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Claim Two free iFly Indoor Skydiving flights for NHS Staff (subject to availability)
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Posted 28th Jun 2020Posted 28th Jun 2020
Claim Two free iFly Indoor Skydiving flights for NHS Staff (subject to availability)FREE£0.01
Not sure if this been posted already as been out since 9th June. (Availability depends on the general public purchasing selective packages that add flights towards the NHS Flight b… Read more

Got my voucher today. "Congratulations... AND a heartfelt thanks from all of us at iFLY. 2 FREE flights from the NHS Flight Bank are now yours. Attached is your voucher containing all the appropriate info, but there are two other things you should know: 1) If you'd like to bring friends and family to fly in the same session, nhsflights@iflyworld.co.uk now. We can offer them discounted rates - simply because they know a NHS megastar! 2) If our gesture has made you smile, please tell the world. Businesses like ours benefit by word of mouth. If you can spread good vibes in your social networks, you've done us another favour. All that remains is to suggest you take a good look at the voucher attachment as soon as you can, so when you're ready to fly, it's a breeze! Thanks again. Team iFLY"


Yeah I got the same reply, none available yet, they'll let me know.


Many thanks Pikachu (y)


Got a reply a few days ago. Like I said availability depends on the general public to purchase tickets as certain packages will generate free NHS tickets for us. I suspect there is not many at the moment as they haven't said when they are reopening but when they do, expect people to book tickets. Since it started on 9th June there are probably a lot of NHS staff in the queue and when NHS tickets are available, it will give the tickets in order of application. They haven't said an end date so hopefully it's here for a while and eventually you willget your tickets. "This is just a quick message to let you now that we have received your claim of free flights from the NHS flight bank - thank you. The Team at iFLY want to say a huge thanks for keeping us safe and helping those who need it most. We have received a significant number of requests from our heroes around the country and it will take some time to process each claim. If you have been successful and subject to availability, we will send a further email containing your voucher details. For now, stay safe and hope to see you flying with us soon. Kindest regards


Has anyone actually received a voucher from this company or are they just collecting data?

Indoor skydive: For one £20.74, for two £39.49 @ Ifly
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Posted 22nd Nov 2018Posted 22nd Nov 2018
Indoor skydive: For one £20.74, for two £39.49 @ Ifly£20.74
For one £20.74, for two £39.49

Fab price! We did this a couple of years ago, bought to go back as was awesome - and even cheaper now! :-D


£20 quid for 50 seconds. Sounds like a woman I used to know ;)


Booked thanks!


Nice one for the reminder. The missus owes me this for my birthday just saved her 20 quid haha

Indoor skydiving save 40% from £27 PP @ iFly World
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Posted 11th Oct 2017Posted 11th Oct 2017
Indoor skydiving save 40% from £27 PP @ iFly World£27
This (well actually more the outdoor skydiving) is on my bucket list, but thought this might be a good taster. Available from Basingstoke, Milton Keynes and Mancester. Single Kic… Read more

Well worth it, great experience


I found the most difficult part about free fall parachuting was to get into the correct, basic, stable position after leaving the aircraft. You don't have a lot of time to get it right. I'd imagine that these indoor facilities would save a great deal of time and frustration.... you don't get many jumps in a day.


Was it like getting drunk on non-alcholic beer?


Did this with Airkix in 2009 at Milton Keynes for a similar price. Well worth it at that price.Not really comparable to the real thing but a great experience all the same.