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ORB PS4 Vertical Stand + Controllers Charge Dock + Camera TV Clip + Wall Mount for £9.82 Delivered @ Hitari
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Posted 3rd Nov 2018Posted 3rd Nov 2018
ORB PS4 Vertical Stand + Controllers Charge Dock + Camera TV Clip + Wall Mount for £9.82 Delivered @ Hitari£9.82
This bundle contains: 1 x ORB PS4 Vertical Console Stand 1 x ORB PS4 Dual Controller Charge Dock 1 x ORB PS4 Camera TV clip + Wall Mount (2in1) PS4 Vertical Console Stand Th… Read more



Out of stock


Thanks I tried it again and it’s works but the website is so slow.


Try clearing your cache or restart the browser.... might help.. :/


It’s not adding to basket!!!

Elex (PS4/Xbox One] £21.09 at Hitari
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Posted 14th Mar 2018Posted 14th Mar 2018
Elex (PS4/Xbox One] £21.09 at Hitari£21.09
Main link is for PS4 game. Xbox here.

Elex is now cheaper at Base in any case.


I guess we both bought the same game, Luke. :) Axiom was my order.


I have had a similar experience to mixmixi with Hitari. Their customer service was by far the worst I have experienced with an online retailer and also said pretty much the same thing to me when I had asked for a refund. Will not be buying from them again.


I loved it. The game is shonky and low budget and the first few hours are genuinely painful. You don't stand a chance against anything until you are around level 10, so your only option is to run from all fights until then. Oh what's that, you think you're strong enough to fight that rat? Give it a try then, you're not. However, if you can push through all that pain, it becomes genuinely brilliant. Any fan of low budget euro RPGs like Risen, Arcania, Two Worlds etc should buy this immediately.


Hitari has been following these practices for long. This is a deal I posted last year. They were banned for 3 months here and they are allowed again. I have had 3-4 orders from them in the past but all stuff I ordered were in stock. This time round, the item was not in stock. They tend to keep money and don't refund, unless you ask them. Here is a reference to what happened before: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/tom-clancys-rainbow-six-siege-year-2-gold-edition-xbox-one-1746-delivered-hitari-2678406?page=2#thread-comments

Harvest Moon Light of Hope Special Edition (Switch pre-order) @ Hitari (free delivery) for £29.36
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Posted 4th Mar 2018Posted 4th Mar 2018
Harvest Moon Light of Hope Special Edition (Switch pre-order) @ Hitari (free delivery) for £29.36£29.36£34.9916% off
Pre-order for release on 1/06/18. Cheapest price I can currently see for it as otherwise the next cheapest is £32.99 from 365games

Expired as OOS


Like sukhdev92 alludes to above, 'Harvest Moon' is just a name. Simplest way to put it, the old Harvest Moon games were localized 'Bokujou Monogatari' games called 'Harvest Moon'. The new localized Bokujou Monogatari games are 'Story of Seasons', with the new 'Harvest Moon' games being cheap and nasty cash-ins on the name, since the western name's rights got all messy. If you want a new 'Harvest Moon', Story of Seasons is what you want. That's its new name. Oh, and on topic; the price of this may tank after release, because it's very likely this will absolutely bomb in reviews like all of the recent cheap soulless cash-ins have.


Yikes, this looks horrid. Was a big fan of Harvest Moon back in the day too. What has happened!?


You'd think they'd give the price a bit more consideration. Stardew Valley is just over £10.


It's an ugly franchise now. Check out Story of Seasons if you're interested. It's made by the original HM team. It's not on switch at the moment though, just 3DS.

Axiom Verge Multiverse Edition (PS Vita) - £19.97 Free Shipping @ Hitari
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Posted 13th Feb 2018Posted 13th Feb 2018
Axiom Verge Multiverse Edition (PS Vita) - £19.97 Free Shipping @ Hitari£19.97
This one is for the PS Vita collectors out there. (y) Here's what's included: Axiom Verge physical copy Double-sided poster World map In-game weapons/items & descripti… Read more

Yes I got the same. I tried searching their site to see if there was anything I'd like instead, but the site is very user-unfriendly. The vast majority of listings are not available, but no way of filtering results to show only in-stock items :(


This is what I got from them after dropping an email. If you have paid, I suggest contacting. There is defo no stock here and they are not going to refund until you contact them. "This is to let you know that we are unable to process your order as this item is now sold out and we do not have a new stock delivery date for this item. Please let me know if you wish to exchange this for anything else from our website hitari.co.uk or alternatively we can cancel this order and issue a full refund. Our aim is to provide a convenient and efficient service and I am very sorry that we were not able to meet your expectations this time around. Thank you so much for your understanding and patience. Kindest Regards, Nafees"


Cancelled (poo)


:( fist time I've shopped with them


Still processing here. It is Hitari so I won't be surprised if they cancel.

Axiom Verge Multiverse Edition [Switch] £22.71 at Hitari
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Posted 13th Feb 2018Posted 13th Feb 2018
Axiom Verge Multiverse Edition [Switch] £22.71 at Hitari£22.71
Price includes shipping. Now quite close to the price for the regular version.

Sorry folks


Still 47 quid on the Switch


Damn you, I nearly fell off my seat when I saw the price then followed the link to the ps4 version and was gutted. Still tempting though, i'd be all over this if it was crossbuy with vita somehow.


Link takes to PS4 version.


That's the PS4 version at the price you've posted....

PS4 PRO 1TB White-GT Sports + Call of Duty WWII Bundle £319.42 @ Hitari
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Posted 31st Jan 2018Posted 31st Jan 2018
PS4 PRO 1TB White-GT Sports + Call of Duty WWII Bundle £319.42 @ Hitari£319.42
Seems a good deal for anyone wanting a white pro and decent games.most pro bundles now have about 5 games no one realy wants or already have fallout 4.thats you etc
Get deal*Get deal*

Out of stock. Not a bad deal though!


Sadly OOS or I would have got one!




I tried to buy a cracking 2 controller deal on pc world and got no voucher when it got cancelled, nowt, were they emailed ..


Only the launch PS4 Pro's were below 4.05.

Super Mario Odyssey Switch Accesory Set £19.23 @ Hitari (Free Del)
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Posted 30th Jan 2018Posted 30th Jan 2018
Super Mario Odyssey Switch Accesory Set £19.23 @ Hitari (Free Del)£19.23£24.9923% off
Saw this on Argos but then as I always do I checked on google and it was £5~ cheaper from Hitari. Includes: - A compact pouch - A card case - Joy-Con grips (for the outside of the… Read more

Expired as OOS


Did anyone get this and not want the Odessy thumb caps? Will buy the caps if anyone doesn't want them.


Who on earth are Hitari? Any one used them in the past?


Made by Hori, bit crappy mind if your only interested in the thumb caps.


Thanks :) normally I wouldn’t post a deal on HUKD from a website I hadn’t heard before but it had the HUKD share option on it so I did

Syberia 3 for Xbox One £8.78 delivered at Hitari
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Posted 29th Jan 2018Posted 29th Jan 2018
Syberia 3 for Xbox One £8.78 delivered at Hitari£8.78
Seems to be the best price around at the moment.

Back in stock now.


Odd shop this, probably fine but the prices are funny and doesn't navigate very well, duplicate items at different prices and there's the option to look at games within Price: £100,000.00 - £200,000.00 (2)"

Rabi Ribi (PS4) £12.49 Delivered @ Hitari
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Posted 14th Dec 2017Posted 14th Dec 2017
Rabi Ribi (PS4) £12.49 Delivered @ Hitari£12.49
Set off with Erina, a cute rabbit somehow turned into a human, through a world filled with seemingly cute but threatening creatures. Use a gigantic hammer to crush the over-loving … Read more

Dude there are countless anime that aren't odd in any way and compete with the absolute best of American TV. Just check out Death Note or Attack on Titan or Black Lagoon or Gundam Seed or Haikyuu, for example. There are hundreds more shows of a similar quality. I honestly don't think 'furries' have anything to do with anime. Most of them seem to be into my little pony which is an american cartoon. Weebs/'hentai lovers' are just the obsessives and awkward people that exist anywhere. It doesn't matter what show you like, someone obsesses about it somewhere. Chances are you'll never come across them so it's kinda irrelevant, right?


That's true, or well I'd like to think so. I have some friends who watch anime but I can't get behind it. Ultimately I think it's because I've also seen the other side of anime. The whole perversion of it; young looking school girls in short skirts, body pillows, filthy manga comics. I've found out the full extent of things through people I've met gaming but I honestly think it's pretty disgusting. Not only does it seem to encourage the sexualisation of young looking girls but is also making the younger generation more perverted. Just the fact that some girls walk around calling themselves "furries" with a tail down their pants proves to me it's kind of a worry. Obviously weebs/furries/hentai lovers shouldn't be associated with people who just appreciate anime and enjoy a different cultural perspective and the unique style but after meeting a lot of these people I don't feel like it's something i want to associate with.


Nothing wrong with that as long as it doesn't make you judge others about something you don't get. Most anime watchers aren't into school girls, or the weird stuff that shows up in games like this, they just don't really care that it's there.


Shin-chan is not anime. Its art.


Says the Shin-Chan avatar poster :P

The Walking Dead - Telltale Series Collection Game (Xbox One & PS4)
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Posted 4th Dec 2017Posted 4th Dec 2017
The Walking Dead - Telltale Series Collection Game (Xbox One & PS4)£25.70£3014% off
The Walking Dead - Telltale Series Collection Game (Xbox One & PS4) for sale. The cheapest I've seen it and it comes with 4000 new gamescore. Xbox One: http://www.hitari.co.u… Read more

Good prices did see that bundle which is good with 7 Days ToDie.


Telltale Undead Survival Bundle: £9.99 with PS+ (£11.99 lowest without) - includes Walking Dead Season 1, Season 2, Michonne and 7 Days to Die The Walking Dead: A New Frontier — Season Pass: £6.24 with PS+ (£9.99 lowest without) Not sure if the Undead Survival Bundle includes 400 Days, but that gives you everything else and another game (7 Days to Die) for only £16.23 right now with PS+, or £21.98 lowest it has been without (not currently on sale without PS+ according to those links.


Yeah I stand corrected. Just checked PSN Trophy Leaders! This sucks, I would buy the games separately! Probably slightly dearer or not when they are often on sale.


Are you sure about that, it look like this version has a different trophy list: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/walking-dead-collection/trophies/


This has 1, 2, 400 Days DLC, Michonne and 3 (New Frontier) so infact two platinums for 1 and 3. That being said 2 should have had a platinum. 400 Days is a small DLC piece to 1 and Michonnes a 3 episode mini series EDIT: One platinum, I stand corrected. This sucks