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London to Paris £28 return @ IDbus
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Posted 24th Oct 2015Posted 24th Oct 2015
London to Paris £28 return @ IDbus£28
London to Paris on a luxury bus for less than £30 return

Just got back from our trip to Amsterdam. First impressions weren't good- our bus turned up on time but drove straight out of Victoria with nobody on! We were led outside and the reason became clear. We'd got a brand spanking new bus which the driver had driven straight from the factory to us, and hadn't had a chance to pick up a hi vis vest, which is a requirement to load passengers at Victoria coach station! Anyway we all got on and had the perfect trip. Full leather seats were very comfy, WiFi was working and the driver was friendly. Despite leaving Victoria a few minutes late we arrived into Amsterdam 1.5hrs early. The return trip was great too- the bus left exactly on time (European efficiency!) and made good progress. We got all the way to the Channel Tunnel entrance but had a delay of two hours due to a tunnel inspection (guess looking for people trying to walk across?!) being done. Eventually we got going and it was smooth sailing from there. Due to the bus making very good time through Europe, we actually still arrived early into Victoria (despite the 2 hour delay- I guess ouibus build in some padding). Great trip all in. This is clearly a company who know what they're doing and do it well (unlike Eurolines!)


I think Eurostar to Paris in the winter months is only £70 return - much shorter travel time than bus and less stressful than plane. Also they just started renovating all the trains so they are a lot nicer.


No problem. I wouldn't want anyone to go through what we went through with Eurolines. It was a genuinely scary experience as the driver had already claimed to us that he was tired- and proceeded to drive the coach with a fogged up windscreen. I've been on loads of coaches both to, from and around Europe and I hope my eurolines experience won't put people off travelling by coach. Every other operator has been nothing short of excellent- Megabus, MeinFernBus (Germany), Student Agency (Prague- free hot drinks and snacks on their coaches!), WESTbus (Austria /Hungary) are the operators I've used. All modern comfortable coaches with power sockets and most had Wi-Fi


Thanks for sharing


Wi-Fi, leather seats and air con. We are going from London to Amsterdam with iD bus at the end of this week... Will report back! I urge you not to go with Eurolines... Our last journey from Amsterdam to London was absolutely awful! They sub contracted the journey to a local operator so we got an old coach with no plug sockets or Wi-Fi and uncomfortable seats. The driver demanded everyone hand their passports over to him and called the police when people refused. When the police turned up and sided with the passengers, the driver refused to drive any further claiming he was tired! We were stuck at some random service station in the Netherlands for 2 hours. NEVER AGAIN. When the coach eventually got to Calais there was an iD Bus behind us in the queue... It was brand new, clean, air conditioned and had working Wi-Fi (which I used whilst we were waiting for the ferry lol). Got a half hearted apology from eurolines

IDbus mini fares London to Brussels, Amsterdam or Paris from £28
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Posted 17th Dec 2014Posted 17th Dec 2014
IDbus mini fares London to Brussels, Amsterdam or Paris from £28£28
IDbus is by far the most comfortable service when travelling abroad by coach. The have a number of mini-fares starting at £28 to Brussels and £31 to Paris/Amsterdam each way
London to Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam from £40 return @
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Posted 12th Nov 2014Posted 12th Nov 2014
London to Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam from £40 return @£40
Had a quick scan at this deal, the advertised price is £20 one way and there were plenty of 'short break' timings to make a £40pp return viable. Free wifi and toilets on board, be… Read more

I just checked Megabus. They have a return London to Paris (2/12 -9/12) for £30.


Good price , have some heat!

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Posted 8th Oct 2014Posted 8th Oct 2014
iDBUS offers you tickets at only £9! In November, go stroll along the banks of the canals in Amsterdam, and/or indulge in the romance of Paris without ruining your savings! Enj… Read more

this is an okay deal for people who can take weekdays off (like me) :). Not so great if your girlfriend can't (Like mine) :( £9 one way to Paris on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays mostly. Still cheap but taking a day off work so you can spend it on a £9 coach seems counter-intuitive. Work the extra day and buy a cheap flight instead. I prefer overnight buses as you're asleep and arrive in your destination in the morning.


Wow! Thank you for posting. Have been wanting a few days in Paris with my partner who's never been. Have just booked - out on 9th Nov, back on 13th (good scheduled times - none of that middle of the night nonsense) for £36.00 return in total - bargain !! Xmas shopping in Paris :-)

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Posted 27th Feb 2014Posted 27th Feb 2014
IDBUS is offering £8 one way and £8 return on most of dates in March and April 2014 LONDON TO LILLE PARIS, LONDON TO CENTRAL PARIS FOR £16 More comfort, more information, more att… Read more
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For finding stuff to do look on trip advisor, and for booking cheap hotels and guesthouse use


I don't do enough traveling, there is so much I don't know about planning a holiday without a travel agent. For someone who is planning on doing this, could you please enlighten me on how you will find stuff to do, how you would find a place to stay? I would be very grateful :)


DID YOU KNOW WRITING IN CAPS LOCK MAKES THINGS HARDER TO READ!!! This is why road signs are written like this, the human mind partly uses the shapes of the words. Tihs is why you can msispell certian wrods and sitll read the setnance alirght :) (so long as the first and last letters are the same) .. I think :D


I have travelled with both and found idbus much better seat pitch, new coaches and free wifi.:{


megabus coaches are so much better than the idbus now! really upped their game.

Bus travel from London to Lille single from €9 and other destinations in France & Italy using French version of UK Megabus.   ( a wee change from Tesco deals)
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Posted 11th Jan 2014Posted 11th Jan 2014
Bus travel from London to Lille single from €9 and other destinations in France & Italy using French version of UK Megabus. ( a wee change from Tesco deals)£8
Might be a useful site if planning to travel across France etc on the cheap and don't mind using the bus,same idea as Megabus.example in 1st post. Fare, from, per person, for a si… Read more

I see. I get it now! Thanks!


This is like the French version of but not same company at all,so they have there own destinations,I was adding comparison to title for people to get a better understanding of what the company is like. Hope that explained it :)


Why does the map in the 1st post show Turin, milan and genes? Megabus doesn't go to Italy does it? Or am I missing something. Thanks.


I won a free trip with this company to Pitchfork Paris and I can tell you from experience that the wifi definitely doesn't work so don't relay on it as a means of entertainment on the journey. Also my coach on the way back broke down and they were pretty slow sorting it out and the driver didn't speak great English either which made things even worse.


But they do though?

iDBUS – Coach trip London to Lyon (and vice versa) €5 / £5
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Posted 15th Nov 2012Posted 15th Nov 2012
iDBUS – Coach trip London to Lyon (and vice versa) €5 / £5£5
Fear of flying? The coach company iDBUS is promoting their line between London and Lyon. Seats are available from amazing 5 Euro or 5 GBP. The promotion fare allows travel betwee… Read more
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Am I the only one who can't find an seats at the cheap price? Are they all just sold out now?

^ true. I've been to europe by coach twice. There are definitely benefits not having to carry luggage about, queue for check in, queue for security, queue for boarding, queue for luggage collection, queue for coach transfer. Plus waiting time at airport and hassle of parking / geting a lift. Given the choice I'd still rather fly but don't think coach journeys should be ruled out so easily. I spend 50 hours a week sat at a desk though so maybe my tolerance is pre conditioned :)


not a 6 hour flight but by the time you get through the aiports, flight time transfer to lyon. also this drops you off in the city centre which is great, a bigger saving i personally wont be using this ticket but i think its a great deal.


I dont think you understand what this site is for, its to save money, europes in a double dip recesion, you can fly if you want but thats still going to take 6 hours or so, with this it means you get to sleep on the night, which means its not going to save you just £40 infact a hotel in lyon is around £48 so really it saves a lot of money.


Travelling 16 hours on a coach is perfectly normal - it happens all the time, including in the UK. Don't be such a snob, thousands of people use services like this - and "working an extra 8 hours" for many either isn't an option, or they have better things to spend it on.