Hitnews 3 months usenet access for 13 EUR (about £3.50 a month)

Hitnews 3 months usenet access for 13 EUR (about £3.50 a month)

Found 3rd May 2008
To thank our members we have included a couponcode in this email. This
code can be used when extending an account with three months. If you use
this code the three months only cost EUR 13,00 !!!
The three month accounts are the most popular and the normal price is EUR

This code can be used until june 1st 2008 and can be used only once per
account. A new payment will be extended to your account so you don't have
to wait for your account to expire.

* Pricing
Here's a list of our current low pricing. All accounts give unlimited
access to all newsgroups.

Eur 1,50 - 48 hours access
Eur 2,95 - 1 week access
Eur 3,95 - 2 weeks access
Eur 7,50 - 1 month access
Eur 18,50 - 3 months access
Eur 36,00 - 6 months access
Eur 69,00 - 1 year access
Eur 120,00 - 2 year access

* Support
Should you have any more questions please let us know at
[email protected]support.hitnews.eu. Our team is available 7 days per week.

Best regards,


There's another very lengthy post on hotukdeals about these guys so I won't repeat it, but it seems pretty good value. They occasionally have the odd day - maybe 1 a month where they might have techinical difficulties but on a whole they are fast and cheap and fairly reliable. Retention is about 60 days.


Its good for if people want to try usenet out & have never used it before I guess, so voted hot.

anyone know a place better than merlins portal?

Original Poster

Newzbin is the best

i use usenet.net, and have done for over a year now and they are great, and cheaper in the long run. they offer a 3 month trial price of $8.99 (£4.50ish) and then that only goes up to $13.99 after the trial.


you mean Clicky (affiliate removed).

Thats also nearly €10 a month, hitnews is €7.50 a month - not cheaper at all

90Gb Pay as You Go access works like a dream for me @ News.Astraweb !!! Can last me months and at $25 dollars per 90Gb, great value at about £13!!

Yup Raid I went the same route as well, had astraweb as a backup for a few years, then when they put the 65gb up to 90gb I just went with them alone. Cheaper in the long run for me as I don't always download month in month out

For existing customers only ?

"This code can be used when extending an account with three months."

you can set up a trial account... I also got this email, check out the trial it's great, I was previously using giganews at £17 a month and I got the same speed with hitnews! (but half the retention so I'm going to go with this when I'm skint or have downloaded all the older stuff I wanna download
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