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Forza 7 - 2019 Veloster Turbo and Veloster N Hyundai Car Pack (XO/Win10) Free January 16th
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Posted 15th Jan 2018Posted 15th Jan 2018
Forza 7 - 2019 Veloster Turbo and Veloster N Hyundai Car Pack (XO/Win10) Free January 16th
Hyundai today unveiled the all-new 2019 Veloster Turbo and its high-performance counterpart, Veloster N, at the North American International Auto Show. As part of the reveal, Hyund… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Yeah I know, hate driving in lambos and McLarens when Hyundai's are available (unicorn)


Heat added, grabbed this the other day. shame they dont have the i30N for the UK market on Forza aswell


For anyone else that can't find it on Microsofts pee poor store search:




It's the first line Both cars arrive in-game as free downloadable content on January 16, 2018

Free AA breakdown cover with Hyundai Service
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Posted 11th Oct 2017Posted 11th Oct 2017
I just noticed that if you got your car serviced with Hyundai they give you free home start + on travel AA breakdown cover which usually costs £115 per year. Hyundai cheapest servi… Read more

I just pulled this off the Hyundai website so yes it is included. Link here


Thanks - I didn’t read description properly lol x


Isn't cover included over the 5 year warranty for Hyundai anyway, obviously dependant on meeting service requirements, so only of interest to owners of older vehicles?


I used to work for AA and biggest difference between AA and any other is repair rate. AA pays incentive to patrols if they repair the car instead of towing which is a big difference from any other as if ur car goes in garage u know rest

I have an i20, and started losing cooling 6 months outside of the 5 year warranty. Eventually diagnosed as faulty heater matrix and cost a fortune to fix (£800 I think it was), and in the following months had to go back as thermostat failed (Another £200, after initially being told it was covered by parts warranty for previous repair), and the radiator. Those issues, plus having to get brakes fixed, cost over £2000 - which was almost the worth of the car at the time! Still have it though, if I didn't already have my service done a couple of weeks ago I may have gone for this... if I could trust the muppets in the Chertsey depot again!

Interest free Hyundai deals
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Posted 3rd Apr 2014Posted 3rd Apr 2014
Interest free Hyundai deals
This is available on many different models as of right now but I just thought that this is excellent. No interest paid on these cars is good and with interest rates so poor in the … Read more

Plus it's a lot bigger I think than the old one as well more like an i20 now


Free metallic paint thrown in and a free tank of fuel so I remembered to haggle lol.


It's not a witch hunt, they make good cars, but £9.5k is just too much money for an i10. If it was sub £7k then it would be a flaming hot deal as previous deals have shown. It sounds like you got a generous part ex because you paid the MRP, but no one should be paying the MRP unless it's something exotic or special.


Even so, I don't see why there is a Hyundai witch hunt on here? I don't understand how the price can be cold since this is a deals website and it's a 0%apr finance with three years free servicing. This is a deal? Lol I don't see how it's a bad one.


In general cars haven't kept up with inflation over the years, companies like Ford and Vauxhall haven't increased anywhere near what Hyundai/KIA have in recent times. The real increase is because they used to make their name as cheap and reliable, now they have a loyal customer base and a more successful brand they can keep up the prices and get in line with the other brands and give a more premium image. Have a look at the price the Metro used to start at 23 years ago, almost the same as a Sandero, Alto or sometimes a C1/107. In general we are getting more for less nowadays.

Hyundai i10, New £6,995 OTR @ Hyundai
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Posted 19th Jan 2014Posted 19th Jan 2014
Hyundai i10, New £6,995 OTR @ Hyundai£6,995
Says from £6,995 on the Hyundai website for the i10. We went to the dealer today and it is true, as long as you don't mind white. Test drove it and great little car. Aircon, CD et… Read more

They are no longer showing this older model on the BSM website.


Now down to £6670 at Bristol Street Motors (where we bought ours). Might even be able to haggle a bit more off now that the new version is out.


just bought the 2014 (63) Chevrolet Spark 1.0 LS [MY2014] [Hatchback] for £5090 to replace the peugoet 107 ,need 5 seats and 5 door ,i know chevrolet are pulling out of europe and parts may be an problem in future and i dont think its as powerful or economical as 107 but i have got a lot more car for the buck only time will tell but don`t regret it one bit


which model? there are 3 models in i10 (classic, active, premium). which one for 6k? active?


No, I do not have an i10, I did have one as hire car once, and was very impressed with it. The new SE model costs a lot more than this model, has no spare wheel as standard etc. I am not saying that the new model isn't better than this one, it just does not represent such good value for money. The new model is just a ( different ) version of the Kia Picanto, as far as I can tell. The Classic version ( this one ) is the base model, so any comparisons should be made with the base version of the new model.

£8,695 Hyundai i20 OTR (£1,400 saving)
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Posted 4th Jul 2013Posted 4th Jul 2013
£8,695 Hyundai i20 OTR (£1,400 saving)£8,695
I was looking at gettin one of these when they were £10k. on paper they seem like a smart investment. £30 a year road tax (1st year included free) 1.2 engine 84BHP 57.6MPG combi… Read more

Massive saving on the same model here


It would be, if it was funny.(_;)


Clue Sunshine - Top Gear is a comedy show.


They won't break down is what I said and did you not watch the destruction of the Hilux on Top Gear


A Toyota Corolla GTI would outlast this i20 so I don't need a crystal ball to state the obvious which is that a newer Toyota would outlast a Hyundai.

2.5kw oil filled radiator with thermostat , heat settings & timer !!special offer !! - £33.99 @ amazon
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Posted 14th Nov 2012Posted 14th Nov 2012
2.5kw oil filled radiator with thermostat , heat settings & timer !!special offer !! - £33.99 @ amazon£33.99
3 Heat Settings Adjustable Thermostat Safe & Easy to use Carrying Handle On Wheels for mobility ..

I got the same reply from Amazon,it was not your fault . I am very disapointed with Amazon,they should have offered us the heater we ordered i see they have the 2.5kw with timer at 43.99.


Same thing happened with me..I too don't want this 2kw radiator with out a timer @ £33.99.I wrote to amazon and complained about the asked me to return the product..But i am feeling like the seller hyundai [fullfilled by amazon] have cheated me. ''Sorry for posting this Deal''.


Received a heater today from amazon,its not the one they had in the add,plus I see they changed the add to this 2.0kw one I received,does not have a timer.I still have the email confirming the 2.5kw heater with timer I ordered. Wrote to amazon 1/2 hour ago waiting on reply.They have broke the trading standards.Lets see what they do.I don't want this heater at that price.


what's your 2Kw one like Squillon? How big's the room it heats etc?


Incorrect as link goes to the 2Kw rad that I posted already.

Hyundai 2000 watt Electric Oil Filled Radiator with Thermostat & 3 Heat Settings - Amazon - £33.99
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Posted 21st Oct 2012Posted 21st Oct 2012
Hyundai 2000 watt Electric Oil Filled Radiator with Thermostat & 3 Heat Settings - Amazon - £33.99£33.99
Cool price for a 2Kw oil filled radiator - price includes delivery

Yep this is the one I went for. I would say that yes, pretty good for heating up a large living room sized area. Not going to get it over (say) 22-23C but that's toasty.


any one got one of these? can they heat up a large living room / small shop? cheers

Hyundai i10 Active Solid Paint with £1250 customer saving - £7695
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Posted 23rd Apr 2012Posted 23rd Apr 2012
Hyundai i10 Active Solid Paint with £1250 customer saving - £7695£7,695
*****Knowledgeable Car folk on here will be able to tell me if this the best deal or not I'm sure! ***** Still looking for a deal for my youngster who won't be seen dead in a Skoda… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Depends which engine you have.


Says no road tax on the advert on tv !


Fiat 500 great car, unfortunately its the most vandalized car in London according to statistics recently released. Like to know if the insurance premium has increased because of this??


Thought this was Road Tax Band C currently £30.


The Fiat 500 is very trendy holds in value and no road tax !

Free Safari Park entry when test driving a Hyundai i40!  Woburn, Longleat, West Midland, Knowsley, Blair Drummond.
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Posted 15th Aug 2011Posted 15th Aug 2011
Free Safari Park entry when test driving a Hyundai i40! Woburn, Longleat, West Midland, Knowsley, Blair Drummond.
Free entry to a safari park for up to 5 people, and you get to do it in someone else's car! The deal is that you sign up (for free) to test-drive the new Hyundai i40 at a Safari P… Read more

Had a great time at Blairdrummond so a huge thanks to the original poster, for the best freebie ever posted on HUKD imho :)


Had a fantastic day out at Blar Drummond, full value = £47.50 Two adults and child = £35 Free tokens for ammusements: £10 Free map/programme: £2.50 This is the best deal i have found on here so far, many thanks to the OP. No hard sell and a leasurely test drive of the car which lasted only 15mins :)

choc1969 Test drive in Northern Ireland now:


had lovely day at blair drummond with the kids, even the weather was good. was expecting the hard sell but they weren't pushy at all. thay even gave us a bag of tokens for the fair ground rides. the car was absolute top of the range model with all the extras, really want one now, lol thanks again op.


Well OP, 4 adults and five children would like to thank you very much for posting this freebie, the best we've ever had on here. We went to Longleat today on one of the hottest days and had an amazing time. As already stated, no hard sell, the kids had their faces painted and entered a colouring comepetition. We took the cars out for just under 2 hours and then had a picnic and wandered around the rest of the park and play area (I even got to hold a snake and have a parrot on my shoulder) Really chuffed and owe you big time as you saved us well over £200 :3

Hyundai i10 1.2L Classic - £6,995 on the road @ Hyundai
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Posted 4th May 2011Posted 4th May 2011
Hyundai i10 1.2L Classic - £6,995 on the road @ Hyundai£6,995
Cheapest 5 Seat Car Hyundai i10 Classic 1.2L £20 road tax 5 yr warranty + 5yr breakdown cover On the road price i10 Classic 1.2 available from £6,995 OTR with £1,200 customer… Read more


They expected something much better than a city car, and where wrong.


So they can expect a city car can they? Fancy that then...


I was pointing out that anyone buying this expecting a highly specced car (as was claimed by other posters) will be sadly disappointed. It`s alright as a city car, but expecting more than that would be rediculous.


But that's you problem mate - you are comparing the i10 against bigger cars. Why????? This is a deal for a small city car. And you are putting down the i10 against big cars. If people are looking for a deal on a small city car, then this is amongst the very best deals you can get - and a very good spec when comparing like for like. I don't think anyone looking at the i10 is weighing up whether to buy this for long motorway journeys or a bigger car. What the i10 does is beats SIMILAR type cars in SIMILAR price ranges. When I bought mine it was the best spec car for that price. Don't think it's fair to compare this again big cars costing 2-3 times as much....that's not the point this webstie.