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Get four Apple subscriptions on us, free for up to five months for card holders (Email Specific) via Barclays Bank
19/07/2022Expires on 19/07/2022Posted 20th AugPosted 20th Aug
Check your emails if you have a Barclay Card! Just got this email from Barclays for my Barclays Card. Free Apple subscriptions: Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple News+ and Apple Arcad… Read more

Just received this, they must be rolling out the offer....


Explains why i haven't got it :)


I just got the Apple news one, I clicked through the email link on my iPad and pressed a button on top of my iPad, it done the Face ID and it was all done, code must have been automatically added, checked my subscriptions and it expires January, it said one month trial and four free. I will do the same in November for the music and July just before it expires for the TV, I didn't have to put in any card details as I already had one on there


Oh that’s good information. I didn’t get the offer but feel less bad about it now.


I had a years Apple TV free when I brought an iPhone just ended last week, tried to get another free year but to new members only ;(

40% off Hugo Boss Black Nylon Watch with Pingit pay technology built in £77.99 @ Barclays Bank / Ping It Store
199° Expired
Posted 18th Jun 2020Posted 18th Jun 2020
40% off Hugo Boss Black Nylon Watch with Pingit pay technology built in £77.99 @ Barclays Bank / Ping It Store£77.99 Free P&P Free
Decent price down from £129.99 for a nice stylish watch with the added bonus of pingit pay technology built in for contactless payments. Good for clumsy kids who are prone to losin… Read more

Thank you for clarifying. Very strange way to kill off a device - this isn't a phone, I don't want to replace it every 2 years.


It isn’t clear in the t’s and c’s but may be the contract between the chip company and Barclays renewed every couple of yrs so only guarantees the minimum 2 yrs but could go for more...


I was asking what the 2 year expiry is all about?


I'm only saying whats on the page in the link.


You just quoted the same T+C at me?

Hugo Boss Nylon Black/Orange watch with Pingit contactless technology £69.99 @ Pingit
311° Expired
Posted 11th Jun 2020Posted 11th Jun 2020
Hugo Boss Nylon Black/Orange watch with Pingit contactless technology £69.99 @ Pingit£69.99 Free P&P Free
Hugo Boss Nylon Black, Orange watch Introducing stylish Hugo Boss watch with contactless technology that is powered by Pingit Featuring an oversized stainless steel case, with … Read more

Pingit is not compatible with ApplePay. I have tried to connect my card to it, but no joy. Would have been nice.


Didn't notice, but now I'm thinking "Barclays, a bank that knows 5hyt3 about numbers. No bl (annoyed) dy wonder there was a banking crisis!"


nice watch. Did anyone notice it's listed on the site as 40% off with original selling price £99.99 so it should be £60 and not £69.99, or am I missing something? tempting purchase though!


To be fair, it's the one that made me go look online


Prefer this

Hugo Boss Nylon Black watch with contactless payment £77.99 at Pingit
340° Expired
Posted 11th Jun 2020Posted 11th Jun 2020
Hugo Boss Nylon Black watch with contactless payment £77.99 at Pingit£77.99£129.9940% off
Similar to earlier posting but has contactless payment through pingit for those that are interested. Chips last 5 years before expiration. Introducing stylish Hugo Boss watch w… Read more

Nice spot @mwc89 thanks for sharing and welcome to hotukdeals


I have one I got last year that is removable and it expires in 2024


... "The device can be used for payments for a minimum of 2 years". ... BUT ... "If your device has a non-removable chip [which this does have], upon expiry the chip will not work for contactless payment and cannot be replaced." I wonder what the real world life expectancy of these chips actually is and whether they have an industry mandated expiry.


Or save another £8 and get this silver cased, orange hour markers version. Clever marketing move of Barclays to get Boss branded watches behind their Pingit payment system. (they've also got a few Timex, Guess watches as well as payment bands and keyfobs) Materials: Case – stainless steel, Strap – half fabric, half leather Measurements: Case width – 52mm, Case depth – 12mm, Strap width – 24mm Battery: Battery required Chip: The chip in this device is non-removable Looks like this Boss watch is only given a 6 month warranty though. "...Warranty: A faulty device can be returned within 6 months for a replacement or full refund. To return your device, you must complete the returns form and return it, along with your device by post. Note – To exchange a faulty or damaged device, it needs to be within its 6-month warranty period, which starts from the date of activation. You can also contact us without using this form, but please make sure you provide full details of your order to help us to identify it. If your device was purchased through an approved retailer please contact them directly to make arrangements."

Free Pingit Fob with code usually £7.99 @ Pingit
1717° Expired
Posted 9th Jun 2020Posted 9th Jun 2020
Free Pingit Fob with code usually £7.99 @ PingitFREE£7.99
Update 1
Available again with updated code Device02
Previous used Device01 - Thanks to @watson44 for the new code!
Received an email from pingit. Free contactless device using code Device01. You can buy the other devices too and use the code it will deduct £7.99. You have to top up the device b… Read more

I would think it's more likely due to this. "Forgetting your PINWhile contactless allows you to make payments without a PIN, it doesn’t mean you can forget it entirely. Card issuers only allow five consecutive contactless transactions that can be made before a PIN is requested in order to prevent fraud. So if you only use your card for small payments make sure you can recall the PIN to avoid getting caught out at the till." As you can't insert the pingit card, it's going to be a problem. That was on the lovemoney website. To be honest mine hasn't worked for months.


Barclays are being idiots. They are reducing credit card limits and also killing PingIt,a very nice concept. It is cash less and it is probable & almost discreet! But alas!


Got one. To use it have to activate it by going into a Barclays branch. I have a Barclaycard and went to a branch with an ID but they asked for proof of address. Told them I have a credit card from Barclays. They said I need a printed bill. Told them is 2021 and being a client already they can check who I am. They disagreed. Goodbye Pingit! Sorry for trying to be unfaithful Google Pay :o


Me too. I now use Starling Bank and my two boys have a debit card which you can top up and view spending. Costs £2.50 a month though.


We got the little Pingit key fob as a result of this thread. It's been brilliant. My son could take it with him after I'd topped it up and I could keep an eye on what was being spent. I've received an email to say Pingit will be no more from 30th June 2021. We have other ways of paying, but Pingit was so useful - we'll miss it!

Barclays Blue Rewards Current account cash reward ccount - Get up to £7 a month Replacement for Santander
-39° Expired
Posted 20th May 2020Posted 20th May 2020
Barclays Blue Rewards Current account cash reward ccount - Get up to £7 a month Replacement for Santander
Current account cash reward Get up to £7 a month for using your account – we’ll give you £3.50 for each of the first two Direct Debits you pay. Getting started is easy It only t… Read more

Up and till last month I paid them £3 a month and they kindly gave me £12 back. Sadly I have just paid my interest only mortgage off with them and now I will loose money, as my interest was less than the rewards received for having the mortgage lol!


I was inferring nothing of the sort. Maybe the word 'down' was what gave you that impression? I will be sure to think of my adverbs more carefully from now on.


You were inferring they'd cut the benefits like many banks are currently doing when they just haven't. It's being going for many, many years at the £7 for £3 rate, but more recently they introduced a limited time offer for new accounts only so have cut nothing.


They still pay extra if mortgage with them


I’ve used it and accumulated quite a bit over the years. They used to pay extra if you had a morgage with them but it’s still £3 a month for not doing a right lot for those that qualify.

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Free Access To Over 300,000 Books (Including Academic Books) with Barclays via Perlego until 30th June - If Registered As A Student
247° Expired
Posted 28th Apr 2020Posted 28th Apr 2020
Free Access To Over 300,000 Books (Including Academic Books) with Barclays via Perlego until 30th June - If Registered As A StudentFREE£0.01
Hey Guys; Just got this email from Barclays where, if you’re registered as a student and studying, you will have FREE access to Perlego’s online resources until June 2020 as unive… Read more

Depending when Voxi offer ends, use this if possible and then Voxi to potentially get 14 weeks out of it as this offer lasts around 8-9 weeks? :)


so it doesnt work if you have a higher education account? darn


Just had a Perlego offer from Voxi - 6 weeks free access


Because the code is my personal one?


What's the point if you cover the code?

Barclays to offer customers new £750 interest-free overdrafts (Newly Approved + Pre-Existing) from 1 May - 9 July
731° Expired
Posted 21st Apr 2020Posted 21st Apr 2020
Barclays to offer customers new £750 interest-free overdrafts (Newly Approved + Pre-Existing) from 1 May - 9 July
Barclays have just announced from the start of next month customers will pay no interest on the first £750 of their overdrafts. This should come handy for folks facing the difficul… Read more

Apparently, these high rates are actually revenue neutral for the banks. The regulators were trying to get transparency - just a flat APR for comparison. Some banks were charging daily fees, some APR, some APR and a usage fee. Some people were paying hundred of pounds a year in fees for unauthorised overdrafts too. It was their choice to remove interest free buffers etc, this wasn't required.


Just received this; I hope that you and your family are well. Things continue to be uncertain and I know you might have questions or concerns about money right now, so I’d like to let you know about some of the new things we’ve introduced to help you since I last wrote to you. These include new step-by-step guides to help you take care of your banking from home, and temporary changes to reduce the cost of borrowing through an arranged overdraft. New ways we’re helping you Our coronavirus help page is being updated regularly with the latest information, tools and tips. Visit our website and choose ‘Coronavirus help’ to find out how we can help you. Banking from home guides - The Barclays app1 and our Online Banking service are the best ways to manage your money from home, so we’ve created some new guides to help you use them. We cover everything from getting set up to managing your payments and accounts. Search online for ‘Barclays ways to bank’ and scroll down to the new ‘Banking from home’ section. Arranged overdrafts - Whether you already have an arranged overdraft or would like to apply for one, we’re not charging interest on personal current account2 overdrafts until 30 April. Then, from 1 May to 9 July, we won’t charge interest on overdrawn balances up to £750. If you use more than £750 of your arranged overdraft during this time, we’ll waive some of the interest to reduce the annual rate of interest (EAR) from 35% to 19.51%, with interest charges capped at £90 per month. Check our coronavirus help page for details. Thank you - from everyone at Barclays I appreciate the effort many of you have made to get your banking done online or with the app. Doing this instead of calling us helps us to work with customers who have financial worries that simply can’t wait - so thank you for bearing with us. The coronavirus help page on our website is the best place to find our latest updates and guides. If you do need to get in touch you can chat to us on Facebook Messenger, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by searching ‘Barclays UK’ for news and help. Yours sincerely Matt Hammerstein CEO, Barclays UK


Yay more debt


Not sure if this helps, but NatWest are offering something similar but £500 overdraft limit and you have to apply for it. Someone from NatWest called me this morning. But as I never have to get into overdraft I didn’t pay full attention


Me too (skeptical) but I just checked and it's now showing £2000 overdraft instead of £1000 (shock)

No overdrafts fee from Barclays from 27 March to 30 April
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Posted 26th Mar 2020Posted 26th Mar 2020
No overdrafts fee from Barclays from 27 March to 30 April
Overdrafts If you have an arranged overdraft with us, we won’t charge you any interest between 27 March and 30 April 2020. You don’t need to do anything – it’ll happen automatical… Read more

Top offer by Barclays, this will help many including myself. Was hoping they would have a longer interest free period on the overdraft like some of the other banks. But baggers can't be choosers as they say ;)


Fair play Barclays


It’s almost like they are setting things up for an almighty recession


I am shocked, wait no I’m not actually surprised to learn Barclays aren’t offering any of their customers real help such as payment holidays and as others have pointed out the sky high interest rate for the overdraft after 3 months is appalling. I have banked with them for over 20 years and do not require any help from them at this time, however as soon as this Coronavirus panic is over I’m going to close all my accounts and investments with them. I know this makes no difference to them but hopefully many others will also take the same action.


Overdrafts with barclays are a joke

2 Free Picturehouse Cinemas tickets with Barclays Premier account
98° Expired
Posted 31st Jan 2020Posted 31st Jan 2020
2 Free Picturehouse Cinemas tickets with Barclays Premier account
Free admission for two at any participating Picturehouse Cinema location is available between Friday 31 January 2020 and Friday 7 February 2020 . How to redeem your free ad… Read more

Seems a bit niche! XD


To join Premier, you’ll need a minimum of £100,000 saved or invested with us – or an annual gross income of £75,000 or more paid into a Barclays current account.