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25p OFF Heinz Mum's Own Jars 128g & 200g Baby Food Printable Coupon

Asda in Spondon, Derby also refused to accept these! Has anyone had any luck with these at all?


Vaild until 31st April 2007 ??????


thanks, will give it a go:thumbsup:


You should go on the main Heinz website or the Baby Heinz food website if they got one and contact them say you had a printable voucher online for 25p off the Mums Own Range Jars and you printed them off and got refused in 2 main supermarkets. The vouchers come about off an email I had from Mother & Baby magazine as I sign up for most newsletters and it was in email I had the voucher deal,they will probably send you back in the post a load of vouchers worth a try if you mainly buy the jars anyway.


no luck at tesco either:-(

25p off Heinz Dry Cereals Printable Voucher

Well with a 2 yr old and 7 month old, these have been a regular part of our weekly shop for ages


Never tried it - didnt have it when I was a baby, mum used to eat my rusks and we still get the now occasionally! :oops:


[SIZE="4"][COLOR="Teal"]The creamy porridge is tasty though[/COLOR][/SIZE]..... :oops:


Think I will stick to the rusks thanks :)


25p off Farleys Rusks Printable Voucher

Added heat and rep btw


Lol - Glad I'm not the only one!


[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"] Well.... I didn't like to be the first to say :-D They're yummy![/FONT][/COLOR]


Nevermind your baby - rusks are better than chocolate!


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Heinz Personalised Tomato Ketchup Gift Set 20% off - £20 + £3.50 Delivery @ Heinz
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Posted 16th Dec 2020Posted 16th Dec 2020
Heinz Personalised Tomato Ketchup Gift Set 20% off - £20 + £3.50 Delivery @ Heinz£23.50£256% off
Heinz's iconic Tomato Ketchup is now available as part of a limited-edition personalised gift set. Contains: Personalised Heinz Tomato Ketchup Festive Heinz Apron Heinz Oven Glo… Read more

Luckily our surname is Heinz, so we're good!


Bit saucey 😜 But have a feeling this will go down like a bunch of rotten tomatoes lol


Order by midnight on 16th December for delivery by Christmas.


I love ketchup but not this much. HA

Personalised Heinz products delivered for fathers day - From £5.49 @ Heinz
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Posted 6th Jun 2020Posted 6th Jun 2020
Personalised Heinz products delivered for fathers day - From £5.49 @ Heinz£5.49
I thought these were a great and unique gift for fathers day or any occasion. Delivery is £3.50 If you purchase a none personalised item it is free for NHS blue light cards at th… Read more

No sense of humour!


It won't let you put "Farty's"


Personally, I'd prefer just a card, bar of chocolate or a bottle of beer rather than them waste their money on this. But my inner 12 year old would like to order the beans personalised as "Farty's".


Expensive but great idea as a one off

Heinz at Home - The Essentials Bundle £10 - Free Delivery for Blue Light Card holders or £3.50
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Posted 9th Apr 2020Posted 9th Apr 2020
Heinz at Home - The Essentials Bundle £10 - Free Delivery for Blue Light Card holders or £3.50£13.50 £3.50
Please shop responsibly. As Coronavirus uncertainty develops, we are seeing a lot of community demand for basic household items. Please do consider others - we all need to work to… Read more

Has anyone else rec'd a second delivery ... I had a delivery around a week after placing an order on the 11th April , and another load has been delivered today .. this wasn't a monthly subscription order was it ??


HOT - I was going to share this on here but did a search first and already posted. For the negative comments I will just say that it is a good deal and it will help someone. Yes I know you can get them cheaper but the problem is getting them. My son is at uni and he is not allowed to travel home now so getting an order of food to him has been impossible. Amazon pantry have limited items and all the supermarket delivery slots are full. So less negativity please, people are just trying to help.


Am I the only person who likes eating Heinz Spaghetti (or Hoops) cold, straight from the can? Yes, I know, I'm an animal (cheeky)


I was just thinking the same Even for NHS staff it is expensive, better off at Iceland


I’ve ordered as I can’t go to the shops, I can’t get them delivered online when I do manage to get a food delivery, so what am I to do?! Great from Heinz!

Personalised Heinz Beanz Tin - Ideal Stocking Filler! £4.49 Delivered @ Heinz
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Posted 3rd Dec 2017Posted 3rd Dec 2017
Personalised Heinz Beanz Tin - Ideal Stocking Filler! £4.49 Delivered @ Heinz£4.49
Ok so not typically a ‘deal’ but a fun Christmas present, secret Santa maybe? Only £1.50 but a postage cost of £2.99 is applied. I ordered one and arrived quickly. Have fun seeing … Read more

Gutted - would have been a great stokcing filler for the wife


Oh! They have stopped selling personalised cans now - gutted, I was going to have some fun with these for xmas :(


Balls...Heinz are watery and tasteless compared to Branston's beans.lolBRANSTON ARE THE BEST...Heinz are for bathing in not eating :)


Heinz or Branston......one has more sugar in......can you guess which one.... most people like (skeptical)


2.99 p&p almost as big a ripoff as their beans. Merde works

Free Heinz Beans  + Chance to Get A Limited Edition Tin
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Posted 17th Oct 2017Posted 17th Oct 2017LocalLocal
Free Heinz Beans + Chance to Get A Limited Edition Tin
Just visit link for more info As part of the 50th year anniversary celebration of the iconic ‘Beanz Meanz Heinz’ slogan, the Heinz Beanz Bus is taking to the road this autumn to… Read more

Can't even come up to Edinburgh.


It has'The bus will be visiting the following locations during its 3 week tour of the UK', but one visit to Wales, none to Northern Ireland and none to Scotland, some UK tour.


Too far away from me ;(


None in East Anglia... :(


I want the tin!

Free Tomato seeds from Heinz (Allocation EVERY Day)
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Posted 1st Mar 2017Posted 1st Mar 2017
Free Tomato seeds from Heinz (Allocation EVERY Day)
They do this every year and I have always received them. REQUEST YOUR HEINZ SEEDS NOW Fill in your details, we'll send you some Heinz seeds and you will be growing your own tomato… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I agree with your point. If you need to fill in all your details to find out there's no allocation left for today it can seem pretty aggravating. They should just post a message beforehand whether there are still seeds available. Though in future I suggest using Chrome or some other browser's auto complete function. Such a time saver with these things in particular. Still seeds available as of 12:50 :).


you missed my point


They do have more seeds, if you apply early each morning, you have got a better chance before the days allocation runs out. I have made that clear in the OP.


nonsense deal. why dont they just tell you beforehand that thy have no more seeds rather than make you fill out the form. total waste of time


Ordered 2 lots, no problems. Ty

Get a free Heinz Caddy
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Posted 12th May 2016Posted 12th May 2016
Get a free Heinz Caddy
Get a free Heinz Caddy containing Classic Barbecue Sauce 220ml Seriously Good Mayonaise 220ml Yellow Mustard 220ml Sweet Chilli 220ml Fill in the details, Make up a business name,… Read more

No doubt most people didn't get them and as the majority of people on here were not "genuine" businesses as described, it was never going to happen. Nothing lost.


Never got mine :(


You may as well forget it. It's not going to happen. It's been over 10 weeks now!


I'm getting grief of my workers they keep asking if the sauces have arrived for the canteen looks like we are not getting any which is very disappointing looks like I'm going to have a war on my hands now


Still no caddy, and we genuinely have a business.

Heinz free tomato seeds back in stock limited stock per day
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Posted 20th Apr 2016Posted 20th Apr 2016
Heinz free tomato seeds back in stock limited stock per day
back in stock limited per day i got mine if its out of stock try again tomorrow

Now expired for this year, back next year.


Put in my address and it said that I should come back next year. I got them last year and we had SO MANY tomatoes! Bit gutted to have missed it, bit miffed they ask for your address before they tell you they've run out... alas :)


Thank you :3


Ordered! Now waiting for the seeds... thanks,


Ty just order some for my mum in in law :D

Free Tomato Seeds from Heinz (Set amount each day)
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Posted 23rd Mar 2016Posted 23rd Mar 2016
Free Tomato Seeds from Heinz (Set amount each day)
Looks like we all win according to 8.2b below. I just entered and got this: Thank you. Your seeds are on the way. Seems to be a set amount each day so try the next day of your not… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Thank you ordered


Just completed the form and seeds on their way. Cheers op


Kept trying , now got some of these . Thanks Op .


Thanks :) seeds on the way


I guess count resets at midnight!!

Free Heinz Mustard Sample
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Posted 25th Sep 2015Posted 25th Sep 2015
Free Heinz Mustard Sample
Heinz is giving away FREE samples of its new Yellow Mustard.

​I got one from my doctor, he wants me to fill it and return it to him Monday morning! :-)


I don't think it ever really started for most of us... has anyone actually received a free sample bottle yet?






stop moaning.

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