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10% off - H-King SkySword 1200mm Orange 90mm EDF Jet (PNF) £248
47° Expired
Posted 20th Nov 2020Posted 20th Nov 2020
10% off - H-King SkySword 1200mm Orange 90mm EDF Jet (PNF) £248£247
Cut through the sky with the impressive-looking H-King Skysword. Featuring stunning looks and impressive performance, the Skysword comes in an ARF and PNP configuration with an arr… Read more

If you want to see a fast Glider this is a BEAST! Sound is IMMENSE as it does its 308mph pass! And if you fancy a jet turbine powered hand launch Glider take a look at !


Thanks for the info. Really appreciate it


3.2kg and 100mph. That is quite a weapon. And here are the wrong hands.....(smaller version too!)


Pretty sure you need to supply your own RX & TX for this, hence the 'Radio: 6 channels and up' item in specs. I used to fly in the days when IC was fine, and most fields would be unsuitable for this to take off. Based on that experience I also agree with the comment above about a black bin bag, because this is not going to be anything like a video game, and it will not be forgiving in any way at all. If you haven't flown before then this would be a good place to start: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/durafly-tundra-v2-pnf-orange-grey-1300mm-51-sports-model-w-flaps.html? You'll need a radio too: I've no specific recommendations since the tech has likely changed quite a bit from when I did this, although 'good' makes were JR and Futaba, while Acoms were a bit cheap and cheerful.


It looks like you have to buy the battery separately but does it come with everything else you need to just take it out and maim someone fly it? I've looked on the website and it seems that it does but want to make sure. I might actually bite and go for it.

Tronxy X-1 3D printer (US Plug) £116.42 Delivered @ HobbyKing
81° Expired
Posted 28th Aug 2019Posted 28th Aug 2019
Tronxy X-1 3D printer (US Plug) £116.42 Delivered @ HobbyKing£116.42
Tronxy X-1 3D printer - look like a decent starter printer. It is on back order and is a us plug - so uou will need either a US to UK power adapter or a UK power cable.

Agreed, I didn't realise the postage was over 30 quid when posting. I have a 3 pro and it is brilliant once you print a few upgrades


Have an ender 3 and it's fantastic.


Ender 3 is only £10-15 more and much better.


I did put that in but i was changed, apprently shipping is £35 minimum


It says it's £81.43 for me

X9D Plus Inc R9M long range transmitter and X8R reciever - £155.63 at Hobbyking
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Posted 3rd Jul 2019Posted 3rd Jul 2019
X9D Plus Inc R9M long range transmitter and X8R reciever - £155.63 at Hobbyking£155.63£164.635% off
The workhorse of the FPV community This exciting Frsky package includes the TARANIS X9D PLUS Telemetry Radio and the top of the range, telemetry capable 16 Channel X8R receiver.… Read more

For anyone looking to take this on and use the R9 module: Ive set this up with a quad and its a bit of a faff for a first time user especially if you have never used a Taranis before. Also Im using an F4 Mamba stack which caused additional headaches as i wanted to use F-port protocol using an R9mm receiver. so for anyone in my position here are some really helpful links. setting up radio: Setting up R9mm module with F-port: https://oscarliang.com/setup-frsky-fport/ Also i used this for the Mamba configuration with the f-port inverted going to TX3 https://intofpv.com/t-frsky-q-x7s-r9m-r9mm-sbus-problems All working now with telemetry thanks to all the above for their contributions as well.


If you have ever tried wings the maiden is usually somthing close


Damm...Got those mixes and inputs round the wrong way !!


Depending how you configure the inputs/mixes and set the ratios, will all cater into a smooth or erratic flight.


Does this play smooth?

Creality Ender 3 3D Printer - £136.97 @ HobbyKing UK Warehouse (Free delivery)
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Posted 16th May 2019Posted 16th May 2019
Creality Ender 3 3D Printer - £136.97 @ HobbyKing UK Warehouse (Free delivery)£136.97£15914% off
One of the best budget 3D printers around. Best price I’ve seen for a legitimate UK supplier. Free Parcelforce Express 48 delivery. Possible 10% off for new customers with news… Read more

Thank you (party)


Than you (y)




Have you got a link for the eBay creality


Got a Ender 3 pro in the end of 15% off ebay shipped from the UK from Creality themselves for £152 :)

15% off everything at Hobbyking with code
219° Expired
Posted 21st Apr 2019Posted 21st Apr 2019
15% off everything at Hobbyking with code
Been using these guys for years. Very good customer service when you aren't sure about what works with what product. T's and C's https://hobbyking.com/en_us/faq?shumTo=IDeaster-c… Read more

Nice bixler 3 on discount at the moment


There's a list of things it won't work on but it's just a load of codes so a bit rubbish


Heat, but typically does not work on the Desert Fox buggy even thought its £120? code seems to work on others though.


It says 70 USD, so you can spend £60 ish, not sure what their exchange rate is.... I needed to order some batteries so this has come at the right time thanks OP ! :)


yep that works!

Turnigy 1/16 Brushless 4WD Buggy w/25A Power System and 2.4Ghz Radio (RTR) £66.12 Hobbyking
49° Expired
Posted 15th Apr 2019Posted 15th Apr 2019
Turnigy 1/16 Brushless 4WD Buggy w/25A Power System and 2.4Ghz Radio (RTR) £66.12 Hobbyking£66.12£89.0426% off
If you are previous purchaser there is also a 10% off welcome back banner so you could save more The Legendary Turnigy 1/16 Brushless Buggy now comes as a Ready to Run! Equipped … Read more



No it's a medical instrument to help save live (confused) (confused) (y)


So basically it is an expensive toy?


Lol how weird. Massive company


Apparently they couldn’t/wouldn’t verify them as a legitimate seller. I pointed out they had a UK warehouse/pickup point but it didn’t help. Personally I’ve never had an issue with them over many years.

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Electric Skateboard or Personal EV £72.81 @ Hobbyking
199° Expired
Posted 10th Mar 2019Posted 10th Mar 2019
Electric Skateboard or Personal EV £72.81 @ Hobbyking£72.81
RC electric skateboard or Personal Electric Vehicle as the ad men say :) Clearance deal so likely to be low stock! Hobbyking are mainly an RC outlet, they have warehouses in UK, N… Read more

Need wings for it, back to the future


Is with lead acid batteries, real range is about 4 miles (for 90kg person) and is heavy. Years ago sold in UK in two different versions, one and two battery. Scrap.


Out of stock


Seems to be £156.82


Got a Yuneec ego, using it less now in London.

Hobbyking Glue-N-Go Foam board on sale, a few selection - £1.68 (+£5 Shipping) @ Hobbyking
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Posted 28th Feb 2019Posted 28th Feb 2019
Hobbyking Glue-N-Go Foam board on sale, a few selection - £1.68 (+£5 Shipping) @ Hobbyking£1.68£16.7990% off
Ordered 3 fighter jet foam kit myself this morning. £5.00 delivery charge or free when order over certain amount.

I ordered from Hobbyking ad per post further up but also just ordered this lot from Banggood... Servos 2x 9g https://banggood.app.link/HSCgaHtMOU Motor https://banggood.app.link/HRqwoEyMOU Props https://banggood.app.link/7jKdTCBMOU


Come with control horns n wire to connect with servo. Just need all the electronic ie 2x 9g servos, motor, ESC, battery n your own transmitted/receiver etc. I'm keeping an eye out for them. So will post if anything good come up.


Does it come with the control horns and wire or is it just the raw airframe?


My collection also arrived today in a huge box like that. Luckily I managed to get everything out of sight before Mrs Lancman got home. (y) Unfortunately no assembly instructions supplied with any of the jets, but it all looks fairly straightforward so I think I should be able to figure it out. Amazing VFM.


Oooh look what's waiting for me when I get home! :D

Hobbyking Quanum Vandal 1/10 Buggy RTR (Almost!) for £73.32
232° Expired
Posted 25th Feb 2019Posted 25th Feb 2019
Hobbyking Quanum Vandal 1/10 Buggy RTR (Almost!) for £73.32£73.32£88.9918% off
Great deal on this Quanum Vandal buggy today. There is a code " GEARUP " giving 20% off site wide. The Ready to Run version of this buggy is just over £100 so it would be £80 with … Read more

I've been watching this product and it has always been around £104 for the ready to run version. Price varies by under £1 due to USD exchange rate. Occasionally some items go on sale but that's clearly shown as a reduction in price.


The price of this and most stuff varies on a day to day basis at HobbyKing,It could be 100 quid on Tuesday, Then find its 50 quid on Wednesday for no real reason other than some algorithms going on somewhere.


You may drink your weak lemon drink now, or save it for later.


Reviews seem to be ok for it but guess driving it full speed in to a wall, as one reviewer did, isn't the brightest thing to do. :/ Other HK stuff has been OK but agree it's not Traxxas etc quality so check all screws tight, gear mesh OK etc before first run.


Love mine.

Engineer Inc PAD-02 Open Barrel Handy Crimping Tool Set £77.53 @ Hobbyking
-81° Expired
Posted 10th Jan 2019Posted 10th Jan 2019
Engineer Inc PAD-02 Open Barrel Handy Crimping Tool Set £77.53 @ Hobbyking£77.53
Not the cheapest crimp tool, but decent quality and yields professional results even on micro terminals - these are around £100 on eBay

My work was office /workshop based so I have my my own set of proper tools for myself at home.


Lucky you...allways had to buy my own lol...then there's tool envy... But that's another story ;)


It's for the connectors found in drones and other rc models, bit expensive for someone without OCD!


Bit fiddly but done my cctv cable with one.


Really ? Or is that a world of cheap nasty pain ?

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