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Mercedes S450L AMG Line - 2 year contract hire £479.99 p/m + £4,319.89 upfront + £300 fee (£15,659.68 Total) @ Hotcarleasing
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Posted 17th Oct 2019Posted 17th Oct 2019
Mercedes S450L AMG Line - 2 year contract hire £479.99 p/m + £4,319.89 upfront + £300 fee (£15,659.68 Total) @ Hotcarleasing£15,659.68
Not sure what additional options the stock vehicles come with. £480 a month - 2 year deal with a 9 month non refundable deposit total cost over 2 year period should be about: 32… Read more

Agree it may be wise to purchase a warranty agreement on an older car , I stopped buying new cars as they always getting damaged, I had someone pour paid over a new car, older cars seem to provoke less hatred, having said that this is a good deal so please keep posting


One of those deals that is judged on the brand/price rather than the deal/saving unfortunately.


For only £15k a five year old 350L is going to have galatic miles and be way out of warranty. Gotta remember, when it goes wrong, and it will, you're repairing an £80,000 car, not a £15,000 one. Some breakdowns could possibly be uneconomical to repair.


Why are people saying under £500/m? 15,658.68 / 24 = £652 per month - you can't just pretend the upfront cost doesn't exist.



Audi A6 Saloon 40 2.0 TDI Sport 4Dr S Tronic Auto 36m £12,125  10,000 mpa at Hotcarleasing
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Posted 28th Feb 2019Posted 28th Feb 2019
Audi A6 Saloon 40 2.0 TDI Sport 4Dr S Tronic Auto 36m £12,125 10,000 mpa at Hotcarleasing£12,125
Not as good deal as previously posted A5 (although avarage monthly payment over 3 years is cheaper) but I think this is still good value especially if anyone would want a vehicle f… Read more

A6 purchase deal Given you can buy one for this above. 3yrs 30k it's going to be worth more than 16k, current stuff looks to be around 18-20k spec depending, so poor deal in my eyes


Maybe the sort of person you are dictates what car you drive. There would appear to be a certain class of person who drives a certain type of car. Funny thing is many of those cars come from just one country while the others drive larger and more expensive vehicles. Apologies to you guys who own these types of car who are not a knob or bully and you have worked hard for what you drive. As for the post I think I would spend 12k somewhere else.


Thanks mate


Because it's not A5 Coupe and probably because it's 5 digit price. Also people vote cold because other people already voted cold, not because the deal is actually bad. Half the time people don't check what the deal is about or have no idea about the subject. I do admit, though, that A5 deal from two weeks ago was superior and A5 in general is a better looking car. Yet this is still IMO good deal, I wouldn't post it otherwise.


Like the man whose married to the Queen. Didn't he have to give up his licence?

Seat Arona Lease Deal - 10k - 24 Months £4788.08 @ Hot Car Leasing
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Posted 19th Mar 2018Posted 19th Mar 2018
Seat Arona Lease Deal - 10k - 24 Months £4788.08 @ Hot Car Leasing£4,788.08
Arona 1.0 TSI SE 5dr DSG £92.96 inc VAT per month Initial Payment £2,400.00inc VAT Booking Fee £250 10,000 miles per year Good deal for a brand new model!

Have had a quote of £180/month (inc vat) with £1080.94 (inc vat) for 36mths with 12k mileage from Stoneacre, and no admin fees. Gonna go and have a look/test drive of one locally at Arnold Clark, and see what sort of deal they can do, then head down to see Stoneacre next week if they cant do any better. Stoneacre saying 12-14 weeks delivery though, so hopefully I can agree a part-ex figure on mine that they'll stick to, as the initial rental payment isn't due until delivery.


Cheers for the reply. 3.6p / mile - thats brilliant. Aiming for 10k miles / year, but if it did end up at/around 11k / year, that would only be an extra £36 (ish) / year to pay at the end then. (y)


Great. It was 3.6p (including VAT)/mile, very cheap. I can't comment on maintenance as didn't go for that, usually it's not worth it for a fairly low mileage personal lease.


Spoke to Stoneacre yesterday and they would take my car as part-ex on a lease deal, and their online valuation has made a very reasonable offer, but hopefully if it gets to talking proper figures, it can be improved slightly. Going to have a look at the Arona and Stonic at local Seat and Kia dealers respectively this weekend, and if I like either/both, then go down and see Stoneacre at Durham to talk figures. They are a Kia dealer only, but said they could have an Arona delivered from another branch (Doncaster seems to be their closest Seat dealer) if that is what I wanted. Just need to see how the deals stack up, as I'd need min. 10k miles and hopefully only 3 months initial rental, but could go to 6 month. Also aiming for a 24 month lease for my first. @MyDogIsWeak & @maui - Can either of you advise what Stoneacres excess mileage charge is for the Arona? And did either of you add a maintenance package on the cars? Cheers


I thought the same when I recently travelled in a friend's A3, a lovely car but reinforced that the Arona was a great deal.

Golf Gt 2017 model £149 a month for 24 months £2400 deposit Fees £250 @ Hotcarleasing
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Posted 5th Feb 2017Posted 5th Feb 2017
Golf Gt 2017 model £149 a month for 24 months £2400 deposit Fees £250 @ Hotcarleasing£149
£149, 10000 miles, £2400 deposit and admin fee £250. Volkswagen Golf GT Edition 1.6TDI 5 Door Manual. Total Price of £6086. - thecoolguy Cheaper @ NVS https://www.nationalvehi… Read more

oos expire




​It's all good saying that but you may not be around to see your pension.


I'd be even more reluctant to listen to anyone spouting nonsense about the stockmarket who only has £35k to play with ... hey big spender ...


​i know how you feel.