with them, paid 1.59 for 2 years domain and hosting! Due to rrenew in a couple months and I think it's 5.99 a year, still good value though and I've had practically zero down time while using them


I hope you got your money back for the poor service. Oh, wait...


Heart Internet do a FREE hosting package, with NO ads - you just have to search hard to find it on their site. Only downside to it is that they're a pain in the ar$e to transfer away from when you choose to. I was on the free tarrif and it was a major pain to switch to my current host, due to really slow and crappy customer service on the part of Heart Internet.


A .eu domains with heartinternet is normally £8.50 (which is still one of the cheapest around), so yes when your purchase runs out it will be £8.50 every year from then on, but you don't have to keep it. Yes equalityforall you purchase a domain with them and then you buy hosting either with them or someone else. I have been with them for about 4years, their service is awesome and the prices are usually the best around.

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