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New best rate savings account. 1.55% easy access. From icici bank , full fcfs protection
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Posted 22nd Jan 2019Posted 22nd Jan 2019
New best rate savings account. 1.55% easy access. From icici bank , full fcfs protection
Beats the marcus deal I posted a while ago. 1.55% easy access. Min deposit 1000, does include 1 year bonus rate. Fcfs protected.
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Applied online 3 weeks ago. Got told I need to close my personal account with them, to open the joint account. God knows why, can't have single and joint. Still waiting . Very slow.


Well it’s pretty easy to work out what you will get as times what you have by 1.55 then divide by 100 then divide by 12 for the monthly value. If you have £1k then you will get £1.29 per month. If you have 100,000k you will get £129 per month but you will get taxed on anything over £1k a year interest for basic rate tax payers and £500 a year for higher rate tax payers. So basic rate payers don’t pay tax on 65k or under mark as a guess.


Doesn't deserve to be cold. Thanks OP.


Would you mind giving us an example of your earnings with them? Do not worry about the confidentiality, we don't know nothing about you, except a nickname.


ICICI are the most incompetent bank I've ever encountered. Nothing could persuade me to use them again. Avoid.

2 Day Exchange Rate Sale ICICI
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Posted 8th May 2014Posted 8th May 2014
2 Day Exchange Rate Sale ICICI
Perfect for your next holiday! The sale will run from 10:00 am on May 08, 2014 to 06:00 pm on May 09, 2014 and is only available on All currency orders made online and in any of ou… Read more

As mentioned in the other thread, there are better cheaper options out there. As pointed out in the MoneySavingExpert link, the Halifax clarity credit card wins hands down for me. I have been using it since many years now and is perfect. No charges for using abroad, nor any charges for withdrawing cash. Works out at around £1/month in interest per £100 withdrawn. Also spend £300 and you get £5 cashback (which works out roughly 1.6%). The only thing you need to do is call the customer service before you leave and tell them that you are travelling and you will use the card in another country. They will then remove the restriction for that country (to avoid fraudulent use).


better rate for euros on fairfx


Best rate for Polish Zlotys anyway.


Not a particularly good rate for Turkish Lira - the same is available from other online sellers such as Travelex etc.

ICICI Bank Travel Money - Free 12 months tastecard membership with every order over £600
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Posted 27th Jun 2012Posted 27th Jun 2012
ICICI Bank Travel Money - Free 12 months tastecard membership with every order over £600
Bought euros from them and got a free annual tastecard worth £79.95.
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Depends on the exchange rates i'm guessing not that good - You can get a taste card for £29.99 though with codes and it's not worth £80. In fact for £30 you might lose that on the exchange rate you get!


Looks to be a sponsored advertisement

ICICI Bank Travel money 24 Hour sale (From 0930hrs 25/04) - Free Tastecard with every order over £500
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Posted 25th Apr 2012Posted 25th Apr 2012
ICICI Bank Travel money 24 Hour sale (From 0930hrs 25/04) - Free Tastecard with every order over £500
Rate will be pretty good if not the best on the market from 0930hrs this morning - With the added advantage of a free Tastecard. Get a free annual tastecard worth £79.95 We are … Read more

Better of taking uk pounds changing over there you get some great rates in some odd places even at the airport some times


I have done loads of research and found them to be offering the best rate for mexican peso. I have ordered using my bankcard, a bank is not going to rip you off in these circumstances. I am very happy I am getting a free tastecard as I have a 3 month deal on one that is about to expire, I have saved loads using it and was planning to buy one anyway.


I use them constantly, the service is very good and the rate is even better today. Looking forward to visit Budapest :p


Hi Guys and Gals - the other thing that you NEED to do is vary the number of Euro or Dollars or whatever you are thinking about buying as the best value company changes - not often by a lot but some surprising variations do appear. For example, try putting 500 Euro into the MoneyMax site for delivery and then 600 Euro and ICICI move from best to third place. Not so relevant if you actually want the Taste Card. ;)


If you look at xe.com you can see there has been a decline, but nowhere else has reacted so quickly to the shift, and not when they've marketed a sale.

Share £40 with friends you recommend to HiSAVE
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Posted 5th Jun 2009Posted 5th Jun 2009
Share £40 with friends you recommend to HiSAVE
Think HiSAVE could be perfect for a friend or family member? Here at HiSAVE we think our savings accounts are something to really shout about. So much so, that we are now rewarding… Read more

Great rates but appalling customer service. Can't wait to get my money back after my one year deposit and move it to, probably, a lower rate but actually get a decent response from the company. AVOID.


Stupid business practices. My fixed rate bond matures on 6th May, 09. I received a call from them asking if I wanted to renew @ 4%. I agreed. On Wednesday the rate dropped to 3.75%. I was told I would get 3.75% instead of the agreed 4%. I said, I wanted cancel the renewal as I still had 1 day to go. They said, I could not, as I was required to provide 2 days notice. I was never told of such nonsense. Agreed interest rate not provided, unable to cancel. They kept saying my name in every sentence they spoke and believe email addresses are email IDs. Aweful service, and aweful attitude.


Sounds like a good deal to me. Private message me if you an account. I'm up for it.


why cold, any reason?


I think this bank is one of the best Indian bank giving the best interest rates for fixed deposit.

ICICI 1 year fixed rate bonds - rates increased to 4%!
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Posted 15th May 2009Posted 15th May 2009
ICICI 1 year fixed rate bonds - rates increased to 4%!
Just been looking around for some decent rates on savings accounts, lots of pathetic deals out there (offering 1-2%), but I came across ICICI who have just increased rates on its 1… Read more
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Thts true ..I second you opinion..:whistling:


On flip side, I have had account with ICICI for several years with no problem. Money has transferred within usual 3-4 days and one time I needed telephone help with password, agent was helpful. I don't make many transactions as it is a savings account but I have been satisfied with the service received. Can only speak as I find, obviously others seem to have had problems. :thumbsup:


Never questioned your viewpoint, or doubted your experience. I just found it amusing how you ended it with "Third world country=Third World Service"! I like it!! I should start grouping over a billion people with the service of a Bank!!


Glad you enjoy dealing with iCICI. Many others do not. try Googling the phrase "Customer Service" with ICICI and you will see what I mean. The complaints come from all over the world, wherever ICICI have a presence. The much respected and independent financial website "This is Money" states: "ICICI. This is Money verdict: The bottom line is that your money is protected by the FSA and the rate is good. But we're reluctant to recommend an institution that does not meet minimum customer service standards and that routinely takes eight working days for funds to be transferred. We've heard so many mixed stories about ICICI that we urge caution. We agree with Susan Hannums. Stick with what you know until their UK record is better established." Found on http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/saving-and-banking/article.html?in_article_id=406192&in_page_id=7 An independent viewpoint, I think, that confirms my own experiences.


Most of the bulding societies have call center operations both in the UK and the so called 'third world economies'. It is very convenient to lambast the Indians for their poor customer service when it's this very savings in cost which is keeping many of these building societies alive!!!

Free £100 Boots voucher and 10% cash back  with PruHealth with ICICI Bank
Posted 28th Jan 2008Posted 28th Jan 2008
Free £100 Boots voucher and 10% cash back with PruHealth with ICICI Bank
PruHealth is the only health insurance provider in the UK which allows you to save money on the cost of your premium if you look after your health. Add to this an exclusive Free £… Read more
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If you're going to go for this I'd advise the Quidco route - if ICICI are as incompetent at administering this as everything else they seem to do, a hapless subscriber will be chasing for months. No exaggeration; I'm on my 5th hour long call to their customer services after they managed to ba*ls up every aspect of my credit card. They are an absolute shower.


Well spotted Edi :thumbsup:


Up to £190 cashback with Quidco... choice is yours :) http://www.quidco.com/pru-health/

New fixed interest rate of 6.85% Gross/AER for 1 year
Posted 23rd Nov 2007Posted 23rd Nov 2007
New fixed interest rate of 6.85% Gross/AER for 1 year
Now earn an even higher rate by opening a HiSAVE Term Deposit. All you need to open a HiSAVE Term Deposit Account is to have a HiSAVE Savings Account Key Features and Benefits:… Read more

Have you got an isa and is it full? If not get one of those I would suggest using the one with the highest rate which is this bank currently. Use [url]www.moneysavingexpert.com[/url] to keep up to date on who pays the highest interest and use them. You will have people on hear who have had problems with all banks (including myself) but the overiding thing is the cost to your pocket. Take the highest rate!


Hello all, first post so please be gentle. I've been looking to open a high interest savers account for a while and can't decide which bank to go with. I almost signed up with Bradford & Bingley until I read some of the comments about them on these forums. If I had around £5k to invest, where would you suggest I take my savings?


I've had many different Bank and Building Society high interest accounts within the last 2 years. I can honestly say that I've had from day one and at present, many more problems with ICICI than any other. I would advise to forget about ICICI and look elsewhere for the next best rate. They are the most incompetent Bank I've ever encountered.


That only works if the interest rate (BoE) stays the same or goes up.


For those brave stoozers out there (if you are a non tax payer) you can borrow money elsewhere for about 6.7% and therefore make a good profit with someone else's money. Check it out at: moneysavingexpert.com

Fantastic interest rate on term deposit - fixed tenure of 6 months
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Posted 4th Jan 2007Posted 4th Jan 2007
Fantastic interest rate on term deposit - fixed tenure of 6 months
This festive season, here is one more reason to rejoice. For the last few months, you have seen your money grow at the HiSAVE Savings Account rate. Now you can enjoy an even highe… Read more
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Right, this account is for current HISave customers (which makes a change). It's a fixed rate of 5.65% which may be good, may not be depending on base rates and how they move, though it's pretty likely they will move up and not down or stay stagnant. It's a fixed rate for 6 months at 5.65% Gross. So say you put 5k in there, to earn the 5.65% gross you would need to leave that 5k deposit there for the full 6 months and not touch it. If you do touch it and withdraw, it will revert back to the standard 5.45% rate you get with your standard HISave savings account. So it won't mean much on 5k. This slight increase, to me anyway, would be more worth it for the savers with 100k plus. On 5k, your looking at getting back £141 GROSS at the end of the 6 months using the 5.65 bond. If you use their standard savings account, £139. These are rough figures. However, change that to 100k, £2794 at their standard 5.45% rate and £2899 at their 5.65% rate. So it's the amount you have as to whether it's worth jumping to it. It IS a good bond. NO penalties for withdrawing, you just lose that interest rate and revert to something 0.20% worse. However, this is at TODAY's rates. This is not like any other bond out there. The poster about saying A&L's direct saver, well, you lose a whole months interest when you make a withdraw, don't matter if you withdraw £100 out of £100,000, you lose interest on the whole sum, so that's worse in this case. Your money is NOT fixed. The only downside to this for some people is the interest is added on at the end of the 6 months, not monthly.


I received an email earlier to day you must already have a Hisave account to qualify for the 5.65% account I've had an account since March 2006 at first took 3-5 Days to transfer between different banks now down to 2 Days which is on par with must others Customer service is slow to respond but aren’t they all They are covered by the FSA compensation scheme, which means that the bulk of your savings up to £32,000 are protected.


This Is Money has warned about this bank several times. See article at http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/saving-and-banking/article.html?in_article_id=406192&in_page_id=7 The main problem is poor customer service (cash transfers take more than twice as long as with other banks) and the fact that Icici is not compliant with the UK Banking Code. One to avoid, I'd say.


[SIZE=2]Do you have a link to the advertised rate of 5.65% AER[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]According to the site, all I can see is:[/SIZE] [SIZE=2] ]http://www.icicibank.co.uk/hisave.html Or was this advised to you via email? If so, are you certain it is not a special offer only for selected existing customers?[/SIZE]


May be worth waiting until next Thursday to see if interest rates increase again (MPC meeting) in which case ICICI may increase there savings account to 5.65% I agree with you everylittlehelps it is one of the best instant access deals around at the moment