Ideal World TV discount codes

Ideal World TV Discount Codes

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Ideal World TV is the home of shopping TV and supplies a wide range of products such as clothes, jewellery, home & kitchen ware, garden products, health & fitness, beauty, DIY and technology products. Also find great holiday deals such as cruises, world choice deals and more. Check out the items that are currently live on air, view product videos and commercials, view the weekly highlights and also find out about TV schedules and the presenters.↵

All Ideal World TV Voucher & Promo Codes for January 2019

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£120 off
£120 off Tefal Liberty Steam Generator Iron £79.99 + P&P with code @ Ideal World
£120 off Tefal Liberty steam Generator Iron with Code £79.99 plus £5.99 P&P

Does this iron have the ability to play Doom on it?


Well, cheap, not really. They allow pretty much anyone to pay in installments though which is attractive to those with poor or little credit history. You pay for the convenience, I suppose.


Do people still think these so called shopping channels are cheap i mean honestly what a load of c(@p !!!


The word “steam” maybe


A perhaps more pertinent question is what makes a steam iron relevant to the gaming category?

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More Info £30 off Halogen oven, £130 off Tefal Express Steam Generator Iron, £400 off Viking Freedom Electric Bike with Codes @ Ideal world
£30 off Cookshop Halogen Oven with code 303030 £130 off Tefal Express Steam Generator Iron with code 130130 £400 off Viking Freedom Electric Bike with … Read more

Great find op my friends after one after seeing mine on the weekend went to send her link... And it was £20 more than I paid! When does this expire do u know op

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More Info £30 off cookshop Halogen oven plus order codes @ Ideal World £29.99 + Delivery
£30 off Cookshop Halogen Oven with code 303030 £120 off eGlide Gizmo Electric Bike with code 120120 Bitmore 4K HD Action Camera Only £32 with code … Read more

It takes up a little more space but mostly above the oven when the lid is open. That is LESS worktop space than having to use the rubbish lid stand provided with the unhinged(?) version. And much safer.


you're right, mine is not hinged. well, it means the whole thing is even bigger and will take even more space - not everyone's cup of tea..


Not so. Hinged versions are usually much more than £25 or even £30. The hinge means you don't have to deal with a separate scalding hot lid during cooking. This doesn't look like the digital version but it is still a good price.


paid around £25 for the similar one.. worth no more than that.

£120 off
£120 off £120 off EGlide Gizmo Electric Bike £379.99 with code 120120 @ Ideal World

Thanks, my Mum had it and with the aid of special drops managed to reach 70 before it got really bad. Our whole family as with all families with a history are now monitored, all sight tests are free. I'm sure one day it will have a much better outcome!


I see their is some pretty amazing research going on to reverse eye damage by glaucoma but it sounds like its at least 10-20 years away at the very least of reaching patients. I know I'm just a random internet person but best of luck to you and hopefully your treatment will improve.


Your bike is considerably higher spec than this one. Folding as already stated but when the battery is flat your 6 gears will be a godsend compared to a single gear plus you can get a better fit on the bike as you have height adjustable handlebars. The quill stem on this ideal world bike might have a little height adjustment but you'd have to do it at home with your tools and can't be adjusted anywhere like yours. I don't think the ideal world bike is terrible value at the discounted price but it is an extremely basic model and more bulky bike.


Thanks no probs, life can can weave in all sorts of directions, I say never waste a second it goes all to quickly.


Apologies, hope it works out. (annoyed)

£5 off
£5 off £5 off £40 Spend works on Sale with code @ Ideal World
Enter the code at the checkout when you Spend £40

Used them for years...absolutely brilliant company and never had issues with products/prices/delivery or even refunds!


I had a problem a few years ago with them. The call center is absolutely useless and infuriating. I messaged one of the presenters on Facebook and he personally got me a refund. That was great of him but yeah, I won't use ideal world again.


Used them once, never again. Call centres seem to based in India with everyone there called "JOHN" if you have a problem the call handles do not bother to record anything on their computers so each time you call back you have to start from the beginning. Nightmare is an understatement

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