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20% off £150 @ Helmet City - automatically applied at checkout.
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Posted 29th Apr 2020Posted 29th Apr 2020
20% off £150 @ Helmet City - automatically applied at checkout.£150
Spend £150 or more and get 20% off. Doesn’t have to be one item as long as the total amount is over £150. 20% is automatically applied at checkout. You’ll need to pay the postag… Read more

Doesn't seem to work on already reduced items which is a huge shame!

Schuberth C3 Basic Helmet in silver @ Helmetcity for £199
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Posted 27th Apr 2020Posted 27th Apr 2020
Schuberth C3 Basic Helmet in silver @ Helmetcity for £199£199
Really good reviews at £300 - so £199 seems great. I ordered as always nice to have ones own helmet (pillion or go karting etc) and with this you have quality at a decent price it … Read more

Arrived today - looks good and as fresh as I imagined!


Sharp testing is flawed, says Scientist


Check SHARPS rating before buying - Schuberth tended to score poorly last time I looked.


do not forget that u need a schuberth shaped head some people just dont get on with them


I've got myself all riled up! I'm not going to comment on that point any more. Like I said, it's up to you what you put ultimately, but it annoys me when people spout stuff that is unsupported as if it's fact. I'll say no more.

HJC RPHA-11 - Boba Fett motorcycle helmet £274.99 @ helmet city
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Posted 9th Jan 2020Posted 9th Jan 2020
HJC RPHA-11 - Boba Fett motorcycle helmet £274.99 @ helmet city£274.99
Boba Fett - best Star Wars character

This is the way.....


I currently have this helmet (although not with the boba fett paint job) For those interested in it I can say it's more race focused than road. The ventilation is amazing, very good airflow. Comes with a clear and tinted visor as standard. Double D ring (as it should be for the track) It rather on the noisey side but nothing that cant be solved by a pair of ear plugs. The best feature of this helmet is the weight. At only 1.3kgs it barely feels like you have one on. Also has a narrow sporty profile so looks good on, less like a like a bobble head than some other brands. All in all I'd highly recommend it Also worth noting if you buy this helmet in the current colour schemes from most motorcycle suppliers it will cost well over £350 The monster decal edition is usually around the £400 mark so bearing in mind that is is the exact same helmet( just with different paint) it really shows how much of a bargain it is at this price


i dont ride a bike but if i did I would buy one :)


Needs matching riding suit boots n gloves. Also laser weapons for all those careless car drivers


I think Boba must have fallen off his bike (or Slave I) and scraped his head across the floor! Needs to be repainted.

HOT UK DEALS FOREVER!!! HJC RPHA-70 - Black Panther (Marvel) - SALE £299.99 helmet city
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Posted 11th Jul 2019Posted 11th Jul 2019
HOT UK DEALS FOREVER!!! HJC RPHA-70 - Black Panther (Marvel) - SALE £299.99 helmet city£299.99
HJC has been designing & manufacturing high quality protective helmets since the early 1950s. In the 1990s HJC became the American top selling motorcycle helmet - a position it… Read more

I’m glad I’m not the only one. “It’s back!” posts get the same treatment.


Any motorbike deals instead?


looks more like a power rangers helmet than black panther.


SJW movie. seem to get a lot of those recently...


Looks like a Black Power Ranger helmet lol I can't state how over-rated this movie was. 97% on Rotten Tomatoes LMAO. It's more of a 40%~ IMO. I was super excited to see it, with it's stupendously high media ratings. It appears that it was just the media trying to virtue signal; which is absurd to me. In regards to OP's post, it's a COLD from me, sorry.

Schuberth SR2 - Matt Black - SALE £219 at helmet city
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Posted 11th Jul 2019Posted 11th Jul 2019
Schuberth SR2 - Matt Black - SALE £219 at helmet city£219
Highest concentration is necessary in supersports. No matter whether on the racetrack or on the road. The new SR2 by Schuberth offers its driver everything required to be more conc… Read more

Same price here. Might be the same company... https://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/content_prod/255500

Schuberth C4 helmet, was £569.99 at helmet city
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Posted 3rd May 2019Posted 3rd May 2019
Schuberth C4 helmet, was £569.99 at helmet city£289.99£569.9949% off
Other colours also have a near 50% reduction. Some most sizes available but some already only available in small. Wouldnt accept the link when I tried to post using the app, so h… Read more

I contacted Schuberth directly and tehy tell me they do not have a reacall on any of thir helmets. Somebody is telling porkies, and I think I know who it is......


Surprisingly for an expensive brand Schuberth tend to score poorly in SHARPS ratings.


Great name for a company.. helmet city !


I've heard that this helmet has been plagued with issues. A few months after it came out, a local dealer outright told me to stay away and get another. Even called up a previous customer who bought it to back up his claim! (shock) Buyer beware


They recalled mine for quality control issues , maybe you were lucky and got the nicer Chinese ones

Muc Off Cleaning Product BOGOF ( 1L £10 - 5L £30) Instore @ Helmet City (Tatsfield)
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Posted 29th Apr 2019Posted 29th Apr 2019LocalLocal
Muc Off Cleaning Product BOGOF ( 1L £10 - 5L £30) Instore @ Helmet City (Tatsfield)£10
Mucoff BUY ONE GET ONE FREE We all know how good the genuine stuff is Both sizes and at Tatsfield store. £10 and £30 May be store specific but not sure

Yeah, hadn’t seen that. It’s £5.60 on Amazon and free p&p over £20 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Muc-Off-Bike-Cleaner-Litre/dp/B000NNSXLM/ref=sr_1_3?crid=118C0TFV4X6S&keywords=muc+off&qid=1556570356&s=gateway&sprefix=Muc%2Caps%2C151&sr=8-3


At that price they can muc off!


fenwicks fs1 is the way to go. its a much better product and better value. its a 1Ltr that makes 10 Ltr. it can also be used as a de-greaser.


not really a deal the 1L bottles are £5.30 on amazon with free postage

Various Schuberth C4 Helmets and a SC1 offer £299.99 @ Helmet City
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Posted 5th Jan 2019Posted 5th Jan 2019
Various Schuberth C4 Helmets and a SC1 offer £299.99 @ Helmet City£299.99
Various colour schemes available and the cheapest being the gloss black or matt blue at £299. It's the cheapest around for a C4. I have the matt black and its brilliant. If you bu… Read more

Some budget helmets score very well on sharp, blunt, oblique and graze impacts but where u gain with these is comfort, low noise and low condensation which makes a huge difference over long distances


That's a good point. One thing to note from the Sharp test is the flip front stayed attached 100% of times in tests, which for me indicated it's as secure as a full face. Also BMW Helmets were rebounded Schuberth too.


I think the Sharps test a bit theoretical and we don't have accidents that way. Also factor in that if the helmet is a LOT more comfortable and quieter you are less likely to be distracted. I believe most of the Police motorcycle riders use the C4.


Check SHARPS : some Schuberth helmets don't score well. https://sharp.dft.gov.uk/helmets/?manufacturer=Schuberth&model=All&type=2


These are the Rolls Royce of helmets - VERY highly recommended

Schuberth R2 from HelmetCity.co.uk - Multiple Colours - £179.99
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Posted 11th Dec 2018Posted 11th Dec 2018
Schuberth R2 from HelmetCity.co.uk - Multiple Colours - £179.99£179.99
Schuberth R2 in multiple styles down from an RRP of £439.99

These are any good?


Shame matt black isn't on sale.


I wonder if the sharp score on this will be any better than its predecessor? The R1 was rated 2 stars.


very tempted with one of these. seems like a great deal especially if you take a Bluetooth unit too. heat!


£260 off a good helmet, heat from me. I bought the S2 sometime ago, and i'm still overly impressed by this brand.