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£50 Discount
£50 Discount
£50 off iPhone 12, Pro, Pro Max and Mini Orders at iD Mobile
enter code - ID50VC

I switched from 02 zero issues.


This code is not working


Uses three network which is horrendous


Thanks, got iPhone 12 £49.99 upfront, £37.99 a month with unlimited data.


I think this is off the contract as I can’t see it available SIM free.

£30 Discount
£30 Discount
Up to £30 off Apple iPhone 11 Pay Monthly Contracts at iD Mobile
voucher code - ID30BF.

Update of my experience with ID. I discovered the coverage map was inaccurate, and so proceeded to cancel (within the 14 days) after several wild goose chases, rude unhelpful staff, and much time spent online and on the phone having the same conversation over and over. Almost a month later I'm out! (I think) they still keep sending texts, emails, letter stating amounts due. Canceled DD, and threatened action if they try to take money. Cheapest isn't always the best. Avoid.


They use the three network which is awful in north part of Plymouth.


I have had an ID sim only deal for months now and have no problem whatsoever. At £7 unlimited per month I am not complaining.


Are ID mobile any good?


You need to learn how to punctuate.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 with 50GB data, unlimited mins + texts £28.99/month £79.99 upfront with code (£675.75 £100 cashback) £775.75 @ ID Mobile
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Great deal on ID Mobile here, essentially free upfront with the cashback from Samsung and a great amount of data, and £20 off upfront cost with code IDUPFRONT20 Only £675.75 with … Read more

That’s fine. That’s for the correction (y) I’ve been stuck now a Huawei p20pro for nearly 3 years and not had a Samsung since the s6. So this will be a big upgrade for me


Yeh there isn't much difference, just correcting you because the UK one does come with the Exynos, which for some reason some will absolutely refuse. The 888 is slightly better, but 99.99999% of people will not notice any difference at all. I've had my Exynos S10e for nearly 2 years now and absolutely no overheating/performance issues.


Comparison Cant see the issue tbh


No in the UK it is the Exynos 2100


The standard s21 is snapdragon 888

Samsung Galaxy S10e for £26.99/month for 24 months - no upfront £647.76 @ iD Mobile
Posted 24th May 2019Posted 24th May 2019
Samsung Galaxy S10e for £26.99/month for 24 months - no upfront £647.76 @ iD Mobile£647.76
Saw this deal when I logged into my iD Account today, seems like a good deal with no upfront and comes with 1GB data and Unlimited Mins and Unlimited texts with your usual iD benef… Read more

Data is life. 1gb will be gone in 2 days for most folk these days


this is rubbish it was and maybe still is 5gb for £666 with vodafone


1gb kills the deal

Huawei p20 Lite for £15.99 a month @ ID Mobile - Term = £383.76
Posted 4th Apr 2019Posted 4th Apr 2019
Huawei p20 Lite for £15.99 a month @ ID Mobile - Term = £383.76£383.76
P20 with 2gb data for £15.99 per month, total cost £383 over 24 months

Ah, yes I was calculating over 12 for some reason, but your right still not the best deal for 2GB


Yeah but £199 for the phone, leaving £184 for the airtime x 24 = £7.60 per month over 24 months? Still not the greatest deal for 2GB.


Considering you can get this phone for around £200 then that means the airtime portion is over £15 a month. Cold from me! Get it here


£7.60 theoretical for 2gb per month? Jury's out


I don't think that this is such a bad deal. Maybe the cold votes are due to the 2GB plan? £3 more gets you a much more attractive/VFM 5GB of data.

iD Mobile Easter Special - Unlimited Data, Minutes & Texts for £16 p/m 12 Months Contract at iD Mobile
48° Expired
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
iD Mobile Easter Special - Unlimited Data, Minutes & Texts for £16 p/m 12 Months Contract at iD Mobile£192 Free P&P Free
EDIT: A better deal with same specs has been posted by Mark below:… Read more

Any idea how to switch #’s from Three to iD, will there be issues as they share the same network?


Been with ID for 7 months zero issues better than 02 thats for sure.


I've got a deal with them and I'm happy for now almost 3 years, connection is weak (although I don't know the others how they perform) but is enough for me


Guys, a better deal posted by Mark below: I have added that in the description too.


Shame it's 3 that host them. I signed up for 3 the other day and tested it, 0.96mbps ... I thought in the 2 years I had been away, things would've have improved in my town, wrong. I cancelled it the day I received the sim. For those with excellent signal, great. ;)

iD Mobile Sim Only - 15GB Data, Unlimited Minutes and Texts £8pm + £15 eGift Card (30 day) @ iD Mobile via Giftcloud
846° Expired
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Update 1
If you have any questions or have not received your voucher 60 days after your purchase date, please contact
Hey all 👋 We've worked with iD Mobile to offer an exclusive offer for hotukdeals members. Get their 15GB sim, with unlimited minutes and texts on a 30-day plan for £8 per … Read more

Hi @nemean , I never said it had nothing to do with us, apologies if that is how it came across. I previously clarified the terms of the offer and those that are responsible for the fulfilment. We will do our best to help it get resolved, as I said previously it wasn't our intention for any vouchers needing to be chased up, and we will of course help in whatever way we can to have outstanding vouchers fulfiled by the partner. It's the weekend, so the only actionable thing I can ask is anyone with outstanding vouchers that are past the 60 day timeframe use the email I have provided in the original posts and comments, so that they are in the correct place, with the correct team to be resolved as quickly as possible. I will chase these outstanding vouchers with the team, along with a timeframe on Monday. I apologise to anyone that is still waiting. Mark.


From where are you getting the majority? Obviously, it's not a true representation but from the people we have heard from they have had issues. Now I fully understand people who didn't have issues are not going to complain but you would think at least a few would pop up saying they got theirs in the timeframe or even comment when they receive it as is often normal for this site. It's very frustrating that this was pitched as a team-up but now you are saying nothing to do with us, most would assume your "partnership" would give you some access to get this resolved or at least some more information?


If you want to make a sweeping generalisation based on this, then I can't and won't stop you from doing so. The majority have happily received their voucher, and sadly that's not the case for you so I can understand the need for scepticism. Hopefully the team at iDMobile pick up your email soon and resolve it swiftly. Have a good evening (y)


So now we know not to put too much faith in it when you give it the old 'We've teamed up with X to offer you this splendid deal' malarkey.. (zombie)


It's not a cop out at all, sorry. Those were the terms of the offer, we have no control over the fulfillment and this was stated within the terms. We will of course assist anyone who's having an issue, as it wasn't our intent for these vouchers to having to be chased up. The best way of doing this is emailing the previously mentioned address with your info, so that the team at Idmobile can validate and fulfil the voucher. Thanks.

30 Day SIM Only - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 15GB data for £8pm (Poss £5 TCB) @ iD Mobile
389° Expired
Posted 12th MarPosted 12th Mar
Limited time offer on iD Mobile, for 15GB data for £8pm on a 30-day rolling contract. TCB showing a £5 credit on iD Mobile, but as always, your mileage may vary :) Offer ends 1s… Read more

Got it. 10 min on chat and upgrade done. £8/12GB to £8/15GB without any problem. Good deal.


I upgraded my £6 one month from 3GB to 5. Obvs not the same value as this one if you need the data but I don't so happy to go for cheapest deal. 😁


Got this deal through live chat as an existing customer. Quickest way to bypass the chat robot is by typing cancellation.


Wonder if anyone can help, TCB are showing £25 cashback from Carphone Warehouse on All Other iD Mobile and Virgin Mobile Pay Monthly Contracts. Would the 1 month sim only iD mobile 7 virgin contracts track at £25? Could be a nice couple of months cover from cashback if this is the case.


If I were to order this sim now, I guess the 30 days doesn’t start until I activate it? Anyone know how long You have to activate the sim after receiving? I still have a couple of months left on my current lebara cheap deal sim

Samsung Galaxy A71 128GB - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 20GB data for £17.99pm + £0 Upfront (24mo - £431.76) @ iD Mobile
78° Expired
Posted 12th MarPosted 12th Mar
Samsung Galaxy A71 128GB - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 20GB data for £17.99pm + £0 Upfront (24mo - £431.76) @ iD Mobile£431.76
Decent offering considering what's available for this particular handset. No upfront and £17.99* per month on 24 month contract with no upfront. Total cost of this contract isn't … Read more

I have searched everywhere and still can't find this deal must have expired


I've tried to find this deal as would be ideal for me.... but it's not there


ID Mobile offer £10 for the same plan - so £240 over 24m therefore, is £231.76 a good deal for this phone if you need a 20gb plan? i think YES

Google Pixel 4a 5G 128GB - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 50GB for £24.99pm + £19.99 upfront (24 month) @ ID Mobile
55° Expired
Posted 11th MarPosted 11th Mar
Google Pixel 4a 5G 128GB - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 50GB for £24.99pm + £19.99 upfront (24 month) @ ID Mobile£619.78
Seen quite a few Pixel offers knocking about this week, and this particular one caught my eye on ID Mobile, considering they aren't a 5G network currently. What they are offering … Read more

4a 5G vs 4a


Better bargain


Not 100% but don't think ID currently have 5g capability, otherwise would be a great deal


50gb data makes this a good deal 🔥 ... for those who can use that amount

30 Day SIM Only Deal - 6GB Data With Unlimited Minutes & Texts - £7 Per Month (£5 Topcashback) @ ID Mobile
325° Expired
Posted 10th MarPosted 10th Mar
30 Day SIM Only Deal - 6GB Data With Unlimited Minutes & Texts - £7 Per Month (£5 Topcashback) @ ID Mobile£7 Free P&P Free
MSE Exclusive, so must access it through this link , once added to basket, make sure to head to topcashback and click through from there, the deal will still be in basket, and t… Read more

I cannot see this deal on their website anywhere ?


Been with ID Mobile for over 2 years, had no issues at all.


Yes but it's three network their on.


We are all on ID mobile, £5 a month each 2.5 GB. About three years now,no issues.


Isn’t the £6.95 10GB Lebara running on Vodafone a deal better? If you don’t need VoWIFi (Wi-fi Calling) that is Also includes 100 minutes to: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United States.

iD Mobile Sim Only - Unlimited Data, Minutes and Texts £15pm (12 month - Poss £15 TCB) @ iD Mobile
70° Expired
Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
iD Mobile Sim Only - Unlimited Data, Minutes and Texts £15pm (12 month - Poss £15 TCB) @ iD Mobile£180
iD Mobile has dropped the price on their unlimited sim to £15 per month for a limited time. Granted you may find stronger via Three with cashback etc, but this may useful for thos… Read more

they will fail you then cancel order i had argument with CEO he keeps telling me i have bad credit file and i showed him proof I (annoyed) said three accepted right away good luck with these cowboys ID CPW


Looks like a good deal but how overloaded is the network going to be?, maybe not just now but eventually when we are all allowed to go out and about?


Coverage and speeds not great for me, but I am currently on 36gb for £12 and that is a good deal in comparison, so will try to change. Thanks

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