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BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe M235i xDrive 4dr Step Auto 8000mpa 1m + 47m of £319 Total £15,312 @ Inchcape BMW
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Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Without getting into a debate about whether this is a 'proper' BMW....!! All figures quoted include VAT Good PCH deal for the M235i Gran Coupe. £15,312 for a 4 year deal (£3,828 … Read more

What makes you say that? It says still available for me?


Those are a £10k optional extra I’m afraid pal


Not sure what u think I implied, but its extremely common for cars to cover more than 8k per year.


This offer has now been closed as of Friday. Please close


What options ? I have been told from BMW Dealer that due to chip shortages "We are taking factory orders for delivery end of September. There are shortages world wide of microchips so all our cars are coming without Harman Kardan, comfort access and wireless charging until the microchip production worldwide improves." So you end up with a Flagship 2 Series with Analogue dials (poo)

Jaguar Ipace S EV 36 month lease £449pm, with £449 upfront - Total cost £16,613 at
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Posted 24th Sep 2019Posted 24th Sep 2019
Jaguar Ipace S EV 36 month lease £449pm, with £449 upfront - Total cost £16,613 at£16,613
Jaguar Ipace S EV 36 month lease £449pm, with £449 upfront. 6000 miles. Currently all long range EVs are expensive. This is the cheapest 36 month lease for any long range EV. Chea… Read more

Do you also post on iphone deals that is would be cheaper to buy a 2nd hand Nokia 3310 and run it for 10 years than to switch smart phone every year or 2? Firstly people who want a new car are usually after something different than people who want a 2nd hand car. I used to only drive 2nd hand cars, but now I have paid off my mortgage and the mortgages of our 2 other properties I feel that I can afford new cars, and don't want the hassle of repairs, mots etc... but equally I buy Chinese android phones rather than splash out on an iphone or a Samsung. Secondly people like myself who are in the market for a long range EV (electric vehicle) are not in the market for any ICE (internal combustion engine car). Fundamentally they are different, once you have driven an EV you will understand that no ICE can ever drive as smoothly. If you have solar panels on your roof, you may also like that you can utilise your spare solar capacity to give yourself 1000-2000 free relatively green miles of driving. Also I like not being a local polluter. Driving past children walking to school (or more likely them walking past me as I am stuck in traffic jam going 1-2mph) it is good to know I am not belching out harmful fumes directly into there lungs. So with all that said my next car will be a long range EV. This deal beat the depreciation of the car of the year by a lot. Now hypothetically if I was in the market for a 2nd hand long range EV I would be limited to a Tesla model S/X or a Kia E-niro. 2nd hand Kia E-Niro are currently all more expensive than new ones that have a 1 year waiting list... but if I keep an Kia E-Niro for 3 years it will likely be worth around 50% of the price paid which means its depreciation would be roughly the same. This is because there will be more long range EVs around in 1-3 years so pent up demand may be satisfied. The Model S and Model X both depreciate at a similar pace but being 2nd hand I would also have to pay repairs. Sure if I buy one and drive it for 10 years I may come out ahead but I like changing car frequently, and this is all new technology so maybe I need a new battery pack and electronics controllers before the car makes it to 10-12 years old and maybe I spend the extra £5-15,000 on this and then it dies and I scrap it, and now my 2nd hand Tesla that I just purchased for £40,000 works out way more expensive than this deal.


Do you have to buy a new car? Cheaper to buy a used car and run it to the ground.


In those test the I-Pace had a small advantage at low speeds (3.5%) compared to the Tesla but seeing as the Model X has a cargo capacity of 2487L vs 1453L of the I-Pace the little efficiency gain is hardly worth anything and at higher speeds that gain is lost.


Sorry I think I misjudged your question and thought you were trying to think of a naive way to pay for the car with a company that can't afford it, like the sarcastic people who say ' you can buy a 4 year old 3 series for that.' As for what method would I use to see if viable, then just some basic maths, which I'm hoping is roughly correct. If my company is showing £100k profit after salary and pension contributions to my wife and I, I know I'm in for a £19k corporation tax bill. If I lease a car that costs £10k+vat for arguments sake per year, then my net profit reduced by £11k, and corporation tax reduced too by about £2000 each year. Then take in to account to pay for the car privately I'd need an additional £11k income each year. First £2000 free but then 7.5% on the remaining £9000, and that assumes I'm not drawing dividends already. I claim full child benefit too so wouldn't want to go in to the higher rate band. Add on the extra corporation tax and business leasing is looking far more efficient. I do pretty much zero business miles so no real benefit of claiming 45p. So yeah, if a deal comes up like this in time for April next year, there will never be a better time to purchase an electric car through business contract hire.


I'm not sure if how you're intending to come across but it's not the greatest. Yes, of course you need to be able to afford things, what I was simply asking open ended was......what method are you going about making it financially viable through your limited company. One thing is being able to afford something and the other is being efficient and doing so. For example, I can afford to buy the brand new RS6, do I want to? No. Can I afford to buy a Tesla? Depending which one, yes. Do I want to? Yes, because it makes financial sense if done properly, specially since the BIK changes proposed for 2020. Clever accounting isn't necessarily the direct answer, amazing accountants could be crap at certain things or miss stuff out, they're human after all. The advice given on here, can and will help/guide others. (The right advice of course). Nevertheless, thanks for having taken your time to reply.

VW Passat 1.4 TSI GT PCH/Lease with 15k miles/pa on a 6+23 x £223.55 - £6482.95 @ Inchcape VW - Cheltenham
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Posted 14th May 2018Posted 14th May 2018
VW Passat 1.4 TSI GT PCH/Lease with 15k miles/pa on a 6+23 x £223.55 - £6482.95 @ Inchcape VW - Cheltenham£6,482.95
This a a Personal Contract Hire deal. I found it on Contract Hire & Leasing but for some reason it's banned on here. The deal should be available directly from VW Inchcape in C… Read more

Just seen this comment... The only oil it ever used was when it got serviced. I never topped it up. It was the CR engine. The previous PD I had only ever user 500-1000ml of oil between services (every 18-20k). I was surprised. The 1.4TSI 180bhp my ex had though was a different story - 1 litre every 1k! However, I digress.....The reason I came on to here to reply was because my BMW has an issue with the charging unit which I suspect may have been caused by the storms as there was a power surge and outage for 2 hours and my charging box at home was fused and the car then refused to charge. BMW didn't have any loaners (surprise surprise, when do dealers ever have loaners) so I had an Enterprise hire car, firstly a 1.6TDI Leon DSG which I did 600 miles in going to Glasgow and back and got 63mpg which in my opinion isn't too shabby as I wasn't hanging around. This was replaced last night, ironically with a 2018 Kia Optima '3' 1.7crdi with DCT. I have to admit it is a lovely car, very comfortable seats and electric and heated everything but doing the same journey from the hire garage that I did in the Leon (and got 67mpg), I got 39mpg on a car that is claimed to do up to 74.3mpg. That is 52% of the claimed economy! Most of this 35 mile journey now has 50mph roadworks so I would dread to see what it would be like on a 70mph run! I think this is probably in part to the woeful gearbox. I have just had to have a look on the Kia website to see if it is actually a dual clutch system as it is that slow.....dangerously slow. Pulling up to a junction at an island slowing down and then seeing a gap to go, there was a good 1-2 second delay until the gearbox caught up and changed down a gear, so much so I thought the engine had cut out. I look after an old 2003 Jag XJ for a friend who is out of the country a lot and even this isn't that slow at reacting to a drive change. They really need to put some serious work into that gearbox. I did get slightly better mpg this morning - 41mpg. Overall the car is lovely and I would seriously consider one but they need to sort out that engine and gearbox. It is much better than the Hyundai I had but still annoying that everything in the menus can only be done when in park! Dam Koreans and health and safety.


no link, no deal. Going by description, expensive for a rubbish 1.4 COLD


Yes, if only they were all as honest as VW. Here are the figures for current Passat diesels;


Probably be best not to tell us how many litres of oil it burnt through whilst returning that fab MPG. After all it doesn’t cost anything, so has no bearing on running costs, and it’s brilliant for the planet :D p.s. I eagerly await the ‘my VW TDi engine was the only one on Earth that didn’t guzzle oil’


Exactly, they are all at it. The only car I have ever driven that gets close to the figures is ironically my old Octavia VRS and I could quite regularly hit 57mpg on my commute which from memory was about the figure they quoted. Renault and Hyundai are massively out compared to VW. Hybrids are impossible to measure. I can get 41mpg on some tanks and 75mpg on other tanks (calculated from the receipts) as it all depends on the length of journey and how often you can charge. It would be possible to run one and not use any petrol at all and still be able to heat or cool it (y)

VW Cost Price Plus £1 Offer On Cars at Inchcape Volvo
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Posted 7th Dec 2016Posted 7th Dec 2016
VW Cost Price Plus £1 Offer On Cars at Inchcape Volvo
This is likely to get shot down but its worth a go incase it helps 1 person. May also be able to get up to £3,000 deposit contribution on finance. Offer valid until 12th December… Read more

​My mates got the vxr astra, interior seems good in that. Cant say ive ever really judged a car on its interior. Having come from evo's and the like, you dont mind the plastic interior.


Ice Cold: 1. Can get cheaper from a broker 2. Avoid Inchcape like the plague.


I'm sure they'll quote their base cost of the car, not including volume and customer satisfaction survey discounts. They'll still be making more than you can get from a broker for. VW dealers have only a 5% margin before aforementioned bonuses, but volume bonuses are up to 15% and customer satisfaction scores an additional 10% maximum.


But you should. Take the finance, then cancel the finance arrangement within 14 days and settle - you'll get to retain the deposit contribution as your balance owed in settlement already has it deducted.


I've done that a good few times. Still doesn't change the low rent interior. BTW I still own a Vauxhall and don't have hatred for the cars, just their cagey marketing techniques.