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Ironmongery Direct is the online store that stocks over 14,500 ironmongery products and has them ready for next day deliveries. Browse products such as door furniture, hinges, door controls, locks and security, cabinet hardware, screws and fixings etc from brands such as Hoppe, Elfa, Dorma, Union, Yale, Briton and Blum. Tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts depend upon the online store to deliver quality ironmongery products at low prices backed by great service. Free returns, online trade accounts and free catalogues are some special features of the store. 
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Yale Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm - £139 (using exisiting customer code) @ Ironmongery Direct
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Posted 23rd Oct 2015Posted 23rd Oct 2015
Yale Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm - £139 (using exisiting customer code) @ Ironmongery Direct£139
Posted today from costco for £175 but this one is 139 £ if you use code "XTRAU"

PM me if you still want to be referred.


Can anyone refer me to ironmongerydirect? You get Amazon vouchers, I get 20% off. You must've previously made an order over £45.


use code TD7F for 20% off brings it down to £158.40 delivered


Its stupid on part of this company but credit where it is due - £175 is still a very good price for this alarm. I am willing to be corrected if anyone know better price elsewhere!


I placed an order with these before and it was cancelled.....and they've done it again! THIS COMPANY SHOULD BE BANNED FROM HERE

Yale Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm 868MHz with Touch control ONLY £139.44 (with code for existing customers) with Next Day Delivery @ Ironmongery Direct
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Posted 18th Jun 2015Posted 18th Jun 2015
Yale Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm 868MHz with Touch control ONLY £139.44 (with code for existing customers) with Next Day Delivery @ Ironmongery Direct£139.44
Excellent alarm kit. Have used the previous model for couple of years and its been completely hassle free. This one uses the new 868MHz for less chance of interruption. Also will a… Read more

Hi, This is currently at £138.60 if you use the discount code XTRAU (30% off). Can anyone confirm if a sim card can be inserted into the dialler or does it need to be wired up to the telephone line???


Comment Expired on 26th


code not working any suggestions


Order also cancelled. Dreadful customer service. They gave us 2 or 3 different reasons why we can't use this discount code. They make it up as they go along! Avoid....


These are so rubbish in compare with a wired alarms. Also a burglar knows Yale alarm will not be linked to the monitoring stations. I rip these out or any other wireless systems on a regular basis.

Yale Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm £176.40 @ Ironmongery Direct
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Posted 20th May 2014Posted 20th May 2014
Yale Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm £176.40 @ Ironmongery Direct£176.40
This is an unbeatable price. On the site it sells for £252 (inc. VAT), but with the 30% off vouchers listed on HUKD it is reduced to £176.40.… Read more

I posted that they cancel. The code is for the person it was sent too lol. expire


I opened an account bought some mastic . then used code . all good so far no cancel :)


Booked the Order giving the discount code..and vendor cancelled the order saying it is applicable for existing customer .... frustating :(


just had my order cancelled the code is for existing customers only


i have the older model, have 6 ir sensors and 4 door contacts which cover my out houses as well as house, never been dissapointed, i would imagine these new models are amazing.

Yale Premium Alarm Kit 6400 + extra PIR DETECTOR+NEXT DAY DELIVERY == @ Ironmongerydirect
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Posted 28th Jan 2014Posted 28th Jan 2014
Yale Premium Alarm Kit 6400 + extra PIR DETECTOR+NEXT DAY DELIVERY == @ Ironmongerydirect£125
Yale Premium Alarm Kit 6400 + extra PIR DETECTOR or Door Detector( must be add to basket) +NEXT DAY DELIVERY ==125£ !!!!!!!!!! use at checkout code FPA5

I'm really hoping a link to ADT is sarcasm. Talk about a scam.


My order is not arriving today. Ive been told they do not give out codes to everyone just who the codes are sent to. They said it is illegal for the codes to be posted and linked to their site. Bumholes!


Ok , I take your point if you fit them ,you said you were a sparky which means an electrician to me , so no more relevant than me been a plater. If you had said you fitted them from the offset then I would have been more interested in what you had to say.


a decent quality wired system is both better quality than a wireless, and more reliable. i've offered my opinion, based on 17 years experience of a large range of different systems, you've offered me your opinion based on 10 years of 1 alarm system. i've never met a sparky who either a. has a wireless system at their own home, or b. would recommend a wireless above a wired, except in circumstances where installing the wiring might be problematic.


very narrow minded. i've been installing/servicing/fault finding alarm systems for 17 years. in that time, i've never been to a property with a wired system that had been robbed. i've been to 2 properties that had wireless systems that had been robbed, who wanted to upgrade to a wired. so, even though i think wired are better than wireless, both are excellent visible deterrents.

Yale Premium Alarm Kit @ Ironmongery Direct - £132
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Posted 28th Jan 2014Posted 28th Jan 2014
Yale Premium Alarm Kit @ Ironmongery Direct - £132£132
Yale Premium Alarm Kit on sale with £17.50 off but there is also a 20% off code TD7F making the it £132 inclusive of VAT (prices on site show excluding VAT) which is a bargin as it… Read more

My order was cancelled. They pretended they called and spoke to a man, no men live in my house!


I've had mine up for 6 years. so its total rubbish what he told u


Yale alarm boxes advertise that you are cheap and do not give a a flying monkeys about your security. A tripwire with a bell on it would be better than this rubbish!


Seriously, this company seem to have some issues! Parcel due for delivery today and nothing arrives, order has gone off their system. Send them an email asking where it is and then get an email back saying there is a security problem so I call them. They say they can't deliver an alarm to a work address, then they say they cant deliver any first order to a work address, then you speak to someone else and it's not a problem and the parcel is on it's way. Not holding my breath that this will turn up or that I'll be charged at the correct price?


Good alarm system. Never had a false alarm yet.

EXPIRED-  Yale Premium Alarm (+ EXTRAS) - IronmongeryDirect - £120 (ish)
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Posted 3rd Jan 2014Posted 3rd Jan 2014
EXPIRED- Yale Premium Alarm (+ EXTRAS) - IronmongeryDirect - £120 (ish)£120
OK - so the easy to install and positively reviewed Yale Premium Alarm normally sells for about £160 IronmongeryDirect are selling it for £132.50 (ex VAT!!) which converts to arou… Read more

I was already a member so they honoured one of my two orders.


No refund but they have sent me the £50 discount code.......!!!!!


Sorry just looked at this thread now Seems there may be a fault somewhere, check all your devices and ensure all batteries are full, make sure all devices are registered with the control panel This was 3 days ago so you may have fixed it, pm me :)


Awful company


Same story order cancelled:(

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Yale Premium Alarm Kit £159 incl free next day delivery @ Ironmongery Direct
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Posted 12th Oct 2013Posted 12th Oct 2013
Yale Premium Alarm Kit £159 incl free next day delivery @ Ironmongery Direct£159
I have one of these. It's a decent alarm and this seems to be a good price these days (I paid less but that was about 5 years ago). Blurb: • The Premium Alarm is Yale's top-of-th… Read more

No, it is wireless. But you do need a sturdy ladder and a powerful drill to drill three holes into the wall to put up the yellow big alarm! It is one of the easiest things to installed and make sure the yellow alarm high up on the wall as someone did report theirs stolen!


Can anyone who has installed one of these kits please tell me what size drill bit they used when mounting the siren and also what can I use as suitable packing material for placing behind the tamper switch??


If I was spending money on a wireless alarm, I'd spend a little more and get either a Texecom Premier Elite or Pyronix Enforcer. Much better alarms with many more features and far more secure.


This deal is (ever so slightly) cheaper and also includes VAT and next day delivery. So it's a better deal for many (apart from those that prefer to buy from Screwfix). They're both good deals, and it's perfectly valid to have both posted. So my advice is to let the voters decide, and don't take it personally. I voted your deal hot.


Surely the same product purchased from screwfix is better... ???which is what I've posted as a deal on hear...???? VAT INCLUDED and free delivery. Ordered mine on Friday morning and had it delivered on Saturday morning. Link to my deal: This should be the link to my deal This should be the link to my deal

Yale 6400 Premium Alarm System Delivered £162.00 @ Ironmongery Direct
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Posted 14th Aug 2013Posted 14th Aug 2013
Yale 6400 Premium Alarm System Delivered £162.00 @ Ironmongery Direct£162
I bought and fitted this system couple years ago and been happy with it (paid alot more £165+) Its easy to fit being wireless. My sister wanted the alarm too and this is the cheap… Read more

£159.99 at screwfix.....


These are the worst alarm systems on the market outside of the Friedland ones. They have virtually no functionality compared to alarms not much more expensive. They are easy to intentionally and accidentally jam. The newer Yale ones using 868MHz are much better but once you are spending that much you might as well get a Texecom Ricochet system or Pyronix Enforcer.


I have been looking at this for the past 4 weeks. Hoping that the price may drop even more as our neighbour was broken into last month and they have since had one fitted. Looking on the net people suggested getting the latest version that uses the newer frequency band for less interference. However as the OP suggest this is good for the usual deterrent and will call up to 3 numbers if the alarm is triggered.


Thanks, i just noticed that now when i proceed to buy it. Ive edited the deal.


Cheers mate, I had this in my amazon basket for close to 3 weeks now. The add-ons such as additional PIR and keyfobs are cheaper on amazon

Yale Premium wireless Alarm kit £162 Free P&P with Next Day Delivery @ ironmongerydirect
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Posted 11th Jul 2013Posted 11th Jul 2013
Yale Premium wireless Alarm kit £162 Free P&P with Next Day Delivery @ ironmongerydirect£162
Have been looking to get a Yale HSA6400 and found this place selling it £162.00. Cannot find it anywhere for under £199, so hope this helps someone, mine is on it's way :)
Yale Premium Alarm Kit (HSA6400) £162 delivered @ IronmongeryDirect
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Posted 2nd May 2013Posted 2nd May 2013
Yale Premium Alarm Kit (HSA6400) £162 delivered @ IronmongeryDirect£162
Cheapest I could find at the moment even though they've been cheaper in the past. Worth noting that they need a landline for verification of your order before they can send it out… Read more

Personally, I would avoid these alarms. From a pure electronic security viewpoint they are not very good. They are easily jammed. Might not be an issue for you. But they are really lacking in functionality as well.


do these have double knock sensors , or do they trigger false alarms a lot?


Was just checking homebase and the likes for their usual bank Holiday 20% off offers and the like... £250 @Homebase!!! Very tempted at £135, any ideas if these are animal friendly? EDIT: Its £135+VAT so still £162


£135 now


Why do you need to ring the house to find out if they're home? Far often there's been people knocking on doors and claiming "oh sorry, wrong house". Easier way to see if anyone's at home, so make sure you have sensor triggers in every room and maybe even hide the main control system out of sight.

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