INSTORE SPEND Tesco Extra stores spend £25 10p off each litre of fuel

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Just shows how much they're making if they can give that kind of reduction.
Good deal though!

Good deal. Fuel is so expensive. I agree what is there profit margin, when they can give 10p a litlre away after spending £25.

They probably are not making any profit on the fuel, but it gets people through the door of the stores


I phoned Tesco.
They say no deal on.

I've been to Tesco today, spent more than £25 and they didn't mention it to me. :?

I got the voucher even though I didn't realise I'd spent the required £25. A nice little bonus given that the car was empty!

so how come some have it and some don't - oh well...

The 10p off per litre is only available in selected stores that have not made their targets. This is a company driven incentive to encourage customers to spend in these struggling stores.

it's on the till receipts, not everyone gets them it seems to be a random thing. I got 50 extra points if I spend £3 at the deli counter (I nver do) and father in law got the 10p of fuel (he doesn't drive)!
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