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-30% Discount
-30% Discount
30% off Everything with voucher @ Hotpoint Clearance Store
INSTRUCTIONS: Enter the code at the checkout.

I spoke to the CAB early on when I was trying to return it and they said to send a letter with a deadline. I am planning to contact them again for further advise. The trouble is hotpoint have refused to let me talk to a manager or given me the details of who to send a complaint to!


That's terrible. I hope you get it sorted. Have you got CAB involved?


It is the returns policy which has failed for me. First they wouldn't let me return without sending me a label. The catch was that they wouldn't agree to send me a label for a long time. I have proof that they have received the return and yet they just seem to refuse to give me my money back. ( The item had not been used and I notified them of my need to return it within the 14 day period. Not once have they responded to any of my emails or made the promised return calls to let me know what is happening.)


I cannot find any information on their website of warranty - in particular fridges. Anyone have any experiences? EDIT - Just found this


Be warned! I have been waiting several months for a refund from hotpoint for a returned blender. I have been on the phone multiple times and for many hours in total. I expect I will either have to take them to court or say goodbye to my money! This was for a purchase made on the shop.hotpoint arm of the company.

-36% Discount
-36% Discount
36% off any Hotpoint, Indesit or Whirlpool appliance online at Hotpoint Clearance Store
INSTRUCTIONS: Enter the voucher code at checkout.

Yes my TCB has tracked at £0


My cashback was declined due to using the code.


This still works and TCB is 10.4% at the moment!


Another good thing is next day delivery , Argos was up to 7 days for one machine and 18 days for another and I need a replacement washing machine URGENTLY!


Thank you SO much OP , you just saved me heaps on a Whirlpool 9kg washing machine! :) Their installation is good value and they remove your old appliance for FREE whereas some other places charge at least £10 to £15 to take it away so it saved me money all round and I got a better washing machine than I was going to go for for the same price! :D

-35% Discount
-35% Discount
Various Appliances - Minimum 35% Off (Posted in thread) @ Hotpoint Factory Outlet (Online)
The code is 35OFF for 35% off everything on their website. It is also free delivery so that's always an added bonus, also they remove large appliances for free! These are end of li… Read more

I had a few deals posted in it aswell, but it got posted in vouchers, anyhow at least I helped someone!


Not expired, just used it!! Cheers OP

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HOTPOINT H1NT811EOX Fridge Freezer £265 delivered @ Hotpoint Clearance
75° Expired
Refreshed 6th JulRefreshed 6th Jul
FS 60cm Fridge freezer with Low Frost technology 70 30 split 339L 19 shopping bags in silver




Please go to hotpoint clearance via Google And go to cooling.


link not working


Not frost free. :|

Hotpoint Class 3 SA3 544 C IX Built-in Oven - Stainless Steel £164.99 at Hotpoint Clearance Store
95° Expired
Posted 12th Oct 2020Posted 12th Oct 2020
Hotpoint Class 3 SA3 544 C IX Built-in Oven - Stainless Steel £164.99 at Hotpoint Clearance Store£164.99
Unleash the flavours in all your dishes with a little help from the Hotpoint Built-In Oven in classic stainless steel (SA3 544 C IX) and its combination of superbly uniformed cooki… Read more

Thanks for posting and congratulations on your first hotukdeals thread (y)


Hotpoint have poor customer service so I'll give this a miss.


Sold out as it's not showing


Mixed reviews


Still taking me to the affiliate page

Hotpoint AQ113DA697S Aqualtis 11kg 1600 W/Machine £329
32° Expired
Posted 3rd Jun 2020Posted 3rd Jun 2020
Hotpoint AQ113DA697S Aqualtis 11kg 1600 W/Machine £329£329.99 Free P&P Free
Free delivery and they will also remove your old appliance for free. Ordered mine today and it's delivered this friday, which is pretty speedy service Dimensions (mm) H x W x D /… Read more

I've had a Hotpoint Aqualtis Washer/Dryer 8KG/6KG for 11 years. The only problem I've had, is one of the paddles breaking. Which was my fault, for washing trainers in it.


Yeah I agree, I bought one in 2016, they had to change the circuit board and wires after 6 months... I now have a Samsung


It doesn’t come up on their website either.


That's looks futuristic!


Link doesn't work can a mod remove the deal please.

Hotpoint WMBF963P Experience Eco 9KG / 1600rpm / A+++ Washing Machine + Free Removal of Old Machine £224.99 @ Hotpoint Clearance Store
170° Expired
Posted 17th Jun 2019Posted 17th Jun 2019
Hotpoint WMBF963P Experience Eco 9KG / 1600rpm / A+++ Washing Machine + Free Removal of Old Machine £224.99 @ Hotpoint Clearance Store£224.99£299.9925% off
Good spec sheet for those on a lower end budget, at 9KG the capacity is decent for this kind of cash. A lot of places also charge to remove your old machine. You can select to have… Read more

The page has been faulty since the day this was posted. Should be expired


Has this expired? Link does nothing and if you can manage to browse the machines there's only one washer and it's not this one. Mind you site seems to be struggling in general at the mo


Hotpoint circuit board failed on my dryer, it costs over £100 for the board, and comes un-programmed , you then need a one use card and some sort of programmer. A Family members washing machine failed, they mentioned the board, but replaced the washing machine, as the call out charge plus parts ,meant they might as well get a new washing machine. Buy cheap buy twice (actually you probably end up paying more over the years because of parts)


That's annoying, it was literally a 5 minute job on the hotpoint, the pump wasn't even bolted in, it just slides in/out. Two hoses and one connector and I was done. The drum bearing on the dryer was harder though, I took the whole thing apart. Not sure what modern Hotpoint is like but certainly our older models have been fine and we don't really look after them.


Not as simple to change a pump on newer machines as lots of them now have solid bases with no direct access. The front of the machine with the door seal needs removing.

TVM570P 7kg Aquarius Vented Tumble Dryer £143.99 w/code @ Hotpoint Clearance
72° Expired
Posted 20th Feb 2019Posted 20th Feb 2019
TVM570P 7kg Aquarius Vented Tumble Dryer £143.99 w/code @ Hotpoint Clearance£143.99£179.9920% off
Vented tumble dryer 7 kg capacity 2 drying temperatures Reverse action Final cool cycle

worked for me thanks, just reload page


Link goes to error page.


burn, baby, burn

HOTPOINT Aquarius TVM570P 7kg Vented Tumble Dryer - White £143.99 delivered w/code @ Hotpoint Clearance
105° Expired
Posted 20th Jan 2019Posted 20th Jan 2019
HOTPOINT Aquarius TVM570P 7kg Vented Tumble Dryer - White £143.99 delivered w/code @ Hotpoint Clearance£143.99£179.9920% off
With its generous 7 kg drying capacity, this Polar White Aquarius TVM570P is ideal for the larger household, and is easy to install thanks to an included venting kit. Highlight… Read more

With the contempt they showed customers with the dryer fiasco that some still haven’t been fixed it makes no sense that anyone would buy a hotpoint dryer ever again never, mind the other rubbish they continue to sell. :(


You buy an Hotpoint and that won't be the only error you get!


Same here on DROID


Keep getting 'Unknown Error' on Hotpoint site using my PC - Maybe they are busy ( main page works ok , it's just when you want to look at any products).


The five tumble Dryers available -

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Hotpoint Class 3 SA3 544 C IX Built-in Oven £167.99 @ Hotpoint Clearance
134° Expired
Posted 14th Jan 2019Posted 14th Jan 2019
Hotpoint Class 3 SA3 544 C IX Built-in Oven £167.99 @ Hotpoint Clearance£167.99£1807% off
Thought this was cracking deal for a very good oven with decent reviews and a large capacity, a similar model is £249 on the Curry's website. Voucher code is SAVE20 and their is 2… Read more



got a whirlpool at home (same manufacturer), 3 years old and wont heat up, they give a 10 year guarantee, but you have to register and pay for call out charges, which are almost as much as this!!! Wouldn't buy another!


Can verify its dead easy to do- worth checking as usually it's obvious if it's the element (light comes on, fan activates but just no heat) and often when you take it out you can see it cracked. Did this whilst visiting my mother in law at Easter and £14 with Amazon next day delivery (well, 2 day as was Easter weekend!). Managed Easter roast dinner in the microwave and using the grill in the meantime.


It came back up earlier, seems to have gone again


Anyone else getting issues with site?. Tried the link and also looking generally under categories and get "An unknown error has occurred Please try again later."

WASHER DRYER DELIVERED / INDESIT XWDE861480XK Front Loading Standard 8Kg £319.20 @ Hotpoint
139° Expired
Posted 7th Jan 2019Posted 7th Jan 2019
WASHER DRYER DELIVERED / INDESIT XWDE861480XK Front Loading Standard 8Kg £319.20 @ Hotpoint£319.20£38517% off
Cheapest I could find using discount code save20 @ Hotpoint clearance - Debenhams Plus - £385.00 delivered Very - £416.98 delivered Currys - £499.00 delivered

There is actually a second machine up at £360 now


this may be reasonably cheap but only comes with what is in effect a one year warranty, if you want to use the extended warranty you need to pay labour charges of £100+ a year Hotpoint will kindly allow you to pay this as an extended warranty single monthly payment or as a one off payment, one off means if it breaks its another £100+ a time. This means your washing machine costs you £319 for one year, a minimum of £419 for two years, £519 for three years and so on. Now sadly thats not a cheap washer, and with Hotpoints record of quality, you will need the extra warranty, and yes there will be someone lucky enough to have had a hotpoint for 4 years and never had an issue but these people are few and far between. And of course factor in Hotpoints amazing customer care and you should look to buy something else.


Unknown error on that link for me also.

Lindsaybob14 Coming up no problem for me.. Sorry :)


No it doesnt but thanks anyway.

KitchenAid Empire Red Iconic A++ rated 221L fridge freezer £671.20 delivered with free removal of old appliance @ Hotpoint Clearance
206° Expired
Posted 7th Jan 2019Posted 7th Jan 2019
KitchenAid Empire Red Iconic A++ rated 221L fridge freezer £671.20 delivered with free removal of old appliance @ Hotpoint Clearance£671.20£899.9725% off
Very rarely discounted and cheapest price elsewhere is £899.97 for Empire Red colour. Real retro feel to it and they seem to go on eBay for £699 reconditioned. Looks amazing and I… Read more


Heat added, because it looks like a beautiful fridge freezer (unicorn)


'Empire Red', apparently. Which empire?


haha sounds like too much work in cold or rainy weather (lol) (lol) (lol)


Yes think more like ice cubes and frozen peas and a massive chest freezer in the garage :D

Indesit 9KG 1600 Spin Washing machine £224.99 + Free Del & Recycling @ Hotpoint Clearance (Using 25% off clearance code / See OP)
256° Expired
Posted 13th Dec 2018Posted 13th Dec 2018
Indesit 9KG 1600 Spin Washing machine £224.99 + Free Del & Recycling @ Hotpoint Clearance (Using 25% off clearance code / See OP)£224.99£279.9220% off
Good price on a 9KG/1600 machine here, includes delivery and recycling costs. Delviery on this is showing as free before Christmas at the mo, or there's next day for an extra £6.99… Read more

I'm also looking around for a good washing machine deal. I see some helpful brand advice above. What about Zanussi? Are they any good nowadays? Currently have a Zanussi FLS1383W which I've used for so long that I'm getting tired of it so would like to replace it but I wonder if newer models are as reliable.


Personally, since I've been living on my own I've had a John Lewis JLWM1203 (made by AEG) for 7 years without any fault whatsoever. A very reliable machine. The machine was provided by my landlord so when I moved out I couldn't take it with me of course. I wouldn't be surprised if it's still going strong. Moved out of that house in December 2016. I'm living in my mum's old house now and the Beko we have here is about 5 years old and hasn't missed a beat. When I eventually find another place of my own I'll only consider Beko. Unless I win the lottery - my mansion will have a top spec Miele.


Personally know lots of people with Beko washing machines and baring noisy bearings at around 4 years old they seem to work quite well. I've got a Beko fridge/freezer, heatpump drier and they haven't caught fire yet ;) The problem with budget is the fact that some people still regard Hotpoint as a premium brand which sadly they're not anymore. At this price it does fall into the budget category. You could pay a lot more for an Indesit/Hotpoint and internally they're all 90% the same. Still would rather save the environment and buy a better brand ;) which I guess is still a lottery ;)


Certainly wouldn't disagree that the expectation for Bosch and Samsung machines should be that they last longer. Definitely more quality in there than your average budget machine. Very puzzling to me why Beko often get as much praise as they do. They're products are as temperamental as anything Hotpoint and Hoover do, and their prices are similar. I wouldn't specifically take one of their products instead. But we're probably arguing the same point really! Budget is always going to be a shot in the dark whatever you buy.


Problem is the parts guarantee will only work if you use a Hoover/Candy approved repairer and they usually cost a standard £130+ to call out. After going through 3 Hotpoint's and an Hoover in the space of 3 years I decided to buy a nearly new secondhand Bosch instead of buying crap. I have since upgraded to a Samsung with a bigger drum and gave the Bosch to my brother. The Bosch is over 8 years old and still going! I only ever had to replace the door seal on that, It was used daily. The Samsung is now a couple of years old with no faults, Because the drum is twice as big it's used every couple of days. You do generally get what you pay for. I'd happily replace a part myself in the Samsung. Shame that Hotpoint went the way they did, They were once a valued British brand that made reliable appliances but since moving production elsewhere they've gone down hill. Yes, a lot of products these days seem to be disposable which is such a shame and not very good for the environment. The main point of my objection is that you can buy cheaper washing machines like Beko that will last much longer.

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