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Sony 65" KD65A8 OLED 4K HDR Ultra HD Android TV + 5yr Warranty £1,639 @ Hills Sound and Vision
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
Sony KD55A8 The processor that brings the best out of OLED's beauty The same powerful processor used to drive our 8K TVs precisely analyses image data to bring out the intense con… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Sorry but, this is nonsense. The only benefit of pre-2021 Sony model TVs over any other brand OLED is motion handling. And that's it. The Sony's have very limited peak brightness and it is absolutely unsubstnatiated to say Sony's have 'better colours'. Simply not true.


The sound on the CX is thin and the Sony has much better sound. The hobbled TV software on new LG OLEDs no longer support multi satellite and Freeview on the same set (older LG OLEDs did support that). The LG set doesn't have More 4 on catch up, it's only recently got My 5. The Sony has a far superior TV picture processing.


You’re welcome! It’s a no brainier if you’re a gamer. Check the Crampton and Moore CX deal listed on HUKD. Richer sounds and John Lewis will both price match that. I’m going JL because for +£140 they cover against screen burn issues. Some might say that’s unnecessarily over cautious - but I’d rather have it on an expensive TV than not. Good luck 🤞🏼


Thanks for this! I'm a gamer too so will likely go for the LG CX.


The general consensus is that LG is better for gaming as it has hdmi 2.1 and something called VRR. It is also said that the Sony has better motion handling and colours. So if you are buying primarily for watching movies and shows, then the Sony is better. The Sony will likely let you down on advanced gaming features that consoles are due to have down the path. I bought the CX from JL and it’s still lying untouched / unopened. Just had JL price match this, so I’m swapping as I don’t play console games. Both TVs are excellent - I understand that you’ll really only see a difference if they’re side by side. Had the Sony not dropped in price I’d have stuck to LG, which is also a bestseller.

Sonos Beam Black - £375 @ Hill Radio
Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
Still pricey but if you can't wait for the next Black Friday deals cheapest i can find for the Black one at £375, this is the usual price at the moment on the white one only. JL p… Read more

No sync issues with mine plugged into samsung tv via hdmi arc. Cant compare with other soundbars or surround systems but the voice control option on this is great as I am admittedly a deaf git, can now hear every word of dialogue. Using less than a quarter of the volume on movies as its loud enough.


On the tv,you can also adjust the sync on the sound settings,apologies if you’ve already tried this as well


You can only delay the audio, but the issue is that the audio is behind the video


You can adjust the sync using the Sonos app on any Apple device,possibly on the android app as well but I’m not too sure on that


£375 seems more than what it usually costs... how did these prices spike so much during covid 19, I could find these for a constant £299 good offers would go even lower.

LG OLED77CX6LA 77" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV - £2,999 delivered @ Hills Radio
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Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
LG OLED 77" + Free Delivery + 5 Year warranty

Years ago (back in the last millennium in fact) they used to reduce prices for all customers but that stopped years ago. I remember buying a 50” Sony rear projection tv (which was massive at the time as the largest size on general sale was 26”) - it was priced at £2,500 but they price matched a dealer for £1,650 - and I noticed afterwards that they reduced their price to £1,650 for everyone, which really impressed me. Those days are long gone.


I’ve tried a few times and never have they matched for me. Excuses include: 1) return cost with other retailer for large appliances is not free like ours 2) other retailer only has a showroom (where you can buy) but isn’t a store 3) other appliance has 3 different model letters at the end (seems currys JL etc do this for the same product to prevent price matching). 4) most recently said the other retailer had no stock when clearly did so i replied then they apologised and offered to match by which time i had already ordered from the other place.


Is it the same with codes and adjustments though? Ain't that why it's done that way. To prevent direct price wars.


It's a to do with profit margins now , Curry's will be cutting back on there price match companies soon as well


It’s a lie anyway. Once someone has price matched, they should reduce the price because at that point they are knowingly undersold.

Sony KD77AG9BU OLED - MASTER Series OLED 4K Ultra HD TV £2,900 at Hills Radio
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Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
Sony 77" OLED + Free delivery + 5 Year warranty

Wow the A90J looks cracking!


Any idea if they are the later dated panels?


No big thing....prefer to miss out on screen burn (embarrassed)


And miss out on all that Dolby Vision lovliness, poor you.


Sony's new Sony A90J looks to be the no.1 oled...looks stunning 😁 but I'll stick with my Samsung QE75Q90R for many years to come!

Sony KD55A8 55 inch Acoustic Surface™ technology OLED Ultra 4K HD1049 Flat Screen, Smart TV £1049 (UK Mainland) @ Hills Radio
38° Expired
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Sony KD55A8 The processor that brings the best out of OLED's beauty The same powerful processor used to drive our 8K TVs precisely analyses image data to bring out the intense … Read more

Sony OLEDs are definitely better for movies and LG for games. Have owned both TVs.


LG CX choice for gaming and Sony A8 choice for cinema experience according to reviews.


It does not have hdmi 2.1 so for an extra 50 quid the LG CX screams value to me.


Does this support hdmi 2.1?? Ideal for PS5? Cant see specs on the site sadly otherwise wouldnt ask!


Thanks @shyam91 We've edited to include what the item is, in the title. Including this type of information helps with 'search'. For example, if someone had searched 'TV' or 'Smart TV' or '4K TV' etc this wouldn't have come up in their search results (y)

Sony OLED KD55A8BU 55" OLED Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 Resolution 4K HDTV @ Hills Radio
271° Expired
Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
I was looking for Sony OLED around a price of 1100£ and found this deal. T All the other big retailers down their price to 1199£. But this retailer is give 10% on the top of 1199£,… Read more

That’s a shame, hopefully we’ll see similar deal soon.


Alas JL didn’t price match because the code no longer works




Did John Lewis price match


I’ve applied today - will let you know. The answer very likely will be yes, as Hills Radio are an agent of Euronics (a high street retailer). I just hope the TV is in stock when JL call Hills to check. I’d buy from Hills but I have JL vouchers

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LG OLED55BX6LB - 5 Year Warranty - £999.99 delivered @ Hills Sound & Vision (possible £989.99 Richer Sounds Price Match)
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Posted 6th MarPosted 6th Mar
Competitive price and a 5 Year Warranty! 55 inch OLED Dolby Atmos Perfect Black, Cinema HDR α7 Gen 3 processor Ultra HD 4k Flat Screen, Smart TV Call for lastest info and price

I’m more concerned with Oleds in general as I tend to watch a lot of sports and play fifa (although do vary content), which is known to be a no-no for Oleds long term. Also looking for a tv which will last for at least 7-8 years. You seem to upgrade fairly frequently, hence less likely to have issues no? ****And now you state you have bought 2 oleds in space of 10 days ! WOW .****


400 relates to my purchase which I stated for the 65 version 1399 v 1799 . Presume most people watching SD content won't want or need a1k oled TV . BX has 2:1 ,how many do you need ?


You mentioned 4k discs and games in original post . Now it's sky ,Netflix ,bt etc ? Yes I have sky uhd . Still to be convinced I should of shelled out another 400 for the cx for upgrades which cost lg about 50 quid . Can I ask do you own either ?


if you are still watching broadcast tv you will never see any benefit from these tvs as nothing is broadcast in 4k let alone hdr but if you watch sport from sky, Netflix, game or watch 4k blueray then you will.


So nothing to do with the extra money ? What about normal TV viewing which probably 90% of buyer will be using it for . The 65 version is a huge jump for so little benefit ,and yes I've viewed and bought on that basis . Be interested to know how much it's cost LG in reality for the small changes . .

LG OLED55BX6LB 55 inch OLED Dolby Atmos (Open Box) £999 at hills radio
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Posted 18th FebPosted 18th Feb
LG OLED55BX6LB 55 inch OLED Dolby Atmos (Open Box) £999 at hills radio£999£1,0999% off Free P&P Free
Technical specifications for LG OLED55BX6LB 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa SCREEN Screen size 55" Screen technology OLED Resolution 4K U… Read more

Confirmed. Curry's will price match this. Just used 7% discount through work and picked this up for £930.


I got this deal a couple of weeks ago , TV is great service was boss


Quite a saving, OLED is an exceptional experience.


I have deleted the 5 year warranty comment


This does actually come with a 5 year warranty as well.

331° Expired
Posted 3rd FebPosted 3rd Feb
LG OLED55BX6LB 55” OLED TV SMART ULTRA HD 4K £999 OPEN BOX/5YRS WARRANTY at hills radio£999£1,0979% off Free P&P Free
£100 off, cheaper than other retailers.

Yeah I was looking at the CX too but cheapest I could find it for was for £1200 - managed to get a refurbished BX for £525 which was manufactured in Nov 2020 and only had cosmetic scratches to stand (which I don't use anyway as mine is wall mounted) so for me, the BX route was a no brainer for the price. If you can afford the CX, definitely go for that as quality is better, but BX is no slouch either (you wouldn't be able to tell the difference unless you had them side by side)


Was Good choice though I'm waiting till I can actually get a PS5. Also looking at the CX which is slightly more expensive but has HDR10+


I've literally just done the same - had an LG 55 inch 4k led TV from 4 years ago - sold it off and bought a LG OLED BX 55 inch to replace it to use with my PS5 - it's my first OLED and I'm loving it! HDR is miles better than with a traditional LED and I've really noticed a difference in dark scenes (via Ghost of Tsushima and AC Valhalla) - no blooming at all as its an OLED which I never really noticed until I tried an OLED fir the first time. Won't be going back to LED again!


OLED55BX6LB When I finally manage to get a PS5 I've decided going to get one of these aswell - good choice? 120hz Hdmi 2.1 4k hdr10 My current TV is only 43" 1080p so should be quite an upgrade. Anyone recommend something different or is this best in price range. Mainly for Gaming + watching 4K


Right, so post those deals then? :D I will happily vote hot for that. I didn’t say your comment is wrong. I am saying that this open box deal have caused the other brand new ones to go down, at least in Richer Sounds. And unfortunately, I don’t think mods will expire this deal just because others are now available for same prices.

LG OLED65BX6LB - £1499.98 delivered + 5-year warranty @ Hills Sound and Vision
235° Expired
Posted 26th Dec 2020Posted 26th Dec 2020
LG OLED65BX6LB - £1499.98 delivered + 5-year warranty @ Hills Sound and Vision£1,499.98 Free P&P Free
This looks like the cheapest price around currently. Cheaper than the Costco deal as if you don’t have membership then you don't have to purchase any. Spoke to them this morning go… Read more

CX is brighter... It has a faster processor. And it has 2 more HDMI 2.1 inputs. Supposedly has better low light detail as well.


What's the difference between this and the CX?


Costco reduced the b9 in Feb to 1399 then 1299 . Would expect similar deal if stock not a issue ..Their 90 day no quibble will cover any price reductions if people want to hang on for best price deal.


great price. Good find

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