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-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% off and free postage on any order @ !

...whoops! Sorry - will try harder next time!


Good to have retailers name in the title :)


it says deals at the bottom.


from where?! it would be nice to know in your post before pressing 'go to deal' :) maybe that's just me being picky!

-15% Discount
-15% Discount
An extra 15% off the Howies sale
The end of the sale is approaching. Intill Monday the 18th of febuary anyone who enters the code '75LST8' in the checkout (our quotes it to the mail order team) will r… Read more

thanks! Nice to contribute something for a change:) I wasn't sure whether the sale itself was included in the 'deal'


Welcome to HUKD lewismoo and thanks for the post :) I'm going to change it to a voucher, as that's what this actually is. Please see the links in my signature for help on posting deals.

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25% off all full price Howies gear to NHS or blue light card holders
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Posted 6th Apr 2020Posted 6th Apr 2020
25% off all full price Howies gear to NHS or blue light card holders
As the title says. 25% off all full price items to blue light card holders nice offer from a tiny company

cool story


Totally agree. Howies charge the true price for garments. Quality ones, made to last, made with love and care by people working in good conditions. Clothing that can be repaired and will far outlast any of the fast fashion garments that other retailers sell. If all bought fewer, higher quality and better made (thus more expensive) cloths the world would be a much better place. As for riding on the back of the NHS for publicity. This is available to all emergency services, not just NHS. Also this is Howies, a tiny company in Wales offering 25% off everything, not some huge multinational! Thats an amazing offer for a tiny company, they should be applauded for making. Any way Im glad other appreciate this deal and hope some can benefit from Howies good will.


Got a lovely t shirt from George for £4 other day. Nice design. Could buy 6 of them for the same price as this, with change !


Keep calm and carry on killing people.


except it's not crap as I've already explained. Edit: There is A LOT of cheap, damaging, corrupt, exploitative, wasteful clothing punted about on this website. Howies is the opposite of this. They design their kit to last so you don't throw it away, so you don't have to "buy twice". You might not like the design of a teeshirt, but please respect the brand for it's choices in how it brings clothing to sale. They should be applauded and held up as examples to other dubious companies. So it costs a little more, just think of the people you're not exploiting when you pay £25 instead of £15. At least we have the choice.

Howies - Mens and Womens Cycling bib shorts for £29.50 @ Howies
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Posted 18th Jun 2019Posted 18th Jun 2019
Howies - Mens and Womens Cycling bib shorts for £29.50 @ Howies£29.50
Amazing price for a great quality brand. Half the RRP The mens state that some stitching is too tight but it does not affect the item at all just below their usual standards hence… Read more

Poor response but of course you are good at those aren't you. Prat. Yes I am looking forward to comfortable riding wearing padded cycling shorts. I don't care if its seen as poncy...


You have already demonstrated you can't absorb simple sentences, so why would I take any notice of your interpretations. I think you are just looking for an argument. I am not interested in arguing with you. I find it impossible to reason with the terminally ignorant. Now please, go about your business, whilst wearing your poncy padded Lycra, and leave me alone. (lipstick)


Its quite simple; you are confusing your opinion as one that applies to most people. It's just your experience and many other people have had quite different experiences.


Will do, then maybe you could explain exactly why you think I'm confused, based on my previous comments. I said random, as you commented quite randomly. You mention the state of the roads you use, where I have already mentioned most of my ride is on 'very rough terrain'. That makes your first comment irrevelant. You then go on to try and advise me that to avoid discomfort, I should get a pair of these things. I never said I was in any discomfort. I did say that chaffing sometimes occurs, and that 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'. That's why I reckon your comments are random. I think it is you who is confused. Bash on then, why do you think I am confused, based on my previous comments please? :D


Welcome. Maybe you could have a crack at explaining your 'random' comment...

Howies Caudal Jacket, wind/waterproof technicalwear, 50% off now £74.50
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Posted 21st Nov 2016Posted 21st Nov 2016
Howies Caudal Jacket, wind/waterproof technicalwear, 50% off now £74.50£74.50
There's a few hefty discounts for Civilised Friday, but I thought this jacket was definitely worth a mention. I'm a big fan of howies and have worn their gear for years - it does w… Read more

love everything about this company. the quality off their goods it's exceptional.


M size still available... just ;)




Heat from me,Howies is great quality.

Howies Merino Baselayers £25.05 - Howies
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Posted 4th Jun 2015Posted 4th Jun 2015
Howies Merino Baselayers £25.05 - Howies£25.05
Seems like a great price compared to normal! "To celebrate howies being in business since June 1995 and reaching the ripe old age of twenty this month, we are offering you £19.95 … Read more
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Good deal, Howies merino is excellent UK designed stuff

Howies Sale - Merino Wool tops (Delivery £4 Free over £50) £39 delivered
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Posted 28th Aug 2014Posted 28th Aug 2014
Howies Sale - Merino Wool tops (Delivery £4 Free over £50) £39 delivered£39
Heads up on this Sale for those that haven't seen it. I can highly recommend the Merino wool tops such as this: I paid… Read more

I womders why my merino wool jumper deal got so hot... Only a tenner


I got the Micro ones - they're much thinner than my Helly Hansen "Warm freeze" which I tend to get too warm in. They're also not so body-hugging which can be a dis/advantage depending on what you prefer and what you're using it for :)


Which smart wool ones in particular? Any good?


I've managed to get a few Smartwool ones cheap if anyone is interested:- Be aware of the different "weights"


just needs a gold emblem in the shape of a Star fleet Insignia

Howies Sale now on, big discounts, choice picks include...
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Posted 1st Jan 2013Posted 1st Jan 2013
Howies Sale now on, big discounts, choice picks include...
Howies stuff lasts forever. I've got 8 year old Howie jeans that still look new. Amazing kit but it sure costs - which is why it's lovely when they have a proper generous sale. HO… Read more

Quality's amazing. Size... not really sure, I tend to order two sizes and send one back.


Had a look but unsure of the quality and the odd sizes, 41-43 xl or 43-45 xxl... Yeah I'm a big lad normally a 42-44 (a 43" really) so not sure I'd be better with an xl or an xxl..... Any one got any experience?


Picked up a jumper! Good price for howies!


yez my sainsbury jeans look new after 5 years good thanks


Not for the wider gentleman it seems

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Howies Summer Sale
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Posted 9th Jul 2009Posted 9th Jul 2009
Howies Summer Sale
Howies Summer Sale - Items up to half price. 'Ethically' made clothes, organic, no sweat shops etc etc and nice stuff to boot.
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about time someone put something ethical in this bad bad world, heat added, well done

Howies clothing sale, further reductions. Still some bargains to be had.........
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Posted 29th Jan 2009Posted 29th Jan 2009
Howies clothing sale, further reductions. Still some bargains to be had.........
Howies mens, womens, kids organic clothing - further reductions in sale. Not too many sizes left, but I just managed to bag a jacket reduced from £127 to £56. Using promotion code … Read more

Just had an email from Howies "unfortunately we cannot apply the train4 offer code to sale items" Will ring them and find out more


makes the merino base layers a good price, i passed this onto others they were grateful hot

20% off everything for 24 hours @ Howies
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Posted 20th Nov 2008Posted 20th Nov 2008
20% off everything for 24 hours @ Howies
Howies decided to knock 20% off everything (excluding items already on sale or use of vouchers) on their site for 24 hours. Offer ends at 1pm tomorrow (Friday).
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This must be in repsonce to their competitors sale, M&S haha


I still have 2 pairs of jeans I bought years ago. They're still in great condition. I'm actually wearing a pair now along with a hoodie of theirs, which is also immaculate. It's rare to find quality nowadays. Unfortunately their site seems to be suffering from the influx of visitors at the moment.


Howies stuff is amazing. I had some jeans that lasted about 6 years of punishment. The dye had almost completely drained, but the jeans themselves were still holding up. Then I put a knife through the knee one day :( Heat n Rep.

Howies lMens and Womens Sale on now
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Posted 9th Jul 2008Posted 9th Jul 2008
Howies lMens and Womens Sale on now
Lots of reductions
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heat added realy good shirts

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