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Humax Freeview Play Recorder FVP-5000T 500GB (Refurbished) - £99.99 delivered at humaxdirect
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Posted 1st AprPosted 1st Apr
Humax Freeview Play Recorder FVP-5000T 500GB (Refurbished) - £99.99 delivered at humaxdirect£99.99 Free P&P Free
Humax have a range of their refurbished recorders reduced until the 5th April on their 'direct' website. The FVP-5000T 500GB normally drops to £129.99, and they state this is the … Read more



Will a Roku stick record 500gb of terrestrial TV programs?


Aye I was taking the mick. I'm humax fan & user for 6 years now. Hate the fact people say just get a roku/fire stick. Not everything is streaming & love recording


I have had one for three years and if this is the best then the others must be really really bad! My previous Humax Freesat box was far superior. I need to get a dish installed so that I can get rid of this freeview box.


I have one of these and it's very unreliable. Constantly keeps failing to record, the power on LED is a joke and the designer who came up with idea should be sacked.

Freeview Play Recorder FVP-5000T 500GB (Refurbished) - £129.99 delivered at humax direct
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Posted 26th Jun 2020Posted 26th Jun 2020
Freeview Play Recorder FVP-5000T 500GB (Refurbished) - £129.99 delivered at humax direct£129.99£199.9935% off Free P&P Free
Which? Best Buy - PVRs December 2017 What hi-fi 5stars Home Cinema Choice Bestbuy What Hi Fi Award Which? Best Buy - PVRs December 2017 The Humax FVP-5000T 500GB is a HD … Read more

I picked up the bt uhd t4000 1gb for £55. Seems pretty decent. Got an app for Amazon prime video in there which was a surprise. It has Netflix also but I don't have that.


No subscription needed.


Do you have to pay subscription on youview box? Need twin recorder


I have the custom firmware on 2 x HDR-Fox T2 and it works well. More information here The DetectAds package is one of my favourites as it automatically removes ads from recorded programs.


Does anyone have experience of the fox HDR with custom firmware? Also I have 5000 fvp but if I press the Netflix by mistake does anyone know how to get rid of the log in screen? Tia

Refurbished Humax 5000T 2TB Freeview Play recorder £189 / 500Gb model £129 @ humax direct
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Posted 18th Jun 2020Posted 18th Jun 2020
Refurbished Humax 5000T 2TB Freeview Play recorder £189 / 500Gb model £129 @ humax direct£189 Free P&P Free
Description copied from Humax website. I've got the older version and is great with all the catch up services. Note the prices start from £129.00 for the 500gb model. Free nex… Read more

Thumbs up for Humax from me, I bought a Humax HDR Fox T2 refurbished two years ago, and that’s been a very reliable machine.


It's a bix expensive considering that with smart tv's you can record to an external hard drive which you can buy for around £40


No steer clear of Humax. Terrible for updates. The world has moved on and humax has not.


It can be a bit laggy at times. There's a setting to have it turn off automatically at a set time every day and turn back on in the morning at whatever time you want. This reboot helps keep the planner up to date including recordings.


How is the remote control on these , my old Humax is dreadful and unless you are 3 feet directly in front of it with new batteries in it , it wont work.

Humax HB-1100S Smart Freesat HD Reciever Refurbished £69 @ Humax
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Posted 20th Aug 2018Posted 20th Aug 2018
Humax HB-1100S Smart Freesat HD Reciever Refurbished £69 @ Humax£69
Good value for a Freesat HD box with WiFi and optional recording with the addition of a USB Hdd.

Without an external HDD no it's no better. Add a drive and you gain a single recording option and pause etc. Sky boxes loose all recording capability if you cancel the sub.


Would this be any better than a sky+ hd box with a cancelled sky account?


I concur. Had to buy a freeview box as a result!


Regulators should have ensured equality of access, especially for those with no terrestrial broadcast. But they are so out of touch that they only regulate on equal access to SD broadcast...No wonder the likes of Netflix are wooing people away.


Sounds great, but many of us have no access to terrestrial broadcasts.

FREEVIEW PLAY RECORDER FVP-4000T Manufacturer Refurb £105.30 @ Humax
324° Expired
Posted 23rd Mar 2018Posted 23rd Mar 2018
FREEVIEW PLAY RECORDER FVP-4000T Manufacturer Refurb £105.30 @ Humax£105.30
£117, reduced from £169. Use code BASKET10 for 10% discount to get it to £105.30 with free next day delivery. FREEVIEW PLAY RECORDER FVP-4000T Refurbished with 1 year's guarant… Read more

I have now expired this deal.


Under DSR I returned this unit to Humax. Compared with Freesat📡, Freeview has limited access to such as Curzon Home Cinema, Amazon Prime etc., channel availability (200 vs 70 approx.) and apps in general. Freeview does have more HD channels.


Humax Direct raised their refurb price for these and other units (as is their right) unannounced this week. In addition, BASKET10 discount, no longer works.


You've got the most recent update. Almost sent mine back when i bought one four months ago. Seemed so laggy and clunky compared to the previous Sky HD+ box plus the tv guide would occasionally freeze requiring a reboot. Lag is still there but otherwise the other bugs have disappeared and now it does all i want and then some. Very easy to network. Bought a cheap 2nd hand Humax H3 Espresso media player off ebay. IMO defo don't pay full price as the H3 doesn't have much functionality. But i now stream recordings from the main Humax box to the H3 located in another room. I have also transferred tv recordings from the Humax to my PC for offline viewing (Youtube it if interested). Overall i'm happy with the box and recommend it if you can live with the lag.


You've got me wondering if I have the update - there's been no change in the responsiveness or speed since I first got it about a year ago :( Edit: Just had a peek, my Software Build Date is 12 Jan 2018.

FREESAT RECORDER HDR-1100S 500GB BLACK (REFURBISHED) £125.10 Next Day Del - Humax Direct
235° Expired
Posted 21st Mar 2018Posted 21st Mar 2018
FREESAT RECORDER HDR-1100S 500GB BLACK (REFURBISHED) £125.10 Next Day Del - Humax Direct£125.10
£125.10 with code: BASKET10 and get free next day delivery. Yes it is refurbished but cheaper than any I could see on ebay or elsewhere. Please note this is a FREESAT (not freevie… Read more

This deal has now expired - still a decent price for the best Freesat box going. Mine has been used daily with zero problems.


BASKET10 worked up to last week, it doesn't now. For info only.


Should be possible to watch 4 HD like this if you can put up with no EPG and fiddling.


Because of the 4HD together with their catch-up app being withdrawn, after many a year with my Humax Freesat PVR, I've just bought instead the FREEVIEW PLAY RECORDER FVP-4000T 500GB - MOCHA (REFURBISHED).


Really happy with my purchase. I love the "this channel is available in HD, press OK to watch" which was a bug bare of mine on Virgin and Sky. Picture quality is much better than my old Sky HD+ box, I'm impressed.

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Refurbished HUMAX Freeview Play Recorder FVP-4000T 500GB (Free delivery) £117 @ Humax Direct
221° Expired
Posted 6th Feb 2018Posted 6th Feb 2018
Refurbished HUMAX Freeview Play Recorder FVP-4000T 500GB (Free delivery) £117 @ Humax Direct£117
This is a Freeview Play recorder, which allows you to record, pause and rewind live TV on Freeview Channels. This is not the latest version, the FVP-5000T is available now but is … Read more

HUMAX have now updated the software on the FVP-4000T so that it now runs the same software as the FVP-5000T. So this is an even better deal now


I have the FVP-5000T. It's quite good but the software is quite buggy, for example:- Sometimes when I press pause and then unpause it subtitles are then displayed even though they are set to off and the only way to get rid of them them is to turn the subtitles on and then off again. It's quite an annoying 'feature'.


I've managed to get Standard Definition freeview recordings transferred via USB to play on my PC


There are several YouTube videos showing how it is done but not tried it myself. Looks a bit of a faff tbh.


Do any of these Humax units allow you to transfer HD recordings onto another storage device and watch them on say a computer? Or are they still locked to being played on the very same Humax unit?

Humax HDR-1100S 500GB set top box (Refurbished) £139 @ Humax Direct
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Posted 12th Dec 2017Posted 12th Dec 2017
Humax HDR-1100S 500GB set top box (Refurbished) £139 @ Humax Direct£139
I have just binned Sky and was looking for a Freesat box. It looks like Humax have the monopoly on the Freesat set top boxes. A 500GB box looks to be usually around the £180 mark. … Read more

Can it record 2 channels at once and can you transfer stuff from its HD to another HD?


You are not alone-I could fry eggs on mine! Slows down and takes 8 seconds to work out series record. And this despite the fact that on this model the power supply is outside. I'm very disappointed compared to my previous Humax box.


Shame none of these newer Humaxes have custom firmware any more - allowing you to decrypt HD recordings for copying onto tablets, skip ads, control via web, etc.


I have this same box and bought it refurbished. Really nice piece of kit. Can record 2 channels no problem.


No idea about TV boxes but any recommendations for a freesat recorder that's fast with a nice user interface and well supported? Having two video outputs and ability to record one Chanel and watch another would also be a bonus. Id spend up to £250 if it was going to last. Or any trustworthy sites you clued up guys could point me at? Freeview is terrible in my postcode btw so has to be freesat.

Humax FVP-4000T 2TB Smart Freeview Play 2TB, 3 x HD Tuners, Wi-fi £299 -15% @ Humaxdirect
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Posted 6th Jul 2017Posted 6th Jul 2017
Humax FVP-4000T 2TB Smart Freeview Play 2TB, 3 x HD Tuners, Wi-fi £299 -15% @ Humaxdirect£299
299-15% with code LOVE15 That's £254 with free Next Day delivery 2 year warranty.

Works for me for this item, but I don't have an aerial so thought I'd try the freesat version and get the error saying not valid. So maybe you are not choosing the correct model?


Works for me (without logging on or anything); ensure there are no spaces. I get Coupon code "LOVE15" was applied.


"Coupon code "LOVE15" is not valid."

Humax Freesat Recorder HDR 1100S (Refurb) £149 at HumaxDirect
62° Expired
Posted 22nd Mar 2017Posted 22nd Mar 2017
Humax Freesat Recorder HDR 1100S (Refurb) £149 at HumaxDirect£149
Just had an email from humax. Hi for the Freesat HDR 1100S refurb for £149.99. I've bought direct from them before and there refurb stuff is like new. Comes with a 1 year warranty… Read more

I agree with Queer


Quite right! I blame my ​mild dyslexia for mistaking my HDR1000S, for this item; apologies.


Mines a refurb had no probs, if you do then send it back. That's why we have warranties but you pays your money and takes your choice.


Had two refurbs from them, first was DOA but they replaced it sharpish and the second is still going strong.


I wouldn't touch a refurb. had enough trouble with brand new humax units.