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-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% off all orders of £25 and over @ Hive
Remember, remember, the first of November… With November upon us it can only mean one thing: Halloween is over and Christmas festivities can officially get under way! To celebrat… Read more

Expired 🙃


Thanks for sharing your first deal with us @StrannikV Good spot :)


I thought it was Hive heating as well


😁 If anyone wants it, apparently if you introduce a 'friend' as a new Hive customer then they got £30 off the hub and heating set up, and you get a light bulb as a thank you for the referral, so maybe you can pair up with the people wanting lightbulbs so everyone is a winner!


Waiting for a hive heating deal too lol

Best Hive Store deals from our community

Punch Line Complete Season 1 Collection [Anime / Blu-ray] £5.45 delivered @ Hive
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Cracking price for a very good piece of Anime All 12 episodes from the first season of the Japanese anime directed by Yutaka Uemura. Yuuta Iridatsu (voice of Marina Inoue) lives … Read more

my bad (lol)


Haha I mean in the game. It treats every chapter like an episode of the show, except, like most games, you cannot skip the intro and outro


Use a program like MakeMKV to dump the disc to your PC then you can convert it with Handbrake to keep the chapters intact. That way you can skip intros. It's what I do before placing it in my Plex server.


Oh man...


The unskippable intros to each chapter still haunt me.

Donnie Darko Limited Edition [4K UHD Blu-ray] (Arrow Films) £31.97 @ Hive Store
-72° Expired
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Also available for £30.28 with Student Discount (Student Beans) and Senior Discount. Release Date - 26/04/21 I WANT YOU TO WATCH THE MOVIE SCREEN. THERES SOMETHING I WANT TO SHOW… Read more

My iTunes copy just got upgraded to 4K Dolby Vision! 😁


Have some heat, only a tramp would vote this cold.


One of my favourites, made no sense to me on my first watch, wasn't paying attention, rewatched and loved it, almost hypnotic. Worth the price if you are a fan, cheaper than other places, heated. Worth hanging out for it to be £6 in CEX otherwise I guess.


Heat added, as its a decent chunk off the pre-order price.


Two 4K discs for two cuts. So, apart from Battle Royale, their biggest UHD title so far IMO.

Wilco - Summerteeth (Deluxe Edition) 5LP [VINYL] £30.49 @ Hive Store
68° Expired
Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
Wilco - Summerteeth (Deluxe Edition) 5LP [VINYL] £30.49 @ Hive Store£30.49 Free P&P Free
Absolute bargain (in my mind) for this, as closest price I found was £65.69 at Amazon. Only 24p more than the CD version. 10% student discount available via Student Beans. Descr… Read more

Unbelievable price for an immaculate album


Gave that some heat (y) Terrific deal. I got it for £28.97 delivered with my Honey bonus.

Prince Sign O’ the times 12” vinyl LP - £18.89 with code @ Hive Store
279° Expired
Posted 16th FebPosted 16th Feb
Prince Sign O’ the times 12” vinyl LP - £18.89 with code @ Hive Store£18.89
Fab price for an amazing album, Prince was a genius and this is one of his best. Added link for a further 5% off and any purchases made from this site donates to a local bookshop … Read more

Great find O.P


Love this, one of my favourite clips, the way he just comes in and shows us how it’s done.. I agree about him being so very under rated as a guitar player, he is def up there with the very best. So grateful to have seen him live, there’ll never be another quite like Prince.


Now that's what I call music. Doesn't get better than this - of all the bands and styles of music I've been in to and out of in the last 33 years, I always com back to this album. Perfect.


Didn’t know I needed this. It’s been >25 years since I bought it the first time. Lost along with over 100 other LPs that I left in a drawer at a student house in Birmingham. A true classic. Can’t resist :)


IMO a very underrated guitar player. His solo starts at 3:27 but of course all of this performance is special. Interesting factoid, Oprah Winfrey (sitting in the front row) apparrently ends up with the guitar! :D Heat added OP

Harry Potter Funkoverse 102 £24.79 Delivered @ Hive Store
27° Expired
Posted 14th FebPosted 14th Feb
Harry Potter Funkoverse 102 £24.79 Delivered @ Hive Store£24.79
Second add-on and also another base game of Harry Potter Funkoverse(102) with 4 new characters, only came out last year and still £30+ in most places. Go on a magical adventure wi… Read more

I think alot if people expect this to be a simple game because its Funko but its more like Arcadia quest or Super Dungeon, you could teach it to younger players but would says its more for adults or teen or anyone who collects Funko because the small figures are only available with the game.


We got the nightmare before Christmas version of this and its so complicated we've given up and left it at the back of the games cupboard. Unless you're a dungeons and dragons type, I'd steer clear of these funkoverse games




Useless, my central heating is still off... Coldnutsisus ;(

Nuance Magnetic Field / Paint / Triangles 1000 Piece Jigsaw - £8.49 delivered @ Hive Store
70° Expired
Posted 23rd JanPosted 23rd Jan
Nuance Magnetic Field / Paint / Triangles 1000 Piece Jigsaw - £8.49 delivered @ Hive Store£8.49 Free P&P Free
Paint Triangles Put your patience to the test with this challenging 1000 piece Nuance jigsaw. Packaged in a sturdy rectangular box. Assembled puzzle measures 750 x 500mm.
Home Alone Blu-ray - £7.19 @ Hive
-262° Expired
Posted 9th Dec 2020Posted 9th Dec 2020
Home Alone Blu-ray - £7.19 @ Hive£7.19
Late Xmas present for someone. Thought I'd share as it's the cheapest around including delivery, 4.4% TCB as well as £2 TCB bonus (before midnight) if you've not already used.
LEGO (R) Minifigure 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle £12.85 delivered @ Hive
55° Expired
Posted 1st Dec 2020Posted 1st Dec 2020
LEGO (R) Minifigure 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle £12.85 delivered @ Hive£12.85£15.9920% off Free P&P Free
Out of stock everywhere else. Discounted and free postage. This challenging 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle comes together to reveal a collection of your favourite LEGO (R) minifigures… Read more

Ordered from Waterstones at full price though, free in store pick up.


It is an easy one, quick to find the peices you need. I enjoyed it though - it's quite satisfying putting each minifig together. Not one to get if you want a challenge though.




part of me really wants this, but i worry it might be too easy?



LEGO Harry Potter Magical Treasury Book - with exclusive Tom Riddle minifigure (pre-order) - £14.85 @ Hive
150° Expired
Refreshed 18th Jun 2020Refreshed 18th Jun 2020
This is a pre-order for the latest Harry Potter Magical Treasury book. It has an RRP of £18.99 (the price on Amazon is £16.71), so this is a decent saving; although it's much more … Read more

I used to think Voldemort was scary until I found out he was called Tom Riddle, hard not to laugh. Good job she didn't call him Jimmy.


Ok thank you, this is all new to me!


Ah imma wait on this to go below £10, fairly confident Homesense/TKMaxx will have it at some point down the line they tend to get most LEGO books at some point and usually sell them a reasonably good prices.


I just asked the mods and they said it’s allowed so feel free to post. You can also use code 3GBPNB20 to get £3 off a first order over £20; you had to put in your email to sign up for the newsletter but it's let me put it in without even signing in so I think it's okay to just put it in.


Thank you that’s very insightful actually. :) Had a hunt around and they look legit to me. Odd they didn’t come up when Googling it for me although I didn’t look very far. Best way to find out could be to post a deal and see if the mods take it down! If you don’t want to post one, I will but let me know :)

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead eBook (ePub) - 99p @ Hive Store
178° Expired
Posted 22nd Apr 2020Posted 22nd Apr 2020
The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead eBook (ePub) - 99p @ Hive Store£0.99 Free P&P Free
Have wanted to read for a while and discovered it's only 99p on Also recently purchased My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Otessa Moshfegh, only £1.99 and a very good re… Read more

Download Calibre and you can convert almost any format (PDF, Word, Epub etc) to mobi (kindle) format. Normal sources of "ahem" dodgy downloadable content also have ebooks....


Brilliant book! The Nickel Boys is fantastic too and well worth a read if you can find a deal on it (y)


Many thanks for these recommendations! Have added both to my list :D


Ah sorry I assumed it was a Kindle deal.


I forgot to search! But this is a different format, epub, so might help people that don't have a kindle. I see also I can sort by price. American Psycho is also 99p.

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