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BLACK+DECKER CS2040-GB Chainsaw Corded, 2000 W, 40 cm for £67.99 Delivered @ HouseMakers
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Posted 30th Oct 2018Posted 30th Oct 2018
BLACK+DECKER CS2040-GB Chainsaw Corded, 2000 W, 40 cm for £67.99 Delivered @ HouseMakers£67.99£89.9924% off
BLACK & DECKER 2000W Corded Chainsaw 40cm - CS2040 The BLACK & DECKER CS2040 2000W Corded Chainsaw features a 40cm cut capacity. Together with 2000 W high torque moto… Read more

Great deal,, these can cost an arm and a leg.


All joking aside, a bit of serious kit, which has the potential for "life changing injuries" - take care when using this, or the consequences may not be that funny! Saying that, make sure the camcorder is running when you use this, the £250 from "Harry Hill" may go some way towards buying a prosthetic limb!


You make me laugh (highfive) (highfive) (highfive)


(devil) lol....didn't realise it...Great (y)


Just in time for tomorrow's costume (y)

Circulon Infinite 4 piece pan set - lifetime guarantee £118.00 @ Housemakers
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Posted 4th Jan 2015Posted 4th Jan 2015
Circulon Infinite 4 piece pan set - lifetime guarantee £118.00 @ Housemakers£118
A superb quality 4 piece pan set with a RRP of £265. Been looking for a set for a while to treat the wife and these have just been ordered. Ace reviews from every site I have seen… Read more

If Circulon are so good why do they give such a worthless guarantee and if the Prestige are not the good ones then why would Which say they are the best buy in their tests, tests which include Circulon? So I could take your uneducated wild guess that Circulon are better or the word of the independent Consumer Association (Which) that have done actual tests proving Prestige are a better buy. So thanks for your input, but no thanks.


You're missing the point! This is a deals website. This is a good deal! If someone posts a deal for a Ferrari at less than 50% of it's RRP it's a good deal. There's no point in saying ahhhh but you could have 4 Yugo Zastava for the same price. Unless you are into false economy of course. Still, there's plenty of freedom of choice - you buy your cheap pans and I've bought the good ones. Thanks for your 'valuable' contribution!


You are comparing a single pan price with a 4 piece set price. If you were buying 4 Prestige pans discounts are always available, so your not comparing like with like. Prestige own web site selling 4 piece set for £31 inc. del. That's £7.50 a pan compared to £29 using your method. That is a massive difference and the Circulon "Lifetime" guarantee con, excluding the most likely reason that a quality pan needs to be replaced (wear and tear). So when the non-stick stops working you will have to buy a new one. As I can buy four Prestige pans for your one I know which I would opt for.


Depends whether you are comparing the RRP as Which do, or you are comparing the price of 4 pans at £118. Therefore an average of £29 per pan. This is less than double the price of the winning best buy, a Prestige at £17. I know which I would prefer to buy!


The guarantee is not that good. I copied this from the makers website. Normal wear and tear is excluded. That makes the lifetime guarantee useless to me. This guarantee does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, accident, misuse, abuse or commercial use. Stains, discolouration or damage from overheating, or discolouration caused by dishwasher use are not covered by this guarantee. Incidental or consequential damages are expressly excluded from this guarantee. Just looked at the Which web site and the Circulon is nine times the price of the cheapest best buy and four times the price of the highest scoring best buy.

Circulon Infinite 24cm saute pan £50.73 delivered @ housemakers
Posted 9th Jan 2013Posted 9th Jan 2013
Circulon Infinite 24cm saute pan £50.73 delivered @ housemakers£50.73
We have wanted one of these pans for ages but didn't like the price .I found it at Housemakers for £49.99 , but delivery is £4.95. If you take it over £50 delivery is free, so I a… Read more



Good deal, and Induction compatible!


Good price, these are excellent pans.


Wild, I bought the 30 cm circulon saute pan from debenhams last week for £18 delivered with 8 % quidco - didn't have a lid mind you.

Black & Decker Workmate WM825 £59.99 @
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Posted 14th Apr 2011Posted 14th Apr 2011
Black & Decker Workmate WM825 £59.99 @£59.99
Cheapest I could find a deluxe workmate

I cannot find a better deal than this.


why the cold votes? if there is a better deal let me know and I'll buy that instead :-)


+ £4.95 standard delivery.

Circulon Infinite Hard Anodized 24cm Stockpot  £54.50 @
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Posted 16th Dec 2010Posted 16th Dec 2010
Circulon Infinite Hard Anodized 24cm Stockpot £54.50 @£54.50
Infinite Circulon 24cm Stockpot £54.50. very good deal. It is hard anodized total non-stick interior, dishwasher safe, suitable for all cooker types including INDUCTION. seems very… Read more

All my pans are from this range as i use induction , this is a decent price for a high quality pan that would set you back 69 quid on amazon


sorry guys, I havent added the tags. Presumably hotukdeals added them automatically. dnt know why. just ignore the tags.


Tags = "hard drive, cheap storage"? It's hard enough to search for something on here without you making it worse. Cold.

12" Desk Fan £20.94 including delivery @
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Posted 9th Jul 2010Posted 9th Jul 2010
12" Desk Fan £20.94 including delivery @£20.94
From the web site : * 30W electric motor. * Push button 2 speed control. * Oscillating function. * Adjustable angle for direction air flow. * 1.8m Cable (appr… Read more

I got one from Currys, from £7.99 for 12", £12.49 for 16" on stand. been using all summer no problem.


Surely if you vote this cold, then its a good thing


Sub Zero


Many better around at better prices


£9.99 delivered on ebay DODT. 270486721654

Hozelock Wall Mounted Hose Reel £14.99 + p&p @ Housemakers
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Posted 26th Apr 2010Posted 26th Apr 2010
Hozelock Wall Mounted Hose Reel £14.99 + p&p @ Housemakers£14.99
Hozelock Wall Mounted Hose Reel with 15m Hose (2422) Hozelock is THE manufacturer of garden watering products with exceptional quality and innovative features that make watering y… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

:x:-( I ordered from Charlies Direct on 25th. They took my payment. Today they inform me that the item is out of stock. They did offer a refund or a higher price alternative - at full price. Currently their website shows it as "Temporarily Out of Stock" but they are not able to say when or if it will become available. Waste of time !! :x


the one i put in is still on stock


Only trouble is its not in stock :whistling:


Your's better mate Sorry


4.95 when I press Cold for me: only 14.00 here

Hozelock 60m Reel with 50m Multi-Purpose Hose £24.99 + £4.95 Delivery @
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Posted 13th Aug 2009Posted 13th Aug 2009
Hozelock 60m Reel with 50m Multi-Purpose Hose £24.99 + £4.95 Delivery @£29.94
As description says ... Pic in ad doesn't show hose but i… Read more

Great deal,however, only available for UK Mainland?


Well, that's cos you're not used to dealing with large hoses ... I'm extremely competent in dealing with mine ... :w00t: (boo-boom - couldn't resist, sorry)


I have one of these and its a pain to wind if you have 50M as I do.


Your 2nd alternative seems a better deal assuming you don't need a 50m hose.


Argh - another alternative Hozelock Compact Reel with 25m Hose (2412) = £19.99 - comes with attachments too

Hozelock Floor Standing 60m Hose Reel with 30m Hose (2489) and all hose fittings + Dial Sprinkler + Gun Spray + Car Care Brush now £19.99 (+£4.95 Del) @ Housemakers
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Posted 23rd Jul 2009Posted 23rd Jul 2009
Hozelock Floor Standing 60m Hose Reel with 30m Hose (2489) and all hose fittings + Dial Sprinkler + Gun Spray + Car Care Brush now £19.99 (+£4.95 Del) @ Housemakers£24.94
Not the most exciting of Hot Deals but might be useful to somebody! I got mine delivered today and think it is a real bargain considering the three extra attachments you get which… Read more

Mine arrived yesterday. Great service as it was only ordered Friday! It was a pain to wind the hose on. I laid it out around the house and would it on slowly, which seemed to work - it needed quite a bit of space though!


horrible to reel it back on Grrrrr


What about this one?


This particular deal may be expired, but if you look at the hoses section on the website there are a number of other hose and real options still at £19.99. Worth having a look.


Yep, sure is. Just spoke to someone at customer services, because when you click on the item it doesn't add to the basket. The woman I spoke to told me it went out of stock this morning, her exact words were "the deal must've gone up on UKHotDeals because we had hundreds of orders overnight!" :thumbsup: Gutted - and they're not getting any more in this season anyway ...

Hozelock Hose Cart with 25m Hose £19.99 @ Housemakers
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Posted 19th Jun 2009Posted 19th Jun 2009
Hozelock Hose Cart with 25m Hose £19.99 @ Housemakers£19.99
I thought this was to good to miss so i made it my first post ! Sorry dont know how put the photo on Reduced from £57.95 to £19.99 delivery - save £37.96! Hozelock is THE manuf… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Many thanks to the poster. I think the other deal is still on though that should include a 30m hose and the car brush etc. ]see here


ordere to-day, good price, heat added


[image missing]


They had a much better deal a while ago, which may re-appear.


Great price.:thumbsup: